LA Noire Dev Dropped Eleven Cases to Make the Game Fit on the Disc

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Considering that they're talking about content that was planned to be about 2/5 of whats currently on the disk, you're looking at an expansion pack. Besides Rockstar's DLC usually packs about 15 - 20 hours of gameplay into their DLC.

We'll have to see how much they charge for it if they do put it up as DLC. It could vary from developer to developer, but a lot of DLC always seems to cost more than it's worth. I've played most of Bioware's DLC and on more than one occasion have I said "that's it?" simply because for the 5-10 dollars, it felt lacking.


Zachary Amaranth:
So maybe I missed this, but how does thi game have trouble fitting on a single BD, and how does it manage it on a DVD then?

I don't have the game, but I believe it's on multiple DVDs (I think a friend that has it said there was three).

Ahhhhh...That explains it. I was under the impression it was one disc. Well, obviously it IS one disc for PS3....

Still, I'm somewhat curious as to what made this game so big. Just less puzzled, since I'm not longer operating under the impression it was on DVD for XBox 260.

They should have put it on more blu-rays and DVDs then. Very ironic how PS3 fanboys are always complaining about multiplatform games missing out on content because of 360 using DVDs (complaints that usually turn out to be unfounded), but here we have a game that lost content because of PS3 using blu-ray discs. I wonder, it is because using two blu-ray discs would be super expensive for that version? Did they just not want to have PS3 fanboys raging about having to change discs even though it's not a big deal? Either way, I'm not particularly happy that the new high-capacity storage discs we're supposed to be praising for allowing us to have more content just actually denied us some.

The problem is paying more for content on a game that we already paid full price on. They're going to charge us for content that was originally intended to be included but wasn't because of storage restrictions of DVD's.

Please read the article. It wasn't included because of storage restrictions on Blu-ray discs, not DVDs. The 360 version was already on 3 DVDs, so what would be one or two more? On the other hand, the game wouldn't fit on one blu-ray disc if the burglary desk was in the game, so they cut it to make the game fit on one blu-ray. That means blu-ray's storage restrictions caused the content to be cut, not DVD's.


I simply suggested it as a possibility, maybe 3 discs was too much and they didn't want to add any more than that. There's also the possibility that they deliberately held content back so that they could charge for it later.

Meh, release them as DLC. But I though the game was plenty long without them.

This explains why in the game after you get promoted (from traffic to homocide) you're introduced as coming from the Burglary desk...

50gb of BD space not enough? This is a case of the game being too big already! I really wouldn't want to install games that big on my PC.

BD drives aren't ubiquitous yet, sadly. They are out there but not prolifically so, and a medium shift is still pretty far off in that regard.

Edit: I had the 4 cd edition of SWtOR. Take of that what you will.

soooo guess that's where DLC comes from :p figures loll

so it's what one blu-ray and 3 dvds? haha what's one more gonna hurt (besides blu-ray's feelings maybe)

What the fuck could possibly take so much space? I mean animations only take so much room. Are the facial animations really that huge? If they are, then I think the next step is providing some way of compressing the data efficiently allowing for quick access...

I guess all I am wondering is why didn't they just use 2 blue ray discs so they could fit the cases?

(I played the game for the 360, which had 3 discs and I didn't mind that I had to swap discs, so I hope that wasn't the reason they cut the content.)

Although I wish they wouldn't have spent the time to make those cases and instead used it to gives us some time with his family, so maybe then I can figure out why Cole did what he did, because it was not very clear why it happened, it just happened.

Secret Weapon:

So basically Xbox screwed over PS3 and PC owners alike? Nice job...

Fanboy fail.

The PS3 screwed over everyone because they couldn't squeeze it onto one precious blu-ray. The 360 version already comes on multiple discs so what's one more? It's the Sony retards that are complaining about having to get up to change a disc. Most lazy fuckers I've ever seen.

Fanboy? Considering how vulgar you are, not only are YOU a fan boy, you are an awful person as well.
I was going to say the same, in a far less vile manner, but now that you have said it, I must contradict you.

Blu-rays hold 50GB, 3 dual layer DVD's are only 26GB. IF it actually didn't fit on a Blu-ray, they would have needed at least 7 DVD's for it.
Sony fanboys would be more used to switching discs too, since the PlayStation was started when multiple discs were almost an expectation.

Easton Dark:

If Mass Effect 2 could fit on one Blu-Ray disk even with ALL of the DLC, I don't understand why L.A. Noire didn't.

Maybe some sequel material.

It couldn't fit on the DVD, and they didn't want to work on something that only PS3 people could enjoy.

Kind of sad, really.

Two right brother, they should've just done a double DVD for XBOX's inferior, 20th century, discs, whilst the PS3 (much like Final Fantasy XIII), with its 25GBs of space, would've laughed at it 'oh? concerned you'll be 10GBs are you? muhuhahahah!'.

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