Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

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What about Final Fantasy 9? That is my personal favourite because of how rich it was in variety. It didn't have an amazing ending, nor a final boss, but the game as a whole is still always going to have a warm spot in my heart.

Why are we only talking about Final Fantasy 7?

Because 7 is the most overall critically acclaimed and commercially successful in the series. It also aged horribly so a remake is due. See the problem with FF9 is it's story is unoriginal in it's themes. We saw the bandit falling for the princess story many times before FF9 came out. Same problem with FF6. We've seen the "timid but stupidly powerful hero gain the courage to take on the enemy" story arc. With an antagonist the essentially IS The Joker from Batman. FF7 is the most original game in the series. Also FF7 was the game that brought JRPGS to North America in a big way. Without FF7 we would not know about Tales of Symphonia.

They've said if they remade it that it would take about 10 years, so it would skip next gen and would constantly have to change it to keep up with development, so we won't see it till the ps5 at least. Or if they remake it for a handheld it will bypas Vita altogether. It would be preferably for a handheld I think.

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