Microsoft Registers,

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Microsoft Registers,


Ladies and gentlemen, let the conspiracy theories begin.

If you go to, you won't find anything. If you go to, you get (for some reason) a Bing search listing for Microsoft and Sony, not a website. Neither of these sites exist right now - but Microsoft owns them nonetheless.

Users on NeoGAF discovered that the two domains had been registered several days ago by none other than Microsoft itself. That's all the information we know, really - we don't know what this means, and we have no clue as to their use.

Gamers, of course, might see this as a bizarre case of universes colliding. Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3 are mortal enemies, and never the twain shall meet! Could this represent a strange and uncertain future where one console destroys the other - or the two combine like a miniature gaming Voltron? Would this just leave gamers with Nintendo's offerings and the XStationBox?

Well, probably not. Microsoft and Sony are very, very big corporations, after all, and they have their hands in many pies that aren't related to videogames. One theory making the rounds is that this could potentially be a Windows Phone 7 model made by Sony Ericsson, and if not that exactly, something along those lines would seem to be the most likely option.

Of course, this won't stop conspiracy theories from running rampant. You may all begin wildly speculating ... now.




and so, it begins

What the...why would...when did...what?


Very intriguing. Will probably turn out to be something boring and uninteresting, but until then, we can have our fun!

I'm going for a robot, comprised of Sony parts, running Windows. Let the jokes begin!

God forbid a "PlayBox" spawns from this, because that just sounds plain nasty.

I wouldn't mind a system with the power of Sony's hardware and Microsoft's software combined. It would definitely be interesting.

Sony and Microsoft cooperating is almost as unthinkable as Nintendo and Sega used to be.

Let's be honest Microsoft is preparing for a troll war, no doubt they found a loophole where they can legally obtain these sites to piss in the opponents pond.

Or... Sony is really doing that badly... hmmm, that's worth a think

Cross console online gaming. Winning!

It'll be a new marketing ploy that Microsoft's gonna start doing.

Mark my words.

The next generation console being made by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all at once would be a terrifyingly monsterous sight to behold. Yes, I know this only mentioned Microsoft and Sony but you know, I like to think about things... out loud.

wow, this comes close to my thoughts about what would happen if Microsoft merged with Sony fused, and Nintendo merged with Disney.

... Drop the 'box', it sounds better as XStation... and X-Play's taken.

I like the idea that they would merge the gaming systems. And that the next gen consoles would only be the nintento and the sony/microsoft spawn. It would eliminate all platform fanboys and it would, essentially, create a larger playerbase. And no exclusives titles, aside from Nintento of course.

But, it probably is just a pipe dream.

XPlayboxstation? XPlaystationbox?

Anyway whenever I see an article like this I think of:

Far more likely this is unrelated to video games though.

They're gonna to try to take over the world by using the gravitational distortion created by the original Xbox controller to move Japan next to the United States, then merge it into Washington State. From there, they conquer both Washington State and Japan, using people brainwashed with the Halo games, and therefore secure technological superiority.

And shortly after this they are defeated by a platoon of genetically engineered miniature bears the Canadians have been training for just such an occasion.

Heres hoping Sony and Microsoft have teamed up on their next console to crush Nintendo in that the dark depths of oblivion.

EDIT: Although thinking about it, Sony laptops run windows. Although it just seems odd that its the entire brands of Sony and MS in the url and not Sony VAIO or something.

God forbid a "PlayBox" spawns from this, because that just sounds plain nasty.

How about X-Station-460? Sounds like some failed console from the 80s with like 5 games released for it.

EDIT: Actually, fuck that, X-Station-460 sounds awesome. I would buy one. But if Sony and Microsoft want to call it that, im suing them because I had the idea.

When Microsoft was advertising Windows 7, the only computer I saw in the commercials was the Viao. And usually any time I see a Kinect ad, it is hooked up on a Sony TV. Consoles are the only thing they really compete against each other with.

Obviously they are preparing for the end of the world merger wars. Next Apple will put out a console that's fully Steam enabled and Nintendo.... Will stay solo and continue to print money.

Honestly I will consider selling my firstborn for an iValve

This is either going to be a huge deal, or a huge disappointment. Probably a huge disappointment.

John Funk:
Microsoft Registers,

Very soon following this, Microsoft will release malware hidden as update files to all the Windows-based machines - crashing them and effectively killing off Windows-based PC gaming. Then they'll take over Sony and sell the PlayBox9000 - colloquially dubbed as the little boxes of Communism.

To fight off the newly-created behemoth, Apple and Nintendo will merge to create the iWiipBoy. It'll have less features than its competitors but will be double the price, and will have severely limited content as everything will be filtered through The Church of Nintendo + Apple = Nipple. Yet the Church of Nipple will have the most zealous followers, who'll make sure that Nippleism is made an official religion in the Geneva Convention by bombing third world peasants.

Meanwhile, the downtrodden PC gamers will rise up and join their Linux brethren to form the most open platform out there... only to find out that Linux's X11 graphics system is even more bloated with indirections than DX11 as it tries to reduce everything to a network protocol, and the audio stack goes through a pointless S-bend by going through two abstraction layers, ALSA and PulseAudio. Due to the performance hit, PC gamers will realize Linux is shit, and will turn to cloud-based OnLive for their gaming fix, handing their balls over as well in the process.


Sorry, drifted off.

This is either going to be a huge deal, or a huge disappointment. Probably a huge disappointment.

It's probably already a huge deal, it's just going to be an even larger disappointment.

Actually, if they take the best designers from each of the services, there's so much potential that it's silly.

I'm thinking Station-X. It's got a cool feel to it, and it's memorable.

Yeah, I know, it's probably not gonna be console. But wouldn't that kick ass if it was? I'm thinking Master Chief teaming up with Kratos. For what? Anything. It could be a kart racing game and it'd make millions.

Let's say hypothetically this happens. On the plus side, being able to play uncharted and halo on the same console would be awesome. On the downside, if the two no longer have to compete with each other, there's nobody to try and outdo other than nintendo, who hasn't brought anything substantial to the table in a long time. Sony and Microsoft have been neck in neck constantly trying to outdo the other with what's essentially the same console and I honestly think both have turned out better for it.

Probably not immediately related to video games. But, down the line, maybe. Though, seeing a Sony made product running a Microsoft OS...perhaps a portable telephone-like device, that allows one to play games, and receive directions, and download user made apps...yes, I believe there could be a use for a device like this, with these two giants working together to create--wait, one such giant already exists. This might be their take on trying to take that down.

I'm thinking Station-X. It's got a cool feel to it, and it's memorable.

Really? I feel anything with an 'X' tacked to it is incredibly childish. "X-Treme gaming!" etc.

When the XBox was launched, I laughed at its name as much as I did at WiiU's. It's frankly terrible.

As much, what with the multiplatformness of games, a PS360 makes sense, it wouldn't be good for us. Without the competition prices would never come down and innovation would probably be less driven too. Without the competition the boom of console online would probably have been much delayed

They probably just registered it so no one could park on it and make a huge post about how Sega is better or whatever.

Microsoft's just trolling us.!/fxshaw/status/91953278027440128

Frank Shaw; one of the important people at Microsoft, says this was just a "defensive domain hold".

This still doesn't mean anything. They could be lying. Where the hell is Cole Phelps when you need him?

Why do we jump to the conclusion of games when Sony and Microsoft collaborate on so many other technologies, e.g. computers?



...Or not.

I'm pretty sure Microsoft is worth too much for Sony to buy out, and even if Microsoft could theoretically buy out Sony, I'm pretty sure the Japanese government would intervene (seeing how Sony is one of the largest corporations in their country).
Knowing that, I'm just going to disregard this domain-filtering as quirky business and largely unnecessary.

You know, if they got sick of fighting for the hardcore crowd while trying to win the casual crowd, and they teamed up, that would be first. Later, it would be a huge monopoly and they wouldn't even try. But it's sort of cool to think aobut.

I'd be happy if they announced cross platform gaming for all third party titles. OF course, Sony would need to charge a subscription for "premium" members or something but it could be possible in an alternate dimension.

Willing to bet that MS will now start sueing Sony for copyright infringement.

They'd probably get away with it as well.

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