Norwegian Retailers Get Rid Of Games After Attacks

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Because, you know, the shootings totally didn't happen because the guy was a crazy extremest and mentally unstable. At least it's only temporary that the games are gone, I hope logic prevails and they're put back on shelves soon.

If not logic than sales will. Sure, they remove it for a month or two, but when they see how much money they lost they'll put them right back on the shelve.

Or the investors will find a new CEO that will...

they removed wow? I mean there's like 2 or 3 mmorpg's in the world that look more childish than wow.

They forgot to remove Tetris, Barbie's Super Fun Time, and the latest bloodthirsty Mario fiasco. I swear those fuckin' Bob-ombs made me do it.

LoL my captcha ... 'hand. it yurks' .. wtf?

I wonder if book stores there also stopped selling the numerous pieces of literature cited in the manifesto. Actually, no, I don't wonder at all because I'm quite certain they haven't. *sigh*

In my honest opinion CSS is the only good game there, and its much cheaper to get it off steam

A multiplayer only quickscoping ego tournament...

Nope, nothing of value was lost to the industry.

Turns out knee jerk reactions after a crisis are international, not just an American thing.

And nothing of value was lost.


Well, except for Homefront.


Seems like a face saving stunt for the game retailers.

...Seriously? Ok, why not ban violent movies, and forbid all forms for organized shooting contests. Oh, and let us not forget books and comics that has violent content. After that everyone will be happy, right?!

Games don't kill people.
Guns don't kill people.
Crazy people with guns kill people.

Both Platekompaniet and especially Coop Norway have ridicolous prices for video games anyway. Not a single fuck given.

He is a smart bastard, WoW can be a very good cover story. A smart lunatic can be dangerous, even from prison. He should be sent to a mental institution and medicated so heavily that he can not use his own mind for the rest of his life.

Prince Regent:

On a sidenote, as a curiousity of my own strange mind; I wonder what faction he joined in New Vegas.

Now you've gotten me curious, as well.

On an somewhat related note, I'm laughing pretty hard at the douchbags claiming that nothing of value was lost.

only CS:S on there is worth something...but why world of warcraft i wonder?

*right clicks nothing*

Considering it's temporary, I agree with the decision.

I hear his computer had solitaire on it... Why have we not looked into this? I also heard that he wore socks.

If you want to show respect for the dead have their names engraved in a memorial or something that matters not some half assed pulling stuff from the shelves. I mean pulling any item off of shelves because someone cited it in their "why I kill people" would lead to a ton of religious texts being pulled and well that never goes well.

While I understand people are emotional I also recognize I can be very cold. I have an issue with emotions, they annoy me. So should this post rub you the wrong way, sorry.

And nothing of value was lost.

First they came for the Call of Duty but I did nothing for I hated that game...

Fellas, this was obviously part of his plan... The man might be a psychopath but he isn't stupid, he know how to mess with the people.

Pulling WoW is kind of weird, considering you can buy it and all it's expansions online anyway.

Also, they said they're pulling them out of respect? What about when they reintroduce them?

And nothing of value was lost.

This, concise, precise.

honestly though, these games are just killing simulators and provide little to nothing to stimulate the brain, is it any bad thing if they are resigned to the scrap heap?

And nothing of value was lost.

I quite enjoyed ghost warriors single player.


And nothing of value was lost.

First they came for the Call of Duty but I did nothing for I hated that game...

That was beautifully executed there pal.


And nothing of value was lost.

You /thread ed on the first post. Well played indeed.

If only we could get these games pulled in the states, innovation explosion shall occureth!

This is another reason why you guy games from Spaceworld or GAME.

Also this:

Both Platekompaniet and especially Coop Norway have ridicolous prices for video games anyway. Not a single fuck given.

Platekompaniets Drum and Bass selection is abysmal, too.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was a useful way to hone one's shooting skills.

Call of Duty: You will learn how to shoot by playing. Honest.

WoW? They banned it because it was his cover story? If he said reading the bible all day was his cover story do you think they would have banned it? Seriously, they're games its not like they're teaching people how to make bombs and use weapons.

And nothing of value was lost.

Pretty accurate statement right here.

i still can't see how playing call of duty (or any video for that matter) would help anyone prepare themselves for a real shooting. i know some armies in the world use VR training for team work but i doubt they use it for actual target practicing.

i call shenanigans.

This is just like when the twin towers fell and movies and games were held back from release even if they had nothing to do with New York. It's out of respect, so whether or not it makes any sense it's hard to argue with.

I want to know about Bobby Kotick's reaction.

But I agree, nothing of value was lost.

I'm glad that only Norway is doing this since it's much more understandable over there for this to happen. The act is still ridiculous, but at least it might ease the conscience of those in Norway who don't really understand the correlation (or lack thereof) between violence and video games.

World of Freaking Warcraft?!?

That thing is our best bet for world peace, FFS. Everyone will be too fat and obsessive to fight.

I'd like to quickly clarify that these stores have every right to pull these games, and it's probably a good move given the circumstances (the circumstances being that people still think that video games universally cause violence) - but I'm pissed off that they should have to go that extra step further to protect themselves in this case...


All aboard the bandwagon!

I really can't stand this Anders Bhering Brevik guy. First and foremost because he's a mass-murdering psycopath, but also because he thinks that he can just hand off the blame onto violent video games - an issue that he knows full well is a touchy subject with the world's population of overprotective parents and phsycotic morons - and get himself off the hook.

A few problems with this...

Well firstly - if you train yourself to shoot on Call of Duty then you are going to die fairly quickly when you come face to face wth armed police and discover that a controller is in fact COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from a real firearm.

Secondly - How could his plan possibly have been furthered by playing WoW? Is this guy just adding to his murder charges by trolling us?
Oh yeah - and you can buy WoW online now so it doesn't need to be in stores - whoop dee doo....

Fuck you Brevik...

Norway - keep on trukkin'... that is all.

I can't wait till they found out he made his meal that day using a recipe he learned playing Cooking Mama. Then they have to ban that too.

america ,if we want to keep the respect of norway. we must join in on the festivities and destroy all the cods in our local gamestops,walmarts, and targets.

He used WoW as a cover, nothing else.

And nothing of value was lost.

*cough*Counter Strike*cough*

EDIT: Someone posted that in his manifesto he was encouraging other extremists to use WoW as a cover story, thanks for pointing that out. And I'd just like to say R.I.P to all the dead and my sorrows go out to the families of the dead.

He also mentions Hip Hop in his manifesto of hatred and if you can remember back,Hip Hop was the devil all the way through the 90's+early 2000's,before that it was gory movies,
now people have something else to blame for all of society's ills,
and I think this sick bastard was/is intelligent enough to hit as many "hot buttons" as possible so the gutter press can foam at their collective mouths about "what's to blame!"
there were no video games,and precious few movies when H H Holmes murdered possibly hundreds of people at(and around)the time of the worlds fair in 1893...what do you think they blamed then?
black and white photos?.
People will always look for scapegoats rather than admit that there are some very,very broken,sick individuals out there.

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