Portal 2 Model Maker Creates Talking Combustible Lemons

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I see absolutely no fail in this. These lemon grenades are ready for action!

I love VALVe Studios. They waste so much time doing fun things...

Adding this to my list of

"Things I would totally buy if they were available to the masses, oh god valve why the fuck don't you sell these"

along with portal sentry turrets,

personality core figures,

and build-your-own GLaDOS-Potato kit

Sightless Wisdom:
I love VALVe Studios. They waste so much time doing fun things...

It wasn't valve...

Oh no! Lemon grenades! Where's Mike?! Where's Roamin!?! Oh god, we're DOOOOOMED!!!

i knew it that little girl on the side of the road was a weapons dealer, she didnt fool me with that lemonade stand i knew what was up *puts on tinfoil hat*

When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons, and then you make super lemons.

Please cease all vocal functions required for communication so that you can rightfully acquire my form and amount of concurrency while providing me with a suggested service.


Hard to see anyone going sour on this idea.

You, good sir; are the most awesome thing ever, youre like santa and jebus rolled into one.
In fact I honestly think that... YOU ARE GOD.


Please, don't encourage him. It's painful enough already.

One of my favorite moments in the game, actually. I was thinking of doing something similar, but there's no way I could top this, this is just so amazingly... Portal. I love it. Hats off to this guy, all of them.

"Burning people! He says what we're all thinking!"

construct a firery lemon.

Err... you mean fiery?

I'm an insufferable English nerd, I can't help it.

Mean while in World War III

Soldier: What the hell is happening...

soldier 2: Exploisions im guessing?

Soldier: Well that must mean I have some explosion juice in my eye...AAAAAHHHHH IT BURNS.

Soldier 2: AHHHHH they are throwing lemons at us!

Soldier: IT BURNS...

Me: Thank god I had sun glasses on.

Soldier 2: Shut up Shaun and help US!

Me: Nah Im gonna eat this lemon...



Thats whats gonna happen...it sounds tasty.

Bad-guys >> "How did you die? I took Lemons and Grenades, and made Lemonades."

That is amazing.

Wars will never be the same again.

This needs to go in TF2.

I don't know, I want to speak his manager first.

Idk, it makes me think more of Unforgotten Realms than Portal "LEMON GRENADE"

And Cave Johnson said "Combustable lemon" not "Explosive lemon"

That's some damn sweet lemons! And as I always ask in these kind of threads, why can't I have them??? :(

When you see a picture of lemons that looks like grenades, make lemon puns!

Here is a check with my signature. Write down any number you like on it.
I'll take those lemons off your hands now.

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