Cyborgs Ride on Pandas in Full-Length CG Tekken Movie

Cyborgs Ride on Pandas in Full-Length CG Tekken Movie

Tekken: Blood Vengeance is the CG Tekken movie you've been waiting for.

Going all the way back to the early days of Tekken on the PlayStation, one of my favorite parts of the series has been its computer-generated cutscenes. The characters in the King of Iron Fist tournament have always been entertaining to watch, especially the boxing kangaroo/dinosaur. Namco Bandai recently announced something for people like me: a full-length CG Tekken movie coming in summer 2011, in stereoscopic 3D no less.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance will tell a parallel story that takes place between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. Project leader Katsuhiro Harada says that fans have been asking for a 3D movie, and the team wanted to put together a full-length feature after creating the intro for Tekken 6's scenario campaign. He hopes to make a movie that anyone, even non-Tekken fans, can enjoy.

There have been Tekken movies before in both anime and live-action form, but both received generally mediocre to bad reviews. Harada says Namco Bandai isn't trying to "rewrite those wrongs," and is instead just focusing on making a decent CG film. Dai Sato of Cowboy Bebop fame has been enlisted to write Blood Vengeance's screenplay.

It'll be voiced in both English and Japanese with subtitles, though the movie's characters will evidently speak their native languages too. Namco is using as many of the game's voice actors as possible.

The first teaser shows just the kind of action a Tekken film should, including fight scenes with leg-sweeps to aerial armbars and boots to the face. None of those moves stand much of a chance against giant hands made out of debris or Devil power though.

I've got to say, the teaser has me intrigued, so maybe Namco Bandai will put out something cool here. At the very least, it'll have a cyborg girl riding on a panda. If it does well enough, Namco Bandai teases that a TV series is a "possibility."

Source: Eurogamer


Using pandas as horses? Hell yes.

My mate showed me this about an hour ago!

Looks great, but needs more Bryan.

This looks AMAZING! One of my favorite openings of all time is Tekken 5's opening. Will it be released worldwide?

Do you know why the japanese stuff is considered more original the the western stuff?

Because apparently they dont think twice about what they are doing, it can work great or terribly

I just got back into playing Tekken after a few years of not playing it, and I'm loving it.

I have a feeling I will be enjoying this as well.

You had me at "Cyborgs Ride on Pandas"

Dai Sato, huh - that guy carries industry weight. Ok, call me interested.

Huh...wasn't expecting it to actually look good. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next trailer.

With Dai Sato writing, the campaign should at least be bearable.

With Dai Sato writing, the campaign should at least be bearable.

hopefully, The voices won't be stiff and Robotic

You had me at "Cyborgs Ride on Pandas"

CYBORGS ON PANDA BEARS? (see "card games on motor cycles")

I haven't kept up with Tekken since something like the third game, so I gotta ask: Who's the pink-hair girl?

Tekken endings ware always amusing to watch, so why not a whole movie of endings?

Well, making a CG movie worked well enough for Resident Evil (god knows it worked better than the live action movies), so who knows, this could be good.

I saw Ghost in a Shell: S.A.C. was under the screen writers belt, and said, out load, "FUCK YEAH!"

Im sold.

Well hot damn. Looking forward to this a great deal. :D

Hey! I actually liked the other Tekken movies! Of course, any movies enjoyable after Mortal Kombat Annihilation and The Legend of Chun Li.

Still, I can't wait for this.

I think I just came ~_~

I will definitely see this and like it.
Hell, i even liked the CGI Resident Evil movie.

Needs moar Armor King...but beyond that...looking good =D

I'm guessing it's direct-to-video?

Lord Beautiful:
I'm guessing it's direct-to-video?

Could be just me, but, "in stereoscopic 3D" implies there's a theater release to me, at least in Japan.


Lord Beautiful:
I'm guessing it's direct-to-video?

Could be just me, but, "in stereoscopic 3D" implies there's a theater release to me, at least in Japan.

That's what I was thinking, but I figured that if was going to theaters in Japan only, the article would make mention of it, seeing as there's almost no way that this would hit American theaters.

Using pandas as horses? Hell yes.

Not just horses, those fucking things FLY.

OT: Am I missing something or did Tekken change from the "one character left, one character right, fight" Mortal Combat-style gameplay? If not, I'm kinda missing the point of this trailer, regardless of the fact it contains girls in short skirts and stockings riding a flying panda.

im gonna take a hit for this but i did kind oof enjoy the live action tekken movie, dont get me wrong it suffer from its faults but it was more enjoyable than the king of fighters movie, also from what i´ve saw this dows look like it has some potential possibly a little more better than the resident evil cg movie

I've always loved Kazuya, Jin, and the "devil gene" business, so winged nightmares fighting each other definitely appeals to me. The zany school girl/panda bear antics? Not so much.

The trailer had no Yoshimitzu. This saddens me.

It appears Alisa is going to be a main character in the film! This makes me very pleased! After watching it twice, it appears that Alisa is not actually riding Panda, but holding her with her legs whilst in flight. Ling Xiaoyu is riding Panda though. I guess that counts, doesn't it? No, Xiaoyu isn't a cyborg. Damn. Should still be awesome though!
I wonder if Asuka or Lili will be in it at all, I always enjoyed their little rivalry thingy they had going on.


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