Capcom Denies Anti-Used-Games Stance in New Resident Evil 3DS Game

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It could be a tech thing I guess?

Wait, what?

You can't delete saved files? Then how the heck can you restart your game? What, can you only play the game through once and that's it? Suddenly the whole cartridge is bricked?

Also, I LIKE buying my games used. Because its CHEAPER. I don't like anybody trying to enforce rules on me and make me spend more money. All this copy protection and region coding and pre-order only DLC is just draconian nonsense. I shouldn't have to deal with any of this crap. Whatever happened to the free market? Ruthless policies like these are unacceptable, in all forms.

Next thing you'll be telling me is that you can reset the game if you pay for a downloadable key to unlock that feature when it's actually on the fucking cartridge to begin with. Then again, that's not entirely below Capcom.

They were trying to cut back on used sales, and are now trying to play Mr. Innocent for good PR.

In which case they deserve a Razzie Award for that role, because boy is that inept acting. Although one might place the blame on the scriptwriters.

-tinfoil hat-

It has begun....the downfall of used games...

Alpha Phase begins w/ Capcom....

Brofist Phase w/ EA soon

Bull-S-H-I-T. It seems a lot of developers and publishers these days think that we as consumers are monumentally stupid. Sigh.

Does anyone else smell turnips? Because I'm really getting noseful from Capcom.

EB Games in Australia is refusing to sell the game because its resale value is so low and it would be impossible to return it within the store's seven-day "as new" refund policy.

Bravo, Australian EB Games, bravo. We should do the same thing here in the US (I know it's not gonna happen, shut up).

Alright, Capcom, I'll play along. Let's say this wasn't a dick move aimed towards used games. Let's say it was for some other reason. Either way, you're taking a step backwards! By removing or modifying features that we're all used to by now, you're just pissing people off. And it's not even a useful or innovative feature. It's just that, a dick move.

As a side note, I find it funny that Steeldiver was the first 3DS game to do this and no one cares. Poor ol', underrated Steeldiver. Why must you suck so much?

On that note, you'd think Capcom would learn from Steeldiver's mistake. But whatever, I just hope no one else follows the same example.

"In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, all mission progress is saved directly to the Nintendo 3DS cartridge, where it cannot be reset,"
So 3DS cartridges are technically inferior to regular DS cartridges then?

Funny thing is THIS is one of the reasons why I own a flash cart, nice homebrew program called Eepinator that lets you copy, wipe and inject save files into legitimate DS carts...
So whats probably going to happen (assuming the save-lock thing happened to a game I gave two shits about) is I'm gonna wait till Flash Carts work, then probably dump all of my games onto that using one of the many homebrew dumping programs so I have full control of the save files (and have all my games in one easy-to-carry place)
Same thing I did with the DS really, the games are cheap and worth buying, take em home and copy the data nto a micro-SD anyway.

Before I get jumped for that: MAKING YOUR OWN copies is totally lega. Downloading or uploading a copy is ALWAYS illegal though regardless of whether or not you own the game.

Good on EB Games, I'm glad they took note of this.

Cut the bullshit Capcom. They had no reason to fall back onto, so it was obviously used sales.

This is the stupidest fucking idea I've seen in awhile.

My gut tells me that they outsourced the development, the developer didn't build in the capability for multiple saves, ergo no reason to delete a save (poor requirements maybe?), and Marketing team decided that it would be easier to add the warning in the manual than take the hit to have the developer add in the functionality. This allowed them to not miss their release date or have to send a change request to the developer (at additional cost).

It probably didn't occur to any of them that the lack of this feature this would be taken as anti-consumer.

The entire issue and reaction from Capcom is so stupid that it can only be a huge dropped ball that they are running damage control on.

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