One-Fifth of PS3 Owners Are Eyeing the Exit

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One-Fifth of PS3 Owners Are Eyeing the Exit


A new survey has found that one-fifth of PlayStation 3 owners in the U.S. are considering a switch to the Xbox 360 in the wake of the Great PlayStation Network Security Breach.

Someday, the news will stop being bad for Sony. That day is not today, however. This probably won't come as much of a surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with the still-ongoing PSN train wreck but it turns out that a significant number of PS3 owners are giving thought to crossing the aisle to sit with the other side.

Commissioned by CouponCodes4U "in order to assess gamer attitudes towards the affair," the survey encompassed 2132 people across the U.S., finding that 41 percent of them own PlayStation 3 consoles. 89 percent of those PS3 owners said they were concerned that their personal data may have been stolen in the breach; 65 percent said their trust in Sony and PSN had been "greatly affected"; and 21 percent claimed they were considering selling their PS3 units and switching to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

"As a video gamer myself, this data theft is especially worrying and I'm not altogether surprised that Sony are likely to see an exodus to console competitors," said CouponCodes4U Chairman Mark Pearson. "As hackers get more and more intelligent, companies simply have to keep up. Sony has a responsibility to its millions of customers to protect personal details and this data theft proves that they weren't capable of doing so. It's clear that gamers across the country have decided that this failing is enough to switch their allegiances to the console's closest rival."

Sony recently said that the credit card information on the PSN was in fact encrypted, but the inevitable lawsuits have already begun to fly and financial analysts say the mess could end up costing Sony as much as $24.5 billion to clean up.


I don't think anyone is surprised by this. I'm sure as hell considering buggering off the ps3.

One of us! One of us!

Maybe this will speed up my PSN Downloads >_>

If it comes back up of course.

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the biggest video-game related fuck-up catastrophe ever?

I kind of pity Sony. I feel like this might severely damages their chances at doing any good in future console races.

I was eyeing the exit before this fiasco.
I loved the ps2, but the ps3 has just been going downhill for a while now.
I can see this being the last straw for a lot of people.

I doubt I'll get a 360 instead. I probably will be building a new pc pretty soon though.

I can't blame them. I'm certainly not going to make any purchases with my cards anymore on there. I'll buy points cards instead. I still don't play online enough to be upset about that part (Marvel vs capcom 3 is the only game I do play online).

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the biggest video-game related fuck-up catastrophe ever?

You're thinking of the 3DS.

I'm not surprised either. I've already gotten a friend request or two from friends who formerly only had PS3s on Xbox Live over the past week. And I know I'm one of the people who falls under the "their trust in Sony and PSN had been 'greatly affected'" category. Although I still think that like any study, it's not worth much when you have somewhere around 40-50 million users (using console sales figures, not PSN accounts because you can have multiple accounts on one PS3; also taking into account some people buying multiple consoles) and you're only looking at around 2,000 people.

Anyway, I do already have a 360 so that part is easy. I'm just trying to decide how much I really want to play Twisted Metal and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One later this year.

Just further proof gamers can be idiots. I'll stick to both consoles happily, but then I've always known to never trust important information to any online account.

I, for one, will welcome any converters. I also don't blame them.

Jump on to PC instead!
You know you want to ;)

Why? WHY!? They're working to get it up,they fucked up, so what? If it happened to microsoft what would happen?

As I explained in another thread this has "Bank Job Fallout" written all over it. Everyone sees the job, everyone sees the criminal get past the defenses and everyone sees that they make it look a bit easy. So everyone acts like it's the end of the world, talks about how they've been cheated (despite it being the first time that bank is ever robbed) and goes on to sue or leave.

What they don't see are the months of planning that had to go into the criminal's attempt, the information that had to be gathered, etc...

People don't even know if SONY's defenses were good or shitty yet and they're simply yelling "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!?" as if this has happened every year since the PS1 was released 11 years ago. Once in 11 years is actually a fucking good run.

Yeah, I'm pissed it happened to me too, but people are over reacting. People swinging the litigation hammer, claiming to represent us all (Fuck you, no you don't represent me) thinking they can rush SONY into doing a better job if they scare them with litigation.

Let me tell you something. Make SONY focus on a court case AND this and it'll go slower.

I'm sticking with my Ps3 because I still think its the superior console and that isn't changed because some douchebag hackers compromised PSN.

Disclaimer: The above is my OPINION so if you disagree, please feel free to not tell me all about it.


So, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the biggest video-game related fuck-up catastrophe ever?

You're thinking of the 3DS.

So the 3DS has gotten thousands (millions?) of people's information stolen and has knocked people out of possibly multiple services that they may or may not have payed for? For over a week?

This is news to me.

Yeah, looking for a serious answer here, not a "I hate Nintendo lawls" answer. The 3DS is making them money. Your argument is invalid.

I wonder what fraction of that 1/5th is actually seriously going to stop using PSN entirely and go over to 360 and how many are just stomping their feet until the PSN comes back up and they go back to it like nothing ever happened.

Time to step up to PC gaming, friends.

But seriously, my PS3 turned into my media streaming device/Netflix device sometime last year. Also, the BluRay laser broke. After 1yr 2 months. FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Yeah, not happy with Sony.

I, for one, will welcome any converters. I also don't blame them.

I agree. Let us Xbox/pc players know that we too could have suffered this. We should try to make any converts feel welcome.

I honestly think that the Console Wars should draw to a close soon, I can see no counter to having 77 million accounts breached.

Maybe Microsoft did it.
*bum bum buuuuuum*
XD HA! Just kidding.

I will stay with the PS3
Mostly because I already spent enough money on it and the games for it are good enough for me
I don't like the Xbox360 (mostly because of paid internet & I don't really get wet by their exclusives)
Besides, our information is stolen, so it is too late anyhow. I doubt that this would never happen with Microsoft.

Still a pity and I can see why people would switch over other consoles or even play outside (<_<).
Luckely, I got my pc which pretty much has everything I need =D


So, correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the biggest video-game related fuck-up catastrophe ever?

You're thinking of the 3DS.

And you're thinking of the ET game that nearly killed gaming in it's infantile stage.


To be honest, I think many of those surveyed were eyeing the exit before this even happened. I've had 4 friends in the last year join XBox Live, all of them PS3 owners. Now that 360's hardware issues are behind them it's the clear console choice for online gaming.

i own a ps3 and plan to till i die long live Sony and users that are converting good bye don't let the door hit you on the way out

Sadly, I will remain with Sony. I hope this doesn't happen in the future but if it does, I have my ways of protecting myself against scammers. Also, I don't plan on selling ALL my games and accessories to buy an Xbox instead. I like the games and such and I'm not rich.

So whatever. It sucks but it happens. I just hope Sony learned its lesson and compensates us in some way or another. Only not. Maybe PSN Plus but not us.

Eh, I'm staying with my PS3. 360 lacks games I want.

Can't say I blame them though.

Andy Chalk:
Commissioned by CouponCodes4U...

Ah, yes. CouponCodes4U! Known worldwide for their amazing advancements into the field of videogame related surveys!

Well see the problem is I already have a PC, so I have no reason to want a Xbox.

I already canceled my credit card they had on file which is very annoying. I had automatic payments set for that card and now I have to switch everything over. I'm not overly worried though since I took those precautions but I am also not going to put any other credit card information on my PSN account anymore. I still like the PS3 for the free multiplayer though (I have an xbox360 but don't pay for their multiplayer service), and if given a choice between systems I will still usually purchase a game on the Ps3.

This is a bit rediculous, especially that they didn't happen to mention then credit card information was safe and encrypted till after many of us rushed out and canceled our cards. I object to wasting time, money and effort because Sonly did not communicate quickly or accurately about this. I also NEVER got any emails at all about these problems from sony itself. I found out about it all through the escapist.....and would have no clue there was even a problem (havn't logged into my PSN account in months) if I hadn't been logging in here.

I think that is unacceptable.

Herpa derpa derp. I'm a panicky coward who runs away at the first sign of danger.

There is no such thing as perfect security. Or perfect anything for that matter. Deal with your own insecurity issues first.

Sony is on shaky ground for me, my confidence will be restored if they handle this well and take better precautions in future.

I'm not going to stop using Sony consoles completely though so long as they have the games I enjoy playing, it honestly just comes down to the games. Most of the current-gen exclusives that I enjoy are on PS3, so nothing is going to make me do a 100% switch to Xbox at the moment.

Well good job Geohotz.

By giving others the capability to break the law you've succeeded in hurting a major corporation. Go burn in hell.

Perhaps Sony could've done better but that doesn't exempt him of what he did. He let this happen with his innocent little, "Oh I can't control what people do with it." Fuck you. Fuck you Geo and die.

I have both consoles and the last time I touched the xbox was when I took the batteries out of the controller to put them in something that I actually use. I prefer the PS3 to the Xbox but it's an entirely personal choice. I prefer the look of the machine and the XMB for navigation. I also prefer the controller, it's more comfortable in my hand. I just find it easier to use. I'll be sticking with playstation unless they really cock up the rebuliding of PSN.


I also don't like paying for online games. If i'm completely honest, I probably wouldn't have got a playstation if Xbox didn't charge for online. Especially as the games are the same price as on PS.

As bummed out as I am by the breach, I am not worried. I don't have any relevant information other than an old email on my PSN account. People who have at least some sense know that they should not leave info like credit card numbers on any computer device. Maybe now they won't leave that sort of information anywhere.

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