TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Gets Shell-Shocked on June 30th

TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Gets Shell-Shocked on June 30th


If you live in the United States and wanted to pick up Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled, your time is running out.

Thanks to an expiring license, Ubisoft told Joystiq that its remake of the classic SNES/arcade Ninja Turtles beat-em-up Turtles in Time would no longer be available for purchase in the United States after June 30th.

Presumably, the game will still be available for purchase on XBLA and PSN after June 30th in places around the world that aren't the United States, so you Europeans and Aussies (et al) should still be good.

That said, the game itself actually kind of sucked, so perhaps it's for the best after all.



the remake was bad so not a big loss

My childhood nostalgia is trying to blind me into a buy I don't want. Damn you memories of innocent times filled with mutant turtles!!

I'll stick with the SNES version thank you.

But... it's a downloadable game? Why would you prevent people from purchasing it?

I enjoyed the SNES version, can anyone explain to me what was so bad about the remake?


Even the inferior remake of TiT is STILL better than TMNT 1987.

Now that game has nostalgia goggles with it's fanbase.

wait...why are they doing this?? ah well, guess it wasn't that good anyway. not feeling particularly pressured to get it before it's gone

Sad, but I prefer the SNES one.

Sorry, Ubisoft. At least you'll have time to make Rayman Origins.

Mister Funk, you have summed up my thoughts quite well with your closing sentence.

Just play the original XP

I'd rather still play the vastly superior SNES version of the game.

Glad I got the original when EB Games was getting rid of their snes titles.

I played the demo of the remake... then deleted it, all I lost was time.

Turtles In Time, tit, I'm a little boy, I know.

PLayed the original as a kid as a rental and LOVED IT...Played the remake and hated it...Hoping it wasn't blind nostalgia in thinking the original was good, I bought it from a Disc Replay last year...Still just as good...So yeah bad remake...

I enjoyed the SNES version, can anyone explain to me what was so bad about the remake?

All I know is there were entire levels missing. So it turned an already short game into an even shorter game.

As far as why it was "bad", I don't know. I have a friend who bought it and it played exactly the same as the SNES version imo.

Ok, I don't see why they can't do it now since that game is a sorry excuse for a substitute for the actual one.

How can you take out entire levels that were awesome and call it good?

I got the Demo when I first got my PS3. It's an absolutely awful remake. Why didn't they just release the arcade game? I'd gladly give them 10 bucks for that.

Has anyone ever really noticed how many deals and other things seem to always expire on June 30? The only reason I notice this is because my birthday is June 30.


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