Rez's Creator Wants to Pay You for Ripping Him Off

Rez's Creator Wants to Pay You for Ripping Him Off


You know what's better than ripping off Tetsuya Mizuguchi's critically acclaimed Rez? Being paid to rip it off.

Flash game competition Experience the Music challenges game designers "to electrify the senses by creating a game that synchronizes music and unique gameplay." These words aptly describe the synsethsia-inspired design of Rez (originally released on Dreamcast in 2001) and the upcoming Child of Eden, the latest title by Mizuguchi. Both games take the rail shooter genre (a la Panzer Dragoon) and link the visuals and audio of the action to a soothing electronic soundtrack.

The competition, a partnership between flash game hosting site Kongregate and publisher Ubisoft, is built around promoting the motion-control-focused Child of Eden, which will be released June 14 for Xbox 360 and sometime in September for PlayStation 3.

Game submissions must be sent in by June 21. The top 25 entries will be judged by Mizuguchi, Gamespot editor Ricardo Torres, and a panel of judges from Ubisoft and Kongregate. The competition has a cash pool of $15,000: $2,000 for 3rd place, $3,000 for 2nd, and a $10,000 grand prize.

Given Mizuguchi's eclectic catalog of games he has worked on and his prominent role as a judge in the competition, we here at The Escapist recommend any hopeful entrants combine elements of past Mizuguchi titles Sega Rally Championship, Space Channel 5, and - hey, why the heck not! - Rez.

Then again, we write about games, rather than make them, for a reason.

For more info on rules and entry details, visit the contest's official page.


Huh. I have to admire a developer who encourages others to copy his work, or even improve on it.

That said, I'm buying Child of Eden, even though I don't have a Kinect yet.

And what place do mushrooms have in the competition? It seems like a major contributor to Q Entertainment's catalog.
I only hope I haven't already played this to death by the time it hits the ps3.

is this just some way of saying "WHO CAN ROCK AROUND LIKE THIS!? COME AT ME BRO!"

seems like it!

Wowowow, wait, Mizuguchi is also the insane/awesome man behind Space Channel 5?
My manly love for the man no longer knows any bounds.

Dang, I wish I had some Flash skill...

Still, I can't wait to see the winners. Mizugutchi is my gaming god right behind Fumito Ueda.

It would be nice to see more games take advantage of the rail-shooter mechanic.
I'm a massive fan of both Rez and the Panzer Dragoon series and by the video for Child of Eden it looks like it's keeping the same spirit.


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