Moon Director In Running to Take Over Wolverine Movie

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YES PLEASE. I will have some of that. The first movie was a travesty.

Oh goodie! Another fucking Wolverine movie! *Sigh* I remember a time when X-Men meant a whole buncha mutants doin' shit together. Not Wolverine(and some other people)! Those were good times.

Considering how Moon was the best film of '09, I like this idea. A lot.


I second that. The only thing that sadness me at this point is the fact that the movie will be delayed again. New director means that the script will be reworked and that takes time.

I expected a lot from moon, and was not dissapointed in the movie at all. I didn't expect much from origins, but really didn't enjoy it.
I think its less mindset, more personal tastes.

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