H.P. Lovecraft Teaching Sex Ed is, Well, Terrifying

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My god that was...unique. I can't quite find the right words to describe i. It was by turns amusing, terrifying, trippy and just plain crazy. I loved it all though, great piece of Lovecraft homage.

El Poncho:

Sex-Education at primary consisted of a woman coming in and drawing her genitals on her dungarees in white chalk. That vid just brought all the emotional scars right back - terrifyingly similar.

You poor soul... We were just given a disney video in Primary:P

Yeah, not quite what you expect from 'show-and-tell' day, is it?

I am both horrified and suffocating with laughter. This is effing brilliant.

This was the single best piece of Lovecraftian film I have ever seen; it's the first one to truly nail his style. The fact that it managed to do that and also be absolutely hilarious is just awesome.

That was just hysterical. Seriously top-notch story telling using a narrative style not many know how to use well. Added with the fact that this was dirty humor most of the way through, I think this director has alot of talent and versatility to use such a dark story telling style to create a hilarious short film.

It's ok. I never wanted to sleep tonight anyway.

I was not expecting that punchline at all. Wouldn't have minded having the Necronomicon (by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred of course) as a sex-ed textbook.


In his house in my Pants dead Penis waits dreaming

wow, that was awesome. A truly epic piece of film :)

I want to see a full narrated film, lovecraft style.
I don't think I'd ever be able to recover.

Hahaha, that was very...out there.

Haha, that's awesome.

That was amazing, genius and insanity combined. I love H.P Lovecraft and that was one of the best videos ive seen this year

Would have been good if it was WAY shorter. Unfortunately, it was far too long and overdone.

What the f**k did I just saw.
Fantastic work!

Holy crap, I thought it was horrifying but then... the ending. Good GOD, man!

I do not remember my sex ed class being that disturbing... genius. I am going to go cry now.

that was horrifying! really good, not to mention funny

H.P. Lovecraft + just about anything = Win.
As long as it pays respect to his work instead of taking a dump on it of course.

That was... hilarious

Sex Ed at Miskatonic?

and they thought the necromancy faculty had problems.

I have to do a project in science and my partner is an Mormon. The project is a debate he keeps refusing to talk about the gross stuff.

We didn't have a sex ed. class. We have a "puberty" class with girls and guys separated from which we learned about sex from asking about it.
But about the video: That... was thoroughly disturbing. True representation about how people see sex but still, very creepy film.

That was amazing. I laughed so hard at times, and wondered at it's brilliance the entire length of it. And it wasn't even that disturbing for me.

May be I should write a meta-textual post:

"The video was filled with images of the darkest nature..."

lmao, that was great XD
messed up in just the way i like, and the ending? left field at its best

That was awesome! I don't think it was disturbing as much as it was hilarious.

Although I don't want to repeat those names because horrible things might happen to me...

This seems just a little close to the truth...

*starts drawing Elder signs on his condoms*

Great video,didn't find it terrifying at all.

I might have to introduce my wife to "the mighty one-eyed messenger" tonight.


This is legit awsome

Anyone have to watch the Miracle of Life video? The one with the infra-red erection? And surprisingly, the first modern demigod caught on tape, giving birth. No seriously, she must have been, she had the upper half of a woman and the lower half of a grizzly bear.


Holy what the hell?!
I never, ever, had a sex ed class like this.
That was absolutely hilarious.

Absolutely brilliant.


I don't think I'll be having sex for a while after that, it genuinely put me off!

I'm not even sure how my brain is feeling after that...



I hope someone teaches their class like that.

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