Serious Sam 3 Gets Four New Screens

Serious Sam 3 Gets Four New Screens

Four all-new screens from the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE are making the rounds and yes, they really do look seriously hot.

Come on, you didn't seriously expect me to do a Serious Sam post without saying "serious" did you? Okay, I'll stop now, but these four new screens are indisputably sexy. The original Serious Sam [which is now ten years old, by the way] was a graphically gorgeous affair and by all appearances, BFE is set to follow in those footsteps, albeit with a far more realistic visual style - if you can call a purple, blob-like alien with rocket launchers for arms "realistic."

Stupidly huge enemies, another fine Serious Sam tradition, also appear to be well-represented in the game based on the shot of that gigantic Shai-hulud thing about to swallow that poor little helicopter.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter and will tell the tale of Earth's final, desperate struggle against the invading hordes of Mental. The action will still go down in Egypt despite being set in the 22nd century, but this time around the ancient pyramids and temples will be complimented by the crumbling cities of the future.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is scheduled to come out later this year for the PC and "consoles." We're still not entirely sure what BFE means.


BFE= Bum Fuck, Egypt
Out in the middle of nowhere!

I would assume BFE is something to the effect of: Battle for Earth

I love Serious Sam games. Always wanted it on PS3 though, since now I rarely play on PC (although have both original games and both HD remakes installed).
One thing troubles me though - too little enemies on screenshots. Show me a horde already. Like good old Kleer skeleton horde, that seems endless and that is so satisfying to burst through with a cannon ball.

Judging by the huge enemies, it could stand for "Big Fucking Encounter" :P
One thing is certain, gonna be awesome! :)

Before First Encounter? I mean it is a prequel...

I thought that... beat me to the punch will you!?

Either way, Serious Sam games are sweet!

I actually laughed at the first one, but really, it laughed at me because I played that campaign easy, medium, hard, (Serious) I think that was the hardest mode.

Such an addicting game.

While the screens do look pretty, I'm more looking forward to the first trailer of the game. Only footage of hundreds of aliens getting their heads blown off will satisfy me until the release date.

BFE= Bum Fuck, Egypt
Out in the middle of nowhere!

I'm still going with "Big Fucking Encounter", mostly because (if I'm correct) in the Serious Sam timeline this specific game is supposed to take place when the aliens are coming en masse to Earth and not hiding the fact.

I've always thought of Serious Sam as a second rate Duke Nukem, Serious Sam is awesome either way.



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