Chinese Parents Sell Kids To Fund Gaming Habits

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Chinese Parents Sell Kids To Fund Gaming Habits


No, you read that right.

Just when you thought stories of stupid people doing incredibly stupid things for technology couldn't get any more insane, China has produced another winner: Two young parents were recently revealed as having sold all three (three!) of their children so they could play online videogames at internet cafes.

According to Sanxiang City News, the parents are Li Lin and Li Juan and are both under the age of 21. The first sale occurred in 2009, when they sold their second child, a baby girl. The girl went for under $500, but their first child (this time a boy) was sold soon after for $4,600. Then, the couple sold their youngest child, also a boy, for another $4,600.

It wasn't until Li Juan's mother found out what was going on that she wound up reporting the two young people to the authorities. The couple is apparently claiming they didn't know what they were doing was illegal. Not only that, but when they were asked if they missed their children, this was their response:

"We don't want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money," they said.

Stating that you didn't know it was illegal to sell your child is pretty ludicrous. If Li Lin and Li Juan aren't sure about whether they're completely worthless human beings, I'll be happy to give them the answer.

Source: ABC via Eurogamer


Urgh...oh dear, my brain. There is not enough time in the day to proclaim my exasperation with the world. I'm going to quit here.

Wait, what were they sold to?

... *takes a sledgehammer to his forehead until all the stupid goes away*

This... I don't even know what to say but...

Wow... WTF

I mean really, how could they do something like that?

I..............I.....but.....ho-...............umm............okay...errrr...Yeah Im sorry no words can describe how much I want to facepalm myself, them, and other things.

Wow. Even more horrifying that they sold their son over a year after he was born. No attachment there.

Asia... I thought you were smart. Why must you rebel against the positive stereotype?

"We don't want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money," they said.

wow, they aren't even trying to act remorseful, they're just flat out terrible people and they know it.

umm, mind you that not all asians are like that. if we were, i'd shoot myself in the head before i even think about doing stupid stuff like that.

OT : those guys are fucked up. not to mention 3 children and they're still under 21 o_O

If they like videogames that much, I have a good punishment for them:

Stay in prison until they beat I Wanna Be the Guy on Impossible!

Wouldn't it be cheaper not to have kids in the first place so they wouldn't have to cover medical costs and everything else that has to do with having a child?

O_O Geez, guess my friend's roommate wasn't exaggerating when he said how bad it was back in China...


I can't beleive I never thought of this..!

Do you know how many people try to sell their kids a year. i don't know, but I've heard of at least one case where someone put their child on Ebay, and several cases where people put their kids on Craig's List and try to sell them. This has nothing to do with video games, and everything to do with poor parenting.

Could you imagine finding out that your parents sold you to play video games? That is up there with, "you were born with both parts..."

Could you imagine finding out that your parents sold you to play video games? That is up there with, "you were born with both parts..."

No, at least with the "both parts" scenario, you would have the satisfaction that you had loving parents by your side no matter what (or at least I assume). This... This is just horrifying.

Wait, what were they sold to?

Yakuza or another gang likely. Don't know about the boys so much, but once she grows up, the girls probably got a bright future in underage prostitution ahead of her now.

... *takes a sledgehammer to his forehead until all the stupid goes away*

No, no NO! You're doing it wrong. You're suppoded to apply the sledgehammer to thier heads.

Nice work, kids! GENIUS.

Says something about asian culture when a baby girl goes for less than 1/9 the price of a baby boy.

Anyone who opines that the west is morally bankrupt just saw their investments in asian culture vanish before their eyes.

Theres awful people everywhere

I just mentioned this to a friend. I think he said it best.
This is a whole new low.

We can only hope they went to loving homes desperate enough to have children by any means necessary - the alternative is unthinkable, and given the lack of attachment and though I fear the parents had no moral objections to selling them to anyone - so long as they were the highest bidder....I showed more responsibility, though planning and care in selling a litter of puppies bred for selling

There really is nothing else to say but just wow. Why would they have kids when they are under 21 anyway?

Ok, seriously people: There's this little thing called adoption...if you don't want to look after your spawn after going through all the damned trouble of bringing them into the world, take them to an orphanage. Ok, yeah, it ain't the BEST solution but...atleast they get looked after and considering half of the deplorable methods i've seen of people trying to get rid of their children and atleast they get looked after. Let me repeat this one more time for you all, don't sell your child into slavery, don't kill them, don't dump them in a river. Just, take them down to the local orphanage and place them there to be cared for by them. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IN PEOPLES HEADS NOWADAYS!? URGHHHHH!!!!!

I'm sorry if i went off on a tangent here but....JEEZE! This is low, i mean, REALLY fucking low!


Shit sell yourself if it means that much to you. But your own fucking kid? That's just messed up in so many ways.

Well maybe the kids can somehow find good parents now. Doubtful but just maybe.

... *head meets desk* (or in this case) *head meets keyboard*
They actually sold their children to play games... I am a little bit of a game freak, but that is something that I wouldn't even think about.
Really, just goes to show how there are a lot of stupid people in the world

Ok, seriously people: There's this little thing called adoption...

Adopt more kids
Sell those kids
Infinite profit as long as you don't get caught
OT: Who the hell did they sell them to?

... *takes a sledgehammer to his forehead until all the stupid goes away*

Ironically, the stupid crept back in and then some! Brain damage for the win!

OT: This is just dumb.

Nothing else to say here, it's just 100% all natural, home grown, stupidity.

The kind rednecks are good at making. Or was that moonshine? Eh, same difference.

For the love of God, I hope they sold them to people who wanted a child and not to sex slavery or something.

If they sold them to people who wished to raise them, then we only need for the couple in the story to be made infertile, and the story suddenly has a happy ending.

Er... *sighs* I don't really know what to say. Hopefully the kids went to a good home, that's all I can say.

Well, at least they were honest. To bad that doesn't excuse them from being total dumbasses.

If you assume (optimistically) that they sold their children to parents who actually wanted a child to raise and care for, then the kids are actually, in a way, better off.

That's optimistic, however =S

Aside from that one bright thought, I agree with the comment that there just aren't enough facepalms to cover something of this magnitude of fail.

Do you know how many people try to sell their kids a year.

Question marks are your friend. Embrace them. Just sayin'.

OT: Wait a minute, doesn't China still have that law forbidding families from having more than one kid? If so, are we sure they're being arrested for selling the kids rather than having more children than is legal? It's a horrible thing to do either way, I guess I just have a morbid curiosity about this.

Wait, what were they sold to?

Organ harvesters?

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