Exclusive Peek at New Orcs Must Die! Trap

Exclusive Peek at New Orcs Must Die! Trap

Take an exclusive look at the trap that turns deadly orcs into harmless orc chunks.

Orcs Must Die!, the upcoming third-person action/tower defense hybrid from developer Robot Entertainment, takes a lighthearted view of the traditional fantasy setting as it tasks players with coming up with the means to "hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, and incinerate an endless army of filthy orcs and their vile allies." In order to do so, Robot Entertainment has given players a variety of traps, and you can check out videos of the wall blade, spring, and arrow wall traps, which show you how to hack, launch, and gibletize those green meanies.

What we haven't seen yet is how to flatten - don't worry though, because The Escapist has you covered with exclusive footage of the latest trap: the pounder trap. As an added bonus, it seems to do a good job of gibletizing orcs as well.

Orcs Must Die! is looking to be a frenetic, action-packed strategy/action hybrid. Keep your eyes peeled for its release this summer.


This game looks like so much fun. Haven't seen a lot on it, but I'm looking forward to the release. I sure do hope it has multiplayer!

Why have I only just found out about this game!? It looks awesome!

I'm probably not the only one to think this up, but...

"That is not a panel. That's a crusher. We sell those too. Cave Johnson, we're done here."


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