Valve Began Development on Portal 2 as a Prequel

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Ok, Valve - go make us this game now, because I could definitely use more Cave Johnson.

They should totally go back and still use the idea, have more people in it, how Aparture worked and consequently fell apart,...

But finish Episode 3 first.

These sort of stories sort of make me want to actually play Portal. I'm tired of getting crap from my friends for not having played it.

They could now make a prequel and not call it Portal if there are no portals. Call it the Aperture Sciences something clever.

Tacked on?? I loved discovering the old test chambers, hearing the music react as I bounced around, occasionally broken up by entertaining dialogue from a character you might get if J. Jonah Jameson ran an ethically unsound science facility (and then later finding out that the voice is, in fact, J.K. Simmons, who played J. Jonah Jameson in the Spiderman movies). Still, I'm glad it wasn't a prequel, since I got the surprise of discovering the old test chambers instead of starting the game knowing I'm about to play in the past.

Actually, I got pretty tired of GlaDOS, and I was enjoying the new personalities of Wheatley and Cave Johnson. I mean, she could still be funny, but out of those three characters, she is my least favorite.

I think there is still some potential for a prequel considering how much lore they could expand on with "Old Aperture Science" and the idiosyncrasies of Cave Johnson. There is a game there I think; not a big one, but there is something.

Indeed.Cave Johnson is such a great chr and the development of Aperture is such a great part of the game it needs expansion.
My suggestion is this:(spoilers ahead)

Remember in 'The Part Where He Kills You' at the 'Pit Boss' achievement,Wheatley tries to tempt you to jump with among other things,'The 3 Portal Device'? I know Valve said they tried a Portal gun that stops time but players found it too confusing.Well,all you'd need is Chell to find it ONCE & fire it to go back in time.Then you could have Chell back in 1958,trying to stop one of Cave's madder schemes.Then once she's done it,(through use of the regular ASHPD), she finds another in 1958,& it takes her back to her present day.Or to another point in time. That way you can have Cave,Glados & Chell in the game without ruining Portal 2's happy ending.Maybe Glados asks for her help.This is a crude idea,I know,but what I'm trying to say is that if used economically,as long as Portals are used,a prequel based on time travel is possible that includes all our fave chrs.

Chell meeting Gordon Freeman has to be the absolute worst idea I've ever heard by anyone ever. It just screams shitty fanfiction.[/quote]

But they'd have so much to talk about!

Shitty fanfiction about Chell and Gordon? What the hell are you talking about? *Quickly hides Chell/Gordon smutfics*

That guys lines were brilliant

"Black Mesa can kiss my bankrupt b-"

Without the updated ending, there would have been no loose ends.

To be honest I don't know who I like the most I found cave Johnson just as entertaining as GlaDOS.

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