Nintendo Messed Up 3DS Launch, Says Analyst

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It'd be nice if an analyst would say something worth writing an article about.
This is just pointless and dumb. It must be easy to land an "analyst" job if all you have to do is learn something widely known, wait a month, and then repeat it.

Their biggest mistake was releasing it at all.

Absolutely, no matter how hard Hollywood, the TV manufacturers or Nintendo try to push 3D, it is just a gimmick and will remain that way.

I predict that more games will be developed that ignore the 3D feature and Nintendo will lower the price of the 3DS because the main feature isn't worth the price to most people.

Can I be an analyst now?

The only reason anyone will buy a Nintendo system is because it enables them to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and other first party games.

Apparently this is news to Nintendo.


Anyone else getting the impression that they've lost the plot?

How many units does Nintendo have to sell before they start making some net gain from the 3DS? Is that information even available? 'Cause really, I see piles of them at every store I go to. It was impossible to find most of the other consoles Nintendo's released over the years for about a year after they came out. They all got snatched up or back-ordered so quickly... But the 3DS is truly in abundance. It almost feels like Nintendo doesn't care. The line-up was just that bad and the 3DS isn't a dramatic step up from the DS, the only main difference being a terrible control stick.

The problem with 3D imaging on a flat surface, is your eyes have a hard time focusing on artificial depth. When artists create art that has depth but is still clearly 2D, or when you see a movie, the focusing is done for you. You always see everything at exactly the distance you are supposed to. In 3D, your eyes will see what they think is actual depth and attempt to focus too hard because the idea of focusing on depth on a 2D surface is unnatural. I imagine you could adjust, but then you'd be a bit disoriented upon returning to real-life 3D. It's a cool little gimmick which can be fun when utilized properly, but 3D is definitely not the future of media in any way. I know the last 3D movie I actually saw in 3D was Tron. Before that, Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, and Avatar are all I can really think of. An optical illusion you have to stare at for extended periods of time just isn't really WORTH the extra expense. Even if it was free, in most situations I'd prefer to ditch it. HTTYD was actually better in 2D because any pans whatsoever blurred and caused some queasiness. Luckily, there weren't too many pans in the movie. A shitload of action and stills, essentially, but that's standard in animated films.

Ramble ramble ramble, I gave 3D a shot, and it just isn't cool enough. The 3DS is kind of a fart in the bath as far as gaming innovation goes.

Um...well done Mr. you actually work for nintendo? If not whats the point in getting an analyst to tell us what we already bloody knew?

Even Yahtzee said it!

Its obvious it happened with the DS origional, although at least it had Mario64. It had a butt load of really crap games on lauch. But the 3DS had about 5 crap games on launch, why did they do that? I love my 3DS but I'm starting to wonder why I bought it.

I'm playing through Zelda atm and tbh all its made me think is, wow, this is a gimmick that I really shouldnt have bought into...


I don't understand why Pokemon White and Black were not released in 3D with the 3DS. They were only a couple of months apart. I still bought a 3DS... and White. But it would have been so much cooler and would have been good marketing to release a Pokemon game with a new console.

I assume (like with every other pokemon game) there will be a third. Red and blue had yellow, gold and silver had crystal, ruby and saphire had emerald and pearl and diamond had platinum. They saw the 3DS coming and I assume the brought out black and white pre-3DS to boost sales after by bringing out; Pokemon grey...or something like that.

Have you not noticed the obvious 3D moments i.e. the bridges, that big city I forgot the name of, the ferris wheel etc.

Mark my words it will happen

I would like to add that I love my 3DS, I went to an expo recently and finished the puzzle quest which made me sad because now its pointless. And the shop is so much easier to use than on the DSi. Overall its good but I really wish they would hurry up and release some games.

*initiate middle finger* (for the second time today at something to do with 3d :P)

Srsly Nintendo, the 3ds is an eyesore (literally). Focus on making better games instead of using old franchises to feed a gimmick console. Gimme something original. O-RI-GI-NAL. Anymore zelda & mario crap and I'm not even gonna consider you in the next gen wars. And don't even think about adding a new effing pokemon to the roster.

Btw, I'm still waiting for an english Love Plus game :)

I couldn't stand the 3DS when I played it. All it did was hurt my eyes and give me a headache. The idea of glasses-less 3D was super cool, but I just don't see anything that really grabs my attention with the 3DS.

I have no idea how people have forgotten.

Ocarina of Time was released on the N64, the Wind Waker promo disk (included Master Quest), the Zelda Collector's disk (included Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Majora's Mask), the Wii Virtual Console AND the 3DS

There are 5 official options of playing the game. And soon I will have 5 (I'm lacking a 3DS).


I never got why there were so few demos in stores. I might have actually gotten one sooner if I knew that the 3d actually worked and I didn't just have to take Nintendo's word for it.

Same here. I've been searching every place across my entire city that might possibly have a 3DS display unit, and none do.

If the launch lineup had some actual Nintendo brand heavy hitters, however, I might've caved even without a test unit.

Instead I find myself looking at specs for tablets and thinking of which I'd rather.

Also, it's not simply a re-release of Ocarina of Time, it is a rather remastered version with impressively updated graphics and plenty of new features and some remade content. I'm tempted to stop looking at the tablets again because of it.

Edit to add: Also, why does this analyst get press for this? Everyone knows this is why the 3DS hasn't had the sustained sales boom Nintendo expected. Launching without a strong first-party lineup was what hurt the Gamecube initially too.

This guy didn't even point out how the lack of ability to really advertize the 3DS's features effectively also has stunted its growth.

I'm loving the new OOT, the boss time trials are really what had me sold.

Well I'm going out to pick up my 3ds today. Zelda here I come.

I have no idea how people have forgotten.

Ocarina of Time was released on the N64, the Wind Waker promo disk (included Master Quest), the Zelda Collector's disk (included Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Majora's Mask), the Wii Virtual Console AND the 3DS

There are 5 official options of playing the game. And soon I will have 5 (I'm lacking a 3DS).

You have no idea how people have forgotten what? That OOT is out 4 different times. The two different collectors edition releases are considered one release since they were both released at the same time. It's like saying the vanilla version of a game and the collectors edition both released at the same are separate releases, they aren't. Different SKU's but not different releases.

Anyway, I don't think people have forgotten that OOT has been released multiple times, why the pretense to say what you wanted to say? Just say "I intend to own it 5 times".

Ya know, if you wanted to get right down to it, OOT also had a gold cart and a gray cart. So you could own 6 unique copies of the game but still only 4 releases.

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