BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

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BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

Now that it knows people really like FemShep, BioWare wants to give people a FemShep they really like.

When BioWare said that it didn't know what it wanted FemShep to look like in Mass Effect 3, it really wasn't kidding. It's apparently not going to make a choice either, not when it can get fans to do it. The developer has put together several different versions of the character and is now asking fans which one they like the best.

The six choices have the same body, so all BioWare is asking people to choose is a face. The differences between some of them are rather subtle - just changes in hair and eye color - while others are much more obviously different. Not every choice is Caucasian either, which fits in rather nicely with BioWare's efforts to make the Mass Effect games more inclusive. People can vote for their favorite by heading over to the Mass Effect Facebook page and clicking "like" on the image of their choice. While BioWare only mentions the game itself, presumably this choice will also affect which FemShep ends up on Mass Effect 3 collector's edition box.

At time of writing, option 5 - the blonde FemShep - is way out in front, with more than twice the votes of its nearest competitor. After two games with the default FemShep being a redhead, I must admit that I'm a little sad that FemShep 2 isn't doing better, but they're all good choices. BioWare doesn't say when the "vote" will end, but you can assume that any votes cast in March probably won't count.

Mass Effect 3 comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 6th.

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Perhaps we could have some fun with this?

My personal picks;


A cross between 5 and 2, I think.

So the default FemShep isn't even an option? Ok Then.

A cross between 5 and 2, I think.

This. My vote would be for 5, only because 2 needs for hair....

I don't understand why they didn't have a red headed number 5, that is probably why people chose 5, not the hair colour but the hair style. Why Bioware?

None of them look like my own femshep. :(

Anyways to me 5 looks more like miss universe ans not miss saving the universe.

The blonde is in first place? Well, that's fine I guess. The good thing is, I really like the facial structure of almost all of them, so I wouldn't have to toil for hours fine tuning my character's face (which always ends badly). I'd put on number 6's hair and be done with it!

i will always be a Male shep

also why do people give a crap?...why can't we have both?

Shouldn't at least one of them be the default version?

I like 2 as my femshep is red. But I have to say for me in that line up it's either 5 or 6.

Nice work BioWare. You've effectively reduced this to the lowest common denominator.
Shep is on display, and *you* get to choose which one is the purdiest! Because as we all know, nothing respects the integrity of a character as much as a quantified estimation of her physical attractiveness.

#1, by the way. Easily.


Oh God, this! THIS SO VERY MUCH! :D

Also, either 4 or 5. The other ones didn't really appeal to me at all.

I love how the previews (in the OP) doesn't show the heads, making all seem identical until you click on one.

OT: I voted for the blonde one. Because my FemShep is blonde.

Deadlock Radium:


Oh God, this! THIS SO VERY MUCH! :D

**menacing alan-rickman voice** Well... Well... Well. It... seems to me that... the reapers... have.. Re-Turned.

1 or 5 but... What was wrong with the old female Shepard?

I'm thoroughly disappointed. I always liked the original FemShep look in the first two games, but apparently I'm the only one. Well, I'll be keeping that look either way, thank you very much.

What about the red haired default? She looks great, and its the one most people probably think of.

What about the red haired default? She looks great, and its the one most people probably think of.

She was a tack on at the last minute. I personally would say 4 as she looks a lot like one of mine.

Voted #3.

For me she has the same vibe as the male shep. So that'd make a decent default I guess.

There's been a couple of threads on this, so I'll paste what I put in those.

Well, I like number one.

Stern, clean cut, professional.

Number 5 looks like a blonde goth, wannabe.

Shepard is still a soldier at the end of the day and anyone who knows anything about combat can tell you that having long hair flailing around in your face isn't a clever decision.

Tru dat y'all.

What the hell? They don't even have the Shepard I've played 1 & 2 through with as a choice? I thought the short-haired (not buzzcut) red-headed badass was the default. Out of these options, #1 easily, although for some reason I don't have a "Like" button on the FB page so my vote doesn't even count.

I will be very disappointed indeed if we get the Miss America model in marketing. Bioware should just stick to their guns. Going with the nondescript blonde pasted on the clinical scifi of Mass Effect is indeed quite likely to cause them marketing woes.

FemShep needs an Alison-head!

Shep 5 is bad-ass enough to be sexy, and hardcore. Looks boss. There all good though.

FemShep needs an Alison-head!

Like this?



For some reason I have never been able to picture Shep as a blond. Or too pampered, looks-wise...

What was wrong with the old female Shepard?

She was apparently not pretty enough. Cause, you know, that's totally what matters when you're out there kicking ass and saving the galaxy.

I think that 1 and 4 best suit her voice, for some reason. On appearance alone, I'd say 1, although I imagine many people would consider 1 to appear too young.

Oh look. The generic, transparent Barbie Shepard is winning. How surprising.

Oh look. The generic, transparent Barbie Shepard is winning. How surprising.

Urrrggg yeah the design is one of the worst, personally i would take shep 4 or 6 any day since they look a bit different (shep 6 looks like Uma Therman in Pulp fiction. Me Gusta.)

Seriously, waht was wrong with the old FemShep? I dislike all these ones. They look too pretty. Guess I'll be making my own character to be like the old default.


This is what I usually have mine as, but with blue eyes.

2,3 or 5...

Well make it someone likeable and now in a steriotype!

5 or 2. I'm actually glad that 5 is in the lead right now. Why? Well, because she actually has hair. In the previous games you only had short hair styles(which makes sense of course, being in the Alliance and all).

I like 1,3 and 4. My main problem with no. 5, besides the long hair, is that I have a hard time imagining her with renegade scars all over her face.

The blond bimbo looks really nice, but I have to go with number 6 - she is HAWT.

Surely the main reason for having a female playable character is for the gamer girls, so why are they letting what will inevitably be mostly boys choose?

Defaults still my favorite. All those seem too cute and glam.

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