Snatcher Sequel Confirmed... As Radio Drama

Snatcher Sequel Confirmed... As Radio Drama


The Snatcher sequel that we've all been waiting for is coming, but it's not a game.

In Hideo Kojima's never-ending quest to sow confusion by creating really strange words (remember transfarring?), he's teaming up with Suda 51 to develop a sequel to Sega CD, PlayStation, Saturn, et al. cult classic Snatcher called Sdatcher. The only problem is that it's not a game.

Instead, Sdatcher is an original radio drama. It's based on Snatcher, but has a "d" where the "n" should go for some reason (*edit* it's apparently a play on Suda 51's name).

Snatcher was originally designed by Hideo Kojima and released in 1988, but made it to various systems in the following years. It didn't necessarily sell well, and has become a rare and treasured game. Snatcher takes place in a world inspired by Blade Runner, with robotic life-forms killing and taking the place of actual humans.

Kojima is planning and directing Sdatcher, while Suda 51 is writing the script. Grasshopper Manufacture's Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill fame, is composing the music.

If you're let down by the idea that Sdatcher is a radio drama, just hold a controller in your hand and close your eyes while listening (assuming you know Japanese). It'll feel just like a game, I promise. Sdatcher will be released on Kojima's 300th Hideradio podcast.

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I used to like you so much Hideo Kojima, why do keep letting me down like this?
You do know that if you try to pull that shit off with Zone of the Enders 3 people will send lots of bombs by mail right?

When I read the title, I went "OooohAwww..." Kind of a letdown, but, eh, it should be interesting, knowing Hideo Kojima.

Damn. Snatcher is like the single hardest game in the world to find and their not even making a game?. Well I hope it's at least in English. Either way, With Hideo Kojima and Suda 51 it's going to be good. It's going to be hella good.

I've been wanting them to handle Snatcher properly for fucking ages now. Why can't they do a re-release and a definitive version? Surely it's not that hard for them. It needs to be played by more people. It's never had the treatment it deserves.

I at least hope it's in English? Maybe?

What happened to this whole Project S thing from awhile back? I guess they canned it.

I would be posting a "Im am confused" photo here if it was anybody else besides Mr. "I Ride a Duck."

Once again, we're denied. I get the strange feeling Kojima, Konami, someone thinks we're just not Eastern enough to get it or something, and refuses to give us localized ports.

*le sigh*

Once again, we're denied. I get the strange feeling Kojima, Konami, someone thinks we're just not Eastern enough to get it or something, and refuses to give us localized ports.

*le sigh*

Which is an even bigger fail considering that it's inspiration, Blade Runner (and it's inspiration as well), is one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of Western science-fiction out there. *le deep sigh*

Damn shame that it's not a game. I'd love to play a Blade Runner-esque detective/adventure game. Think L.A. Noir meets Splinter Cell with androids. How cool is that?

Tom Goldman:
Snatcher Sequel Confirmed... As Radio Drama

Kojima's games are steadily becoming more video than game, so should it be any surprise that a snatcher sequel is completely a drama?

I've never even heard of Snatcher, but this announcement still has me excited. The premise, the big names behind the project, it all sounds like it'll be great fun.

I will admit that I am a big fan of radio dramas. The lack of any visual component means that the writers are generally pushed to write higher quality stories, as you don't have the ability to fall back on pretty pictures and flashy effects to distract the audience. In my opinion, a well done audio drama will almost always trump a well done TV show or movie.
That said, I really hope this is going to be released in English at some point. It would suck if those of us who only know one language never get to hear this.

I knew Kojima was going to ruin the sequel, I didn't expect it to be this bad though, I guess he finally decided to drop the whole "Interactive medium" thing, also removing any remote interest I had in looking it up.

Why does everyone get the idea that it's a sequel? That's nowhere mentioned but here.
Making radio dramas within the setting of a franchise is very common in Japan and while it's a bit late there's nothing unusual about doing this for the 300th episode of Hideradio.

Man, sometimes, I get the vibe that Suda 51 and Hideo Kojima are like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. They are best friends. They do stupid things together. They're massive hipsters ever, cracking obscuring references, seeing if someone asides their respective best friend will get it. And they both are wasting their time making something that is essentially a massive in-joke between each pair. So, this will probably get the same reaction Grindhouse did. Good and bad, could've been a lot better.

inb4 this doesn't leave Japan.

lol , what do you expect from the master of "Announcement of announcement , followed by a massive letdown" ?

Personally , I've never played Snatcher , but I'd wish to see a 3D HD Remake of it , since I'm not into "Point and click" games.

What happened to this whole Project S thing from awhile back? I guess they canned it.

That Radio Drama IS Project S. *le super duper sigh*


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