Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Still "Several Years" Away

Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Still "Several Years" Away


The next Super Smash Bros. title won't be available for years.

One of the biggest announcements at Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference was that a brand new Super Smash Bros. title was coming to both the Wii U and the 3DS. Awesome, right? Too bad it won't be released for years.

Speaking in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Super Smash Bros. 3DS/U was announced "chiefly in order to attract new team members." Nintendo was basically telling us that a thing will exist at some point in the future, with Sakurai adding that gamers may have to wait "several years." Sakurai's studio Project Sora doesn't even have any plans for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/U right now and is still focusing purely on the development of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS.

The game actually might have gotten here sooner if not for the Wii U. A 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. was planned to be Project Sora's next game, but when the Wii U arrived Nintendo president Satoru Iwata asked Sakurai if he wanted to develop it for Wii U instead. "My thought was that we had to go on both platforms," Sakurai says.

Sakurai didn't want to limit the franchise to one of the two systems, deciding instead to "think about ways to link the personal connection one has with his portable system to the gather-around-and-play aspect of console systems." He's currently building up a team that'll figure out unique features to add to Super Smash Bros. 3DS/U in each version.

Luckily, I know you're all still playing the Wii's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, or even the GameCube and N64 versions of the series, so don't act too disappointed.

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I'm sort of glad the game will take a long time to make.

I'll probably have a 3DS and a WiiU by then.

Also, make Sheik not suck.

At one time they were considering making it 3DS exclusive?


Oh well, I'll have a WiiU by then. Hopefully they'll have some interesting new characters.

Meh, I get enough beating the shit out of Pokemen in the current three games anyway.

Color me surprised. Not really though, I'm already rainbow.

I already saw this coming. No surprise or disappointment here.
Smash Bros games take forever to develop anyway.

Maybe they're just saying this now so when the new Smash Bros follows the same release as Brawl - that is, being pushed back, pushed back, pushed back by nearly a year - they've covered themselves.

Also I hope they make it even more awesome. If the WiiU is as powerful as they say it is, let's hope for a HUGE roster!

Well that´s just bloody dandy, now I´ll have to cry myself to sleep again.

Great I hope it won't be long like Duke Nukem Forever, Half Life: Episode 3 or even Diablo 3 long.

No problem. My brother and I still play Brawl a couple times a week, and I recently stumbled upon a second gamecube controller, so we'll probably be playing some Melee tonight. Take your time, Sakurai--we've got enough Smash to keep us entertained for as long as needed.

Damn it nintendo </3 Now I have to stick with the 5 remakes/sequels coming around Christmas time.

maybe they will spend that time trying to get MLP licensing

Hm. So they're going to take their time to make a good game and try to make something connecting the 3DS and WiiU together. They want both versions to be equally good, and are thinking of ways both can enhance the experience, taking their time to make the game as good as possible.

And because this is the Escapist, I'm expecting a dozen posts going "LOL Nintendo milks their franchises and rush out terrible games because all they do is milk their franchises and they suck!"

If you play 4,999 matches of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a message pops up saying "You've played 4,999 matches! A penny a match? What a deal!" I know this from personal experience.

I appreciated how they announced it as a big surprise that a new one was coming.

With any Nintendo console there are certain staple games to be expected, and sadly Smash Bros has become one of them.

Doesn't really affect me if it comes out next year or 10 years down the line. I'll just keep an eye out for Zelda news.


There's no reason for them to completely halt production of the first 3DS Smash Brothers and have SSB3DS2 be the one that links to the WiiU one. Or better yet, add in the connectablity later on through a patch of some kind.

On the plus side, if I do wait until the 3DS SSB before I get my 3DS then maybe the game will be released bundled with the 3DS mk.II or, lite or whatever.

Something about this makes me scream "bait and switch!" Then again every game in the series has has been incredibly polished so a rushed SSB to fit the 3DS and Wii U wouldn't be a good idea. I wasn't planning on getting either soon so it works for me.

If you play 4,999 matches of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a message pops up saying "You've played 4,999 matches! A penny a match? What a deal!" I know this from personal experience.

What happens when you go over nine thou-

*gets shot*

~Tom DX

Well, my brother and I play SSBB every day, I can wait.... shit, I can't..... why, WHY?????
I need a game to fix me up. I go play Skyward Sword... wait, it's not out jet..... * commits suicide*

On a more serious note, SSB is one of my favorite games. I think I could play it forever. Well, I kinda do since I play it from the day it came out till now. Mostly every day, but sometimes we take some time off. A weak or two and then come back fired up. The only problem I have with SSB games are the AI. They are just to weak. When my brother doesn't want to play, I have no one to play with. I put 3 AI's in a team on lvl 9 and own them without losing a life. Maybe sometimes one life, but that's it. lol

The online support is horrible. Need to wait over 30 minutes for someone to join and then leave.....
Good think that Nintendo announced a much better online support.

3 requests from Smash U/3D

1. larger roster: I'd like to see all of the Melee and Brawl characters + more ON THE DISK/CART
2. DLC characters
3. better online support

Let's hope it'll be a - real - sequel to Melee. :3
Brawl's mechanics suck compared to both its predecessors. And it is quite unbalanced as well. They need to fix the chars that they ruined in Brawl (both on the low tiers and high tiers).

As for new chars that I'd like to see in it:
Mega Man X
Isaac (Golden Sun... come to think of it: Mia and Sheba too ^^)
Phoenix Wright (probably hard to make a fighting character of though o.o)
Shanoa (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)
Soma (Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow)
Lucian (Lunar Knights)
Dark Link (as a seperate character with different game mechanics, like Fox/Falco in Melee)
Toon Zelda (though fix the other one first lol <.<)

Those are the ones that come to mind right now.
Things that they should get rid off:
- Slip/Trip/Prat falling (you know what I mean <.<)
- Glide
- Super Armor mechanic (Snake's Up B, Aether, Erruption)
- Snake lol
- Water push mechanic
- Final Smash (or at least make the LOW item setting actually low lol)

Things they have to add (read: reimpliment):
- actual ability to do COMBOS (read: Hitstun again)
- working physics (in Brawl they just don't)
- Wall-grapple instead of Tether recovery

Well, that was my little rant on Brawl I suppose. xD I bet there are parts I missed but others will most likely point them out anyway.
Super Smash Brothers Melee 2... We're waiting for you. :3

Just Make Sure the game has Snake in it and i will be happy!

Here's hoping they use that time to make it the most kick-ass Smash Bros. game ever created.

Also, I'm surprised at the lack of rampant Nintendo-bashing on this thread. Normally the Escapist treats any Nintendo thread as open season for slander.


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