Pachter: Nintendo Makes the Best First Party Games

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Pachter: Nintendo Makes the Best First Party Games


Nintendo takes the top spot, with second place going to whoever you happen to like best.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter thinks that when it comes to first party console exclusives, the top dog is without a doubt Nintendo. He says that Nintendo stable of IPs is "vastly superior" to anything that Microsoft or Sony has to offer, and he doesn't think that - if they were honest - either company would really dispute that.

Pachter was responding to comments made by Microsoft's Dennis Durkin, where he said that in terms of quality and sales, Microsoft Games Studios - or just Microsoft Studios as it is now called - outperformed its competitors. According to Pachter, Durkin couldn't be 100% truthful on the matter because of who his employer is. "Dennis is a great guy," he said, "and is paid to be loyal to his Microsoft family."

When it came to who was better out of Sony or Microsoft however, Pachter dodged the question, saying that it didn't really matter. Both were about as good as each other, he said, so it really came down to personal preference. "I'm sure that there is a scientific way to determine who is better, but that's like arguing about whether Ford is better than GM or whether Wal-Mart is better than Target. They're both good, and people have different tastes."

It's inevitable that some people will disagree with Pachter; a phrase like "vastly superior" is too loaded and open to argument to be accepted universally. It is true however, that Nintendo has consistently found success with its first party titles, both commercially and critically, and this is undoubtedly informing Pachter's comments.

Source: Industry Gamers


Well... yeah.

I mean, would anyone dispute that? Y'know, aside from the good ol' raging fanboys.

Hell, I have absolutely zero interest in Nintendo products and I still agree with that assessment.

Wow. This is a surprise and a thing which I did not know already.

Personally I'd probably place Sony in second place on this, despite that Sony is the company I like the least of the three.

I dont know. Is it that Nintendo makes the best, or is it because Nintendo makes the most out of any of the three console manufacturers?

Seems like a fairly unbalanced comparison. One company puts out 3 games per year, another only two and nintendo puts out 8. And considering how many of those are not actually great games, such as weird mario spin offs etc. I think the argument is definitely in question.

Pachter, the man who speaks common sense... months or years after everyone has realized it.

Micheal Pachter: still the best at stepping outside, looking up, and telling us all if it's raining or not.

It's like he has ESPN!

Pachter is as unfit to do his job like Kotick. The man usually has no idea what he is talking about. His analysis usually never makes any sense, whatsoever. Including here where he thinks that Nintendo's IP's are vastly superior to Sony's or Microsoft's. They're not. Not. At. All. they're not worse, but not better either. This isn't the 90's pachter.

So this one time pachter asked people what games they remember from childhood, they said either Mario, zelda, or metroid games, then, pachter found out they were all nintendo games, and made that statement, minutes later, he explained that he saved himself from suffocation, by deducting that inhaling and exhaling oxygen combats suffocation

To be honest, I couldn't even name a single game that's been developed by Sony or Microsoft if asked to do so. I could however name a bunch of Nintendo's, that's one good thing about having strong IP's I suppose.

Wait, that's the kind of stuff that makes you an industry analyst? Either he's got a glorified title or our industry is depressingly bland.

Hmm, I can't really dispute this, Nintendo has a long history of very good first-party games, even if they don't really rock the boat particularly. I mean, vastly superior is a bit of an overstatement, but I see where the man is coming from.

Yeah, Nintendo knows how to rehash and sell old junk to wanna be Nintards.

Well Sony and Microsoft don't really have first party game developers, they throw a sack of money at someone and sick some lawyers on them.

So yes captain Pachter obvious Nintendo takes the cake, then poops lots of shovelware to on top.

Though this has been common knowledge about the industry since just after the turn of the millennium, it's never really added up for me.

Of course I know that 100% of what Nintendo develops is almost 100% more likely to be purchased by casual gamers than others, but how does it compare to the percentage of income hardcore gamers pour into real games? Are the majority of total gamers actually casual?

Then again its not like hardcore gamers don't delve into Nintendo products every now and again, but its certainly few and far between. The only thing I've bought from Nintendo besides one console in the last like fifteen years were a few Zelda games and the Super Smash Bros. series. Nothing from hand-held either.

Seriously, why in the world is Nintendo leading sales? Not just in hardware, but in software.


Look at those charts, America buys more Wii's than Japan does, while Japan prefers PS3. I bet they're laughing at us.

Well, that's sorted.
Your next assignment Patcher, if you are willing to accept it, is to find proof that bears shit in woods.
And maybe then we might let join agent smith to find out whether or not the pope is catholic.

They used to. Iconic characters and even originality used to leak out of Nintendo, but all I see now is banality and mediocrity.

....Re-re-re-re-re-re-releasing the same game every few years earns you top spot right nintendo has good titles but majority are just n64 or snes or gamecube or so on releases so i personally wouldn't put them at the top but they do have the most first party titles to their name.

It's a great day when we need analysts to tell us blatantly obvious things.

In other news, studies have confirmed that water will indeed get you wet if you come in contact with it.
I think that Pachter should also mention that along with those top notch 1st party games (that IMO are just the same game over and over again) come a crapton of shovelware.

OK, so...

Pachter has gone from being paid as an analyst and stating the obvious to being paid as an analyst and stating his opinion?


"I'm sure that there is a scientific way to determine who is better..." Yeah, that's your job, Pachter. You know, working with statistics and such to define who is in a favourable position (and who is going to be in a favourable position in a year or two). Gonna try it any time soon?

This would be true if it were the 90's. Don't get me wrong, I'm not denying that Nintendo doesn't make great games, it's just that alot of their titles (and there are quite alot) are either sh*t or tweaked versions of previous games.

40 years of tweaking will generally leave a game fairly polished.

Pachter isn't worth his own headline for stating something so obvious.

This is so bad, it is not even wrong.

*Brawl in OP*

Brawl's some overhyped, overrated, pretentious crap, Galaxy 2's just as much of a cash-in as Portable Ops+, same goes for every New Super Mario Bros. sequel, and every Mario Sports/Kart game only sold because it had the "Mario" label on it just as much as Doki Doki Panic was Mario 2.

Having that said, NSMBWii and Mario Kart Wii sure beat the crap out of LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers.

I would still favor Sega, if only for the nostalgic value of the original Sonic games, but at this point they're third party, soooo....

Oh here we go >.>

But in all seriousness, while 'vastly superior' is the exaggeration he's duty-bound to make as an employee.. true 'nuff. I have no real love for Nintendo's first party games at all, really, but their quality and sales are indisputably high.

Still, Microsoft claiming they had the best first party content in the industry was just hilarious. Their games are good, sure, but seriously .. XD

Hey guys! Did you know that the company who's console exists almost entirely upon first party games has the strongest first party lineup!?!?!

But really, the Mario games are almost always great, Zelda games are always at least good. And friendly games like Kart, or Party are always a blast. Everyone knows this stuff,and it's not like Sony doesn't have it's own strong lineup with God of War and Uncharted and whatnot, but it's just not in the same league.

This is some strong "analysis" here.

In other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green and haters are gonna hate. Huh look, I can state the obvious, I must be an analyst too!

Perhaps hes right, but i personally have no interest in Nintendo products. Please let that poor plumber rest already!

Pachter: yadda yadda yadda... BS BS BS... obvious thing, another obvious thing, yadda yadda.

Take that, and copy and paste it whenever you want to post some Pachter "news".

Or, much much better... just don't post content coming from that useless tool.

I wouldn't really, as many of its best exclusive titles have a history of jumping over.
At the moment I would put Microsoft second, but this could easily change, as both sony and Microsoft fair the same on this issue.

I know that Sony's tactic for first party games is buying studios to make stuff for them, but for me anyway that's an effective way of getting my vote. Nintendo's IPs will always be more iconic than say, inFamous or Ratchet and Clank, but in my mind Sony have the better games.

40 years of tweaking will generally leave a game fairly polished.

Then again, look at what happened to Duke Nukem Forever [/trollface]

OT: Thank you, Mr. Patcher, for stating the obvious. Wouldn't it be nice to, you know, more properly analyze things every now and again?

No shit Sherlock. And we needed an analyst to state the obvious. To be honest, yes, Ninty does the very best first party games and sadly, in many cases that's all they have to sell consoles, heck, that's all they need to sell consoles. And that's pretty fine by me.

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