Peter Molyneux Is "Ashamed" Of Fable III's Scores

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Remake Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper, or Populous and all is forgiven.

He's extremely lucky it even broke 80 on metacritic. It doesn't deserve even that. Yahtzee's review points at everything wrong with the game that makes it so bad.

Why can't they live in poverty for one year so they don't fucking die? so much rage. stupid game.

Fable 1 was THE best fable game. No other compares.

"It didn't end up being the game that I dreamed it would be"

Im sorry Mr.Molyneux I have no intention of impregnating a game.

I didnt like the game when it came to mechanis but the visual aesthetics were nice and the writting/voice acting was really good so not a bad game by any means.

Apologise with a better game, the apologies were nice the first few times but now it has lost all effect.

Well, on the surface at least, that seems like a good thing. If you can recognize the flaws in your game, it makes them a lot easier to fix.

On a side note, I swear Peter says he needs to take a "very different" apprach to all the Fable games. I'm convinced it will be a side scrolling platformer by the time we get to number 5.

Yeah, he keeps shooting himself in the foot by re-inventing the wheel every time. He needs to learn to just take it easy with every other iteration so that he can perfect what he did with the last iteration instead of coming up with a whole new slew of ideas.

I also think that Fable III had a flawed premis- the whole "Rule-the-kingdom" part just doesn't mesh well with the base of what Fable is.

If Fable III "didn't end up being the game that [he] dreamed it would be", why did he bother putting it out and not wait to make it the game he wanted?

To me this is just another case of a developer making excuses for a poor to mediocre game.

If Fable III "didn't end up being the game that [he] dreamed it would be", why did he bother putting it out and not wait to make it the game he wanted?

To me this is just another case of a developer making excuses for a poor to mediocre game.

Actually, He probably rather would have waited, but as is the case with most games these days, pressure from Microsoft means they have to release these half finished games. The developers have a lot less say in how long it takes in today's world.

I thought Fable 3 was pretty good, actually. Not as good as the first Fable, mind, but that was one of the greatest video games I've ever played - so it's a pretty high standard.

Why did people seem to not enjoy Fable 3?

So, is he ashamed of the scores he's getting, or is he ashamed of making a game worthy of those scores? 'cause I definitely think he should feel one over the other.

Maybe I would have ranked Fable III higher if the final boss battle wasnt a insult to the last 2 bosses of the Fable games.

The Jack of Blades would be disappointed in you Moly...

That reminds me how disappointed I was when I played Black and White for the first time.

he is never satifised at the moment his new game is announced. i thought fable 3 was awful. with a doubt the worst game last year.

Um....he should be ashamed because the game is utter trash and you can literally tell they removed things to offer as dlc...

Peter I love you and your games. I just love that fantasy setting. But they need work big time, and the kinect one I'm not too pleased with it being an on rails. Or at least thats what it looked like at E3.

Uhuh... uhuh... mhmm... scores.. WHAT?! He should be ashamed of the games, not the scores. The man is turning into an emo.

Yeah, I dont care. Peter isnt learning. He lears his lesson from fable 1, strips the game in 2, he learns his lesson, strips more in 3. No Peter I dont want a dumbed down ame, I dont want a childish game, I dont want to hold down A to fart in someones face. I wat fable.

You want to learn, play that, then look at how you ruined fable and made it wht it is now.

No shitty viligers you ance with for exp, an rpg with a great amosphere and fun, deep
gameplay. (some may say its not deep, but I found fable 1 grea for replay value, so many oions) al the spells were diferent, served different purposes. Its a shame a great game, wit potental became what it is today.

It was ultimately not a very satisfying game. The combat was way too easy and not challenging at all, the story was ok, and I feel that his understanding of economics and politics is non-existent, so the ruling section was very badly done.

He hasn't made a good game in while, so he should try something new, or stop making games. Also, he is not an artist, he is just really accepting that everyone thinks his work is subpar. Yay for humility I guess.

I saw Fable 3 as a step backwards from Fable 2. The only real improvement was on magical combat but the melee and ranged combat was more or less the same. The marriage aspects are more or less the same and I can't wait until the day I can truly be evil and murder children. The dog is always nice but I would like other pet options like a Hobbe. Interacting with the townsfolk was the absolute worst aspect though. No more milling crowds of admirers and, nobody would be my friend until I fetched them their slippers from 3 towns over.

hopefully Fable 4 (the actual Fable 4, not the cart thing) will be less restrictive. Seeing another game that takes place in the time of the actual guild would be great especially if you are able to create your own adventurer for once.

He may be an odd fellow who over hypes things, but he dreams big and at least work his hardest to back up his words

Good on you Peter, you're a strange weirdo, but you're OUR strange weirdo...keep pushing that envelope ad soon you're masterpiece will be real you crazy sonnuva bitch :D

It certainly was better than Fable 2.
...lets just hope it only gets better from here...
Although that hope is probably in vain...

I'll use small words for you, Peter.

Fable I. Good. Fable II. Not so good. Fable III. Less good.

Make like first game. First game good. First game best in series.

Mr Molyneux, you are one strange little man.

And yet, I can't help but like the guy.

Because....he...I dont know...tries?

He seems to try to be better (even if he just faceplants again)

It's ok Mr.Molyneux I sorta liked it...the whole HOLY SHIT I FELL INTO A COMA and then annoying boss fight

The guns and my own custom sword was pretty kickass tho

Other have said it and I will echo them: He says what he needs to to keep gamer's faith. Why the hell does he hype his games and release them if he's agreed with all the unfortunate responses they keep getting. But then he doesn't improve what works, he just piles more half-baked ideas on top of them. And the cynical part of me thinks he does it because he knows that previewers will only experience the game shallowly, and won't see that all these new features are only skin deep.

All things said and done, I love the Fable series. I have a whole list of complaints but I buy every one. EVERY ONE... And I play the hell out of them.

Yes, Pete, you're a crazy fuckwit sometimes but damn do you make a pretty game. Try to actually learn from the previous games and evolve but whatever, just make the next game and I will hope it won't piss me off.


Peter is never satisfied with his work.

You know the old saying:

"A true artist is never satisfied with his work."

He's said that three times now. Every game gets bad scores (with the exception of the first), and he says that he's going to fix it. Then the next game happens.

I think they try too much, then when they realize they are too close to the deadline to fully implement their ideas (which are really good ideas), they have to cut or stop improving an idea in order to keep on schedule. Basically, Lionhead needs either more time or better focus in order to create the game Peter wants. As of now Peter is just blowing smoke and I don't intend to fall for it the way I fell for Fable 3.

Oh, Peter, you never learn. You need to pick one of two things, my man.

1. Moral ambiguity. Do it to it. Eighty-six the whole good/evil thing and try some ambiguity.
2. If that doesn't seem to fit with Fable, fear not. Gamers are not as adverse to simple good/evil/neutral choices as they first appear, and with a more comedic-oriented game like Fable you need to exacerbate this to the level of almost-parody. However, you have to take away situations of moral ambiguity as well.

You can't have both, otherwise you impale yourself hopping the fence. Just pick one, man

Honestly, I think ZeroPunctuation gets funnier and funnier as Fable Franchise progresses, although I think there were more things from Fable3 that Yahtzee should've called out on.

If Peter is unapologetic and kept making Fable 4, 5, 6, etc.. I would look forward to 0punctuation review of it more than ever.

But maybe it's time for Peter to give it up and try something new.

Know what would at least make me like Fable more? Being able to DIE. Seriously, getting scars on your character is NOT a punishment for death, nor is a small exp decrease, especially considering it takes about 2 seconds to earn it back. That and more weapon variety would please me. Fable 1 was the best and he just hasn't made a game just as good sense. Also quit making us buy DLC just to get a decent amount of armor to play around with. I bought the stupid game already I'm not buying extra clothes that SHOULD have been in the game to begin with. Fable 2 had at least good customization, Fable 3 was really pathetic.



Peter is never satisfied with his work.

You know the old saying:

"A true artist is never satisfied with his work."

Honestly, in this case its just more Molycock, not genuine dissatisfaction, seeing as he said the same exact things around the time he announced the next Fable game.

Hell, I don't even play Fable games and I remember him saying the exact same thing before he announced Fable 3. Just let it go man, LET IT GO! Make a new IP. Fable can't compete with most RPG's.

Molyneux just needs to get his games playtested more, they usually have broken mechanics that have decent ideas behind them (the Inner Sanctum or whatever it's called in Fable 3 is a perfect example, interesting idea completely destroyed by the massive amount of micromanagement).

I'm tired of PM. This happens every time he makes a game and it's getting old.

If I was you Peter I'd step back, take a deep breathe and get your shit together. Stop making Fable games for a start. What happened to interesting stuff like Black & White or the Movies or even Populous? Not every game was great but they always felt sincere, creative and charming. Let's have something interesting from Lionhead again.

Seriously, am I the only person who likes Molyneux? Yeah, he talks a lot of shit, but he is genuinely trying! Despite all their flaws, the Fable series is fucking excellent. I hope Molyneux continues to better his approach to development and I look forward to what ever crack-pot schemes he rambles about in the future. Go'on Pete! Show'em how it's done!

It doesn't matter how ashamed he is or how often he apologizes about the problems in Fable because he never fucking fixes them, nor does Lion Head.

I remember once reading a reply to a member who asked why you were always glued to the ground in the Fable series, to which a dev replied "We don't want people jumping around all willy nilly", and here I though it was because they were too fucking lazy to properly program.

There is only one thing I find bearable in the Fable games, and that's the music, but to be accurate, that's thanks to Danny Elfman and Russell Shaw. Thank god for the osts, otherwise I might be forced to play those shitty games to hear the beautiful and soothing tunes.

Say what you will about him, but man's got the balls.

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