This is Minecraft; This is Minecraft on Drugs

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This is Minecraft; This is Minecraft on Drugs

Warning: This "Minecraft on LSD" mod may make you feel nauseous. It's also incredible.

Part of the appeal of indie darling Minecraft is how endlessly customizable it is thanks to its low-powered graphics and easily-moddable design. If players want, they can download all sorts of different shaders and mods to influence the appearance of the blocky game world.

It just so happens that a particular combination - mixing this shader mod with this other one - makes it seem like the Minecraft player character has just popped a tab or two of heavy-duty acid. It's really fascinating to watch how the background distorts and changes in the distance, but then flattens out when the player actually approaches it.

If you're interested in installing the mod for yourself, its creator (or, rather, its discoverer) gives the following instructions: "Copy it to a txt file then rename the txt to - base.vsh, then, making sure to backup your existing base.vsh drag it into the shaders folder located inside your minecraft.jar (once the GLSL shaders mod is installed of course)."

It's Greek to me, because I don't play Minecraft. But if you have a healthy stomach for vertigo, why not give it a try?

(Via RPS)


That is the coolest Minecraft vid I've ever seen.

Does it mean that I've played far too much MC, when I say that I find that video beautiful?

Funk, you gotta hook me up with your acid dealer if these are the kinds of trips you've been getting.

OT: Sweet concept but limited practical use. Although I bet you could work up a pretty mint race track map or something that would be a total mindfreak to its players.

All it needs now is the song "lucy in the sky with diamonds" playing in the background.

Inception minecraft edition

I've been playing too much Minecraft seeing as I completely forgot the effects when I noticed that castle and immediately wanted to know where to get one exactly the same.

That is super awesome and cool! Plus, I'm really digging the music.

And in three days Notch will announce that this will be part of his next patch for the game but, sadly, that patch will take several weeks to release.

I saw the castle and thought "That's a good idea, I should go work on mine some more."

Also, I think this mod would add a nice touch to a giant maze.

See? Everything is better on drugs.

This is the mod the Beatles would've used if they played Minecraft.

(five minutes later) Dude

I've always kinda seen Minecraft itself as a drug, shit's addictive man.

Oh god, I feel a 'yo dawg' coming on for this...

Someone posted this yesterday and I've gone on to watch the vid at least 5 times, plus I downloaded that awesome song and was listening to it on my way to work today.

Anyway... sawweeeeet!

Lol, the most I've laughed all week watching that. Thanks!


Word, dude, word.

OT: That kinda hurt my eyes towards the end. Now I know what it must be like on acid, or reliving a memory of being super drunk and have everything move without permission....or so I'm told....

Notch should totally make it possible to get peyote from a cactus and make that the effect from using it.

Thank you, mod creator for single-handedly undbounding a lifetime of "drugs are bad" lessons from school.

This is actually the kinda thing I would watch if I was stoned. That is freaking awesometastic.

See? Everything is better on drugs.

Minecraft was already better with drugs, this mod just makes it perfect!

OT: I don't really wanna play regular minecraft at all now...

That was one of the most amazing game related videos I have ever seen, and it happened by accident? outstanding.

Someone should use this model to create another psychonauts style game, about a dreamworld or something, it just can't go to waste.

Tried watching the video, stopped when the jazz transmuted into dubstep.

Can't this shit die already? Bad enough I have to listen to it when watching online streams.

"That's when the drugs started to take hold. I was now in a strange, uncanny land, where pig riding was the main attraction."

Meh. One of those mods that you might experiment with for one session - or use it when showing your friends. I doubt many people would use it as a standard mod though.

that reminds me of being really drunk and in the drunk phase of the room spinning

Going on the third night of insomnia, and that video was just incredible just from the amount of mind tricks. Imagine a shader package/mod exactly like this but interpreted the music and applied it visually.


Now to play Minecraft while drunk with this on it.


dude, guys...guys!... I'm freaking out. O_o

That started to hurt at the end. Pretty cool, though.

Damn, I'd love to play a game with a story where the protagonist is drugged and sees something similar to the attached video. You could do it in the upcoming Skyrim.

"I have conquered the dragon, his scales torn, jagged skull caved in. I shall now consume his strange blood... Ok, whoever installed this mod needs to do a repair... I'm serious; shit is freakin' me out."

Reminds me of the 2 tabs of high powered acid i took 2 days ago.


Now to play Minecraft while drunk with this on it.

That was my thought too.

I...what? Oh...whoa....

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