Photos Capture Darth Vader On Sunny Holiday

Photos Capture Darth Vader On Sunny Holiday


Somehow, Darth Vader just doesn't seem quite as scary when he's holding a surfboard ...

Most people don't stop and consider how hard it is being the Dark Lord of the Sith. Between the executions of disappointing minions, mutilating one's son in a lightsaber battle, and overseeing the construction of a new Death Star, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. So, every now and then, Lord Vader has to cut loose and unwind; on his latest vacation, his activities were documented by photographer Nick Presniakov.

OK, so the whole photo series is actually a pretty brilliant spoof by Presniakov. The photo series, "Dark Holiday", shows Vader visiting a seaside resort town to relax as best he can, which includes watching bad hotel TV, riding around on a Segway, and going surfing in a custom wetsuit.

Hopefully Lucasfilm doesn't go after the photographer and demand he take down the photos. The company is notoriously controlling over its Star Wars properties. If Presniakov manages to, y'know, not get sued, maybe he can do another series with some other Star Wars characters.

Source: Nick Presniakov via Technabob


I just can't get over Darth Vader with a surf board.

It must be an old image, or Vader goes to the beach fairly often. He's been documented several times, often doing... Not really darthy things.


Maybe the next series can follow Jar Jar Binks vacationing on Hawaii. And being thrown into a volcano.

Sgt. Sykes:


Indeed, the surfboard picture makes no sense... WHOOOA! I just went meta!

i wanna see him in surfing in the wet suit

I wonder how difficult it is to clean all the sand out of your helmet.

I bet that cape looks cool while surfing.

In the link, Darth Vader is on a segway. My mind has been blown.

I would still be terrified. Surfboard + Force Powers = Me cut in half. That's not worth risking. If he wants a patch of beach, I'm moving.

The picture of him om the chair with the umbrella is just awesome.

He's all dark and imposing, on a cute little chair.

Wait he has to block the sun with his hand? Exactly what purpose does the helmet serve other than to look menacing?

Also I hope that suit has a built in air conditioning unit cause all that black is going to absorb A LOT of heat.

Isn't most of his suit supposed to be mechanical? water-proof much?

Vader wouldn't be so Darthly if he had a short circuit while riding a wave.

On a more serious note, I doubt he can be sued for this. It's clearly for fun and games, and that would mean that Lucas would also have to go after everyone who's ever had fun with the image of Darth Vader ever. Like uhhh...Newgrounds, say? That alone would tie things up for YEARS.

Hope he doesn't track sand into his ship. Its hard enough getting sand out of a regular vehicle...

Photos Capture Darth Vader On Sunny Holiday


Somehow, Darth Vader just doesn't seem quite as scary when he's holding a surfboard ...

I think he lost his scaryness when George Lucas, turned him into a whiny little bitch, who misses his mommy.

If the guy was actually surfing it would've been interesting

I hope he wears a plastic bag over his water-sensitive robot parts.
Ruins the fun when suddenly your hand doesn't work anymore...

Would it be wise of him to even be there due to him having a breathing device and robot limbs unless they are waterproof.
Still that surfboard look awesome!

You just made my day. I'm crying manly tears of laughter here after seeing the Dark Lord beneath the beach umbrella and on the segway. Thank you for this piece of news, vansau! ^^

You guys should see the commercials Space (Canadian Sci Fi channel) has run the last few summers. They feature a) Darth Vader buying ice cream and force choking the ice cream vender b) Darth Vader trying to drink a Hawaiian drink in a pinapple and getting frustrated because he can't get the straw through his mask c) Boba Fett trying to BBQ d) Boba Fett trying to fix a bicycle d) Boba Fett fishing an catching a boot e) A Tatooine Sand Person building a sandcastle.


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