Warner Bros. CEO Agrees With NBC Passing on Wonder Woman

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Look, here's my problem with all of this. There was a successful Wonder Woman TV series. It starred Linda Carter in a Wonder Woman outfit.

Now, I know, that was way back in my childhood, and many of the people they were hoping to watch this weren't even born. But, it's been done. Successfully.

Although, frankly, I think I'd much rather they brought back the Tick. Dammit, why'd they have to cancel the Tick!

"I can't help but wonder what would've happened if Kelley and his crew had released some promo photos of Adrianne Palicki in the classic outfit instead of the ones that were shown off to the public. I'm not exactly wild about it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't have been as widely-reviled as the retconned costume was."

While I didn't like the costume, it isn't what would have made me not watch the show. What made me not want to watch the show was that awful script for the pilot.

Casual Shinji:
Good thing, too.

A live-action Wonder Woman is never going to work.

People said the same thing about Thor, that the character is too preposterous to work. Well, it seems to have worked wonders on a lot of people.

I admit visually and thematically Wonder Woman really needs a work over for modern viewers though. Aside from being author appeal for bondage and other stuff, she was created as a feminist answer to Superman and during the times of the suffragette movement it was socially relevant.

Now however, that level of overt oppression really only exists in third world countries like Africa and most of the Middle East. While I personally would enjoy seeing Wonder Woman drop kick members of the Radical Islamic caliphate into the Black Sea, capping it off by using the Ayatollah as a make-shift Olympic hammer throw, it would be really tacky.

Of all the heroes in DC's stables, she deserves a good re-imagining most of all.

Heil Honey, I'm Home (literally a sitcom about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun) got to air a pilot before being cancelled and this show didn't even make it that far.

That says quite a lot.

Was there a planned Fringe/Wonder Woman crossover?
Because that guy looks like an Observer :D


Why did you remind me of Billy Zane in a skin tight purple suit?

Because they both look shit.

The problem is not the costume design itself, it's how it's translated to screen. Daredevil, Spider-man and Iron Man (Think about it) all worked while being very close to the source material. ironically the X-men movie costumes look more dated because they have no personality and came out when black leather was the vogue for cool. I don't think for a second they should have gone with the old designs but the new movie looks pretty good with the yellow.

I think the costume was designed for the wank happy crowd.(males 14-35) There are loads of other ways a Wonder Woman costume could have looked good. (On a different actress is one)

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