E3: Sony Gives NGP a Real Name and a Price

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Even funnier is that whoever moved this article to the E3 thing, so it could be replaced by an article about the console that has a name that sounds like an ambulance siren, managed to delete all the facebook comments for said article.

Nicely done. If anyone made a comment, suggest you go back and remake it.

sounds good, the name is not so bad and it may even be affordable next summer.

but still, this thing is full of interesting technology but what has me most excited are two analog sticks. I may just learn how to aim with those.

"Wifi only" wat.
Does that mean the games are download only?


Calling it the PSV makes me slightly less edgy.

It doesn't matter what they call it, all console have weird names.

X Box (a Box from the dimension X? too corny)

Wii (ewww, like piss?)
Play Station (a "station" for playing? A station is where I wait for a train, not playing)
Dream Cast (what is this a computer game device or a sci-fi dream machine?)
PSP (Hmm, sound too much like PCP, something criminals take to turn them into terminators)
DS (Dee Ess? What does that even stand for? It doesn't make sense)


Ohhh that sucks, I was just going to import from somewhere else in Europe.


We get screwed over for everything in the UK. It's a joke.

You have only yourself and your democratically elected officials to blame.

They are ultimately responsible for electronic gadgets costing 50% more than the yanks and Yoooou keep electing them! (snark)

I'm going to work under the assumption that was sarcasm.... Not least of all because of the (snark) bit...

Because otherwise.......... *shakes fist*

$300 for unlimited 3g? How the fuck is that even possible?

Screw my smartphone, I'm getting a Vita and skyping over 3g with it.

250 dollars = 170 euros yet they are charging 250 euros? So basically the U.K and europe gets screwed on the price?

too bad we get screwed over hear with taxes and such at 150pounds it would have flown of the shelf but at this rate its only just competitve with the 3DS so i guess the deal breaker is the games (as it should be realy)

"Wifi only" wat.
Does that mean the games are download only?

No, it just means that the connection online is through Wifi only with that model. Games can still be bought at brick and mortar retailers, and they're on flash cards.

But every game will also have a digital download the same day it hits stores, so there's that.

Why did Sony choose AT&T? AT&T had a terrible time with the iphone; although it did not stop people from buying it. They also have the worst rated customer service and they dropped their unlimited data plans so buying games and downloading them straight to your Vita may end up costing you more.


Logan Westbrook:
Considering the amount of technology in the Vita, which includes front and back touch screens ...

Wait, why on earth could you need a screen on the back of your console?! I mean, touch PAD perhaps, but a full-blown screen? Huh...

no, its a rear touch pad, not a screen.

OT: I'm hoping PSV does well but the exclusive AT&T 3G service does not make me excited for it. It seems like a majority of people are displeased with AT&T (based on customer encounters, word-of-mouth and internet forum rantings) yet AT&T continues to nab partnerships when new tech comes out. I know the IPad and IPhone are now available with Verizon but I have to wonder if Apple was scared of working with Verizon in the beginning and if Sony fears them now.

Verizon has the better coverage and service over AT&T so one has to wonder why companies go running to them. Realistically, I'm willing to bet that Apple and Sony probably did approach Verizon and had a disagreement over money.

I'll give it this: it's priced better than the 3DS. However, no handheld should've been priced more than 150$ in the first place.
First, what's the software? Software makes a console, not technical power.
Second, if it's boasting such graphics, what the hell am I going to play on this that I shouldn't already be playing on my ps3. I don't want what're basically ps3 games on a smaller screen (unless they made it so that the games could be transferred between a handheld and home console) otherwise, I'll feel like it'll be robbing the ps3 of games it deserves, just like with the PSP.

Overall, unless it gets some great software that is unique to the Vita, I see no reason this should generate any excitement.

What a stupid fucking name, they better change it or it's gonna fail.

Mr. Omega:
Let me repost and paraphrase something I said in a similar thread.

1: Even if the Vita beats the 3DS (which with each announcement is becoming less and less likely), it's not going to beat Nintendo. DS Lites, DSis and just plain regular DSs are still selling very well.

2: Once the 3DS gets it's main games out (and one the internet collectively realizes YOU CAN SHUT OFF THE 3D! God, that complaint annoys me...), the biggest complaint for the 3DS will be moot. Vita is getting new complaint-worthy things with each announcement (exclusive to AT&T, price, no 4G version, ect.)

And some other arguments:
3: If they want to get the 3G version, they'll likely have to keep paying AT&T for the 3G, and that version is even more expensive than the 3DS.

4: Superior hardware was the main selling point of the PSP. AND the PS3. Superior hardware is has not been serving Sony well...

5: By the end of the year, a lot of the major first party titles, along with a lot of third party titles will come out for the 3DS. So unless the Vita has the greatest launch line-up in the history of the industry, it's at a disadvantage right out the gate. Not so much a knock on the system (After all, the 3DS had a TERRIBLE launch line-up), but it might hurt initial sales.


1) who cares about sales? PC gets least sales and that doesn't change that it is the ultimate home gaming platform. For those who don't own stock THAT is what matters.
2) That makes 3DS and PSV equal, and the problem with Nintendo handhelds is may attract great third party publishers like THQ only for THQ to make games like Dora the Explorer! PSP had hardcore games but was held back by shitty SNES controls, now it effectively has Xbox original controls.
3) If they want to get the 3G version of 3DS they... wait. That's not a very relevant comparison, if they don't want to pay monthly then they are on the same level as 3DS
4) PSP had superior hardware BUT at a higher price and 12 months late to market. Not the case here and less than half a year to US market.
5) Ocarina of time will be welcome but other than that what is there? I have two different versions of Ocarina on my Gamecube that still after a decade is still so loved and used, I'm not that desperate for my fix of Ocarina tuning. Skyward Sword though...

PSV is far from perfect:
-Analogue sticks should BOTH be in the high up position, with D-pad and Face-buttons low down. Damn convention, this is what works for this system that doesn't have "handles" like all the Playstation controllers.
-Analogue sticks must be concave... they just must for fine controls
-It's not wallet sized. If you are going to break the rules BREAK THEM HARD. Make it wider and thinner. Basically a Tablet with Thumbsticks and face buttons
-It's jankey network situation and connection with other devices too.

But fundamentally they got it right, a lot of these concerns can be remedied in new upgrades.

I, for one, love what I see and really don't mind paying the $250 for the wifi version. Personally I think this is leaps and bounds over the original and is far better than anything Nintendo dreams up. Wii U? Really? I started with the big N as a little guy but for me, Sony kicks butt. And honestly, I don't mind paying for this. Its not overly expensive to my mind for what it is.

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