Ubisoft Blames Industry Downturn on Lack of New Consoles

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Ubisoft Blames Industry Downturn on Lack of New Consoles


Ubisoft's CEO claims that the current generation of consoles has worn out its welcome, and that the lack of new home gaming consoles is stifling developer creativity and putting pressure on publishers.

In an interview with MCV, Yves Guillemot (CEO of Ubisoft) explained that going six years without a new console is beginning to stifle the industry's creativity by promoting only the well known brands that have been with the consoles since their inception. "As consoles get more mature it is the big established brands that soak up most of the sales," he said. "When a new format launches, we look to use the new technology to bring new games and new ideas to our consumers. We would always hope to be more successful on new formats than our competitors."

The consoles are also becoming a bit out of date, tech-wise. "Processors are more and more powerful, graphics cards have moved on, there are many technologies that would help us deliver a better experience and help the industry to grow."

It isn't just up to publishers and developers to innovate, he said; the console manufacturers need to innovate on their end as well, to keep the gaming climate from stagnating. "That's part of the reason why the industry is in depression. Consumers like the current formats, but there is not enough creativity at the end of a cycle to really spark the business."

Source: MCV


He may have a point, it is getting to be that time where we start hearing news of new consoles in the works. You got to figure a console generation only lasts like 5-6 years, and the 360 launched in late 2005 and it's now 2011.

It's pretty obvious Kinect and the Move are plays by Microsoft and Sony to extend the lifespans of their consoles, that may be what's holding up the next generation.

I don't mind, I like having my consoles around for a while before they need to be upgraded.

Well the Move and Kinect were planned in part to expand this console generation, I believe. It will be a while before the next generation pops up.

I don't really mind, I only got my console last year :/

I'm actually happy this time around that I don't have a need to buy a new console, besides, why bother when every company is find ways to extend the life of there consoles. (PS3 with Move, 3D setup. The 360 with the Kinect. The Wii with...It's stupidly placed popularity.)

I think it's a nice change of pace, besides...I have too much DLC at the moment anyway and backwards compatibility isn't a guarantee.

And that is why there is one system to rule them all. PC FTW.

BULL FUCKING SHIT, I don't even have a current gen console and this ass is saying we need more?! How about we fix the economy first? Jesus, pushing people to develop more things is just gonna make the new stuff suck ass, I mean, what could we do now? Better graphics? Yeah, then we'd be charged 80$ a game and it would take twice as long to develop, better CDs and better developers would make the industry better. You know, like blu-ray disks which can hold 40gigs of info, and developers that actually put content into games, not just copy each other, something like the PS3? Oh, wait, we have that, and from the experiences I've had at my friends houses, it's awesome. So shut up and do your job Ubisoft, make games that don't suck.

Huh. And here I thought it was the fault of lazy ass developers who pump out shitty game after shitty game, over charge their customers, treat them like shit, install horrible DRM and just basically just try to pass the blame every chance they get instead of accepting their role in the problem.

Fuck off Ubisoft. Fuck off and die.

Yves Guillemot is an idiot.

It's a global economic downturn that's hurting 'industry downturn'.
Gaming isn't like bread and water, you don't NEED it to survive.

As a result when the economy is in the crapper, or not very good, people would rather SAVE their money or only spend it on something that has been proven.

Maybe DEVELOPERS and PUBLISHERS need to stop 'passing the buck' and grow some balls and take some risks!

Considering PCs are on a constant upgrade scale rather than a 4-5 year new model cycle, then we ought to be seeing the big companies constantly bringing out innovative stuff on PC because it doesn't hold them back like the consoles do.

Except we don't; the most innovative games of recent years have been indie PC games, not triple A titles.

What Mr Guillemot means but doesn't say because he's not Bobby Kotick is that a console cycle makes existing consoles redundant, so players buy more of the same from before. Console cycles don't fuel innovation, just sales and trick younger gamers into thinking they're getting something new.

I can't remember the last time I played a console FPS where you actually moved at any decent and enjoyable speed. Perfect Dark on the N64 maybe.

And how much would this hypothetical next generation of consoles cost? I don't see why it's impossible to make creative and innovative games right now, the tools are all there and you wouldn't be relearning a whole new craft in unfamiliar territory.

we dont need new gen systems theres still planty to be done in the current gen not to mention devepers will have to work and re learn stuff i dont want new systems til atleast 2015

No I don't want a new console announced for another 3 years, and new console released in 4 or 5 years.

And that is why there is one system to rule them all. PC FTW.

Theres always one...

I was curious so I did a little research. Quoting Wikipedia, the American release dates of some popular consoles (not an exhaustive list by any means):
- NES: 1985
- Genesis: 1989
- SNES: 1991
- Playstation: 1995
- Nintendo: 1996
- PS2: 2000
- GameCube: 2001
- Xbox: 2001
- Xbox 360: 2005
- PS3: 2006
- Wii: 2006

I suppose we are a little past due for the next generation. However, I am perfectly fine waiting. I have no desire for an upgraded system.

In addition, my favorite games tend to come at the end of a generation when developers have finally learned the intricacies of a system and can utilize the hardware to its maximum potential.

there are games on the current generation of consoles that are still awesome games. and there's a lot of stuff that sucks. blaming not having new hardware on your developer's inability to get off their collective asses and do something interesting is just stupid.

Better idea: forget about graphics and focus on gameplay. This isn't directed specifically at Ubisoft, but I'm getting tired of being bombarded by constant God of War and Call of Duty clones. Sure, the consoles may be outdated in comparison to PCs, but in what way did this hinder Nintendo?

Did somebody say SCAAAAAAAAAAAPEGOAT at the top of their lungs? Cause it sounds like it...

What more could they possibly need at this point? We are already nearing the technological plateau when it comes to limits of what you can accomplish with somebody's computer on a reasonable budget, and yet you see indie developers springing forth with considerably less resources and more awesome.

Meanwhile, the last thing we need right now is more overhead costs. I mean, I just plunked down cash for the 3ds and that was because I was sorely lacking in ds tech by that time.

Ubisoft needs to step their game up instead of griping.

I'm happy with my new 360.

And I find these games fine. I mean, I think I'm at that phase I can play these games for a lot longer and have the next gen stuff's launch title trash go to the wayside and the price comes down.

I mean, gamecube and wii. You just had to get the wii that christmas. It was new! It was fun! everyone was doing it! But what ever they can possible come out with, I know my 360 has enough staying power for me before I decide to pick something new.

And that is why there is one system to rule them all. PC FTW.

this is ubisoft here. They hate PC because of pirates. Does your internet some times crap out? PIRATE!!! YOU CAN"T STEAL OUR GAME!!!! (never mind how people have bypassed their crappy DRM)

Qua? You mean publishers are unprepared for the inevitability that we will start to see longer and longer time periods between console generations? Each of these consoles were released more up to date than previous consoles were (All consoles have out dated tech by at least a year at release time). at 6 years out of the gate each of the new consoles (besides the wii) are far less obsolete than there predecessors were. This generation is aging more gracefully than any one before them. Also the addition of things like XNA the newer generation consoles are sparking more independent development that has ever been possible before. Companies like ubisoft are simply stagnating the AAA industry by not taking chances on independent developers, and new game play mechanics that are different from what's made them money in the past. They are 'playing it safe' more than they ever had before and THAT is what's hurting the industry.

I saw the name ubisoft and this came to mind...

Lund: Ok, you've got 4 options: admire, boast, joke and coerce. 2 will make him like us, 2 wil bring the hate.
Shanks: ... what?
Lund: Admire him!
Shanks: ummm... You look pretty.
Vault Dweller: What are you? A COCKMUNCHER?!
Lund: Ok that one he didn't like. Try a joke.
Shanks: er, Ubisoft.
Vault Dweller: HA!

Lund: Well, he seemed to like that one so one more like that and we should be alright but one more bad one and we'll be in trouble. Try a boast.
Shanks: erm... I'm... I'm good at... things.
Vault Dweller: THAT'S IT, YOU'RE FUCKED!

How I miss Doomsday Arcade...

So you need new consoles to Move the industry forward?
Sorry Guillemot, Wii ain't buying it. I think you've lost your Kinection with reality.

I like it when new generation consoles come out. Hello price drops on the consoles I want the moment they become 'outdated'.

we dont need new gen systems theres still planty to be done in the current gen not to mention devepers will have to work and re learn stuff i dont want new systems til atleast 2015

I agree. Look at how long the PS1,PS2,N64 lasted.
Plus once the new gens are out they will become oudated in a few mounths

I don't need a new console now and I'm happy with mine for quite a while thank you. Saying that consoles do the innovating is stupid, it's a format to show creative games that DEV TEAMS are supposed to be, well, creating.

Here's an idea, why don't you go MAKE an innovative game and have it on our "old" consoles and see how well they do.

So the industry would do better if we have to buy more $300 new consoles?

If they wondered how they could be behind such inept publishers as EA and Activision, the answer is made clear: they're even worse.

They should look up this word in a dictionary: gameplay.

Oh, and they should ditch their POS DRM too.

Platform =/= creativity. Whatever is stifling games, that's not it.

Ubisoft that's stupid bullshit i'd expect from Peter Moleneaux (Or however you spell his name). We've pretty much hit the peak of graphics hardware and at this point are focusing on letting developers catch up with the technology, the consoles existing for as long as they have is NOT A BAD THING. The only thing a new console would lead to are impossible to realize hardware expectations, greatly lengthening the already damn near unbearable development times of good games and making things difficult on even the Unreal Engine retards who make stupid shallow FPS titles. The problem is that there isn't enough new blood getting to the development table of the actual game corporations, not that there isn't enough new blood in the console market.

In short, current console technology is ahead of it's time, right now the best thing we can do is let development technique and independent developers catch up. The fact that big time developers are struggling adds validity to this claim.

But...we don't NEED a new console generation.

The reason the videogame industry is in "depression" is the same reason that EVERY industry is in "depression". The economy is shit.

Yes that totally explains the success of Mass Effect. Shouldn't ubisoft be more concerned about their chronic sequelitis? Screw it..to be frank Ubisoft hasn't got a damn clue about the market.

If you want a new console out now, build your own. Otherwise, just wait until the new ones come out. Luxury goods like video games are getting traded, and traded in more often, the dollar is getting more and more elastic. Now, I'm going to pocket this handfull of napkins and get a free refill.

I think this is for the best, we don't need to worry about new consoles, everyone is strapped for cash as it is, and if they put a consol out there would be only a few people that could afford to buy it, let alone the games for it.

I think you've lost your Kinection with reality.

WHAT HE LOST HIS CONNECTION? He's trying to pirate reality, get him!

John Marcone:
Huh. And here I thought it was the fault of lazy ass developers who pump out shitty game after shitty game, over charge their customers, treat them like shit, install horrible DRM and just basically just try to pass the blame every chance they get instead of accepting their role in the problem.

Fuck off Ubisoft. Fuck off and die.

Hyperbole aside; pretty much.

Ubisoft might be ailing, as evidenced by their speaking about a "gaming depression" and rudely treating their customers with horrible DRM, but everywhere I look in gaming I see a lot of innovative and creative companies doing interesting and profitable things with gaming. While Ubisoft talks about a depression in gaming, I see gaming exploding in a way it never has before in my lifetime.

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