Exploration Team Discovers Mysterious Disc on Ocean Floor

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Exploration Team Discovers Mysterious Disc on Ocean Floor


Swedish treasure hunters have discovered a mysterious object on the bottom of the ocean that bears an uncanny resemblance to a crashed UFO.

On June 19, the Ocean Explorer team, commanded by Peter Lindberg, made a baffling discovery: a 60-foot-wide disc lying in the mud at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden, 285 feet below the surface of the Baltic Sea, and with what looks like impact tracks extending away from it for almost 1000 feet.

"You see a lot of weird stuff in this job but during my 18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this," Lindberg said. "The shape is completely round... a circle."

Lindberg, for the record, isn't the one who suggested that this could be a crashed flying saucer. That idea came up once the sonar image was made public and it has led to some interesting, and occasionally heated, conversations on the Ocean Explorer's Facebook page.

Nor is he interested enough in figuring out what it is to pursue the matter further. The deep-sea exploration business costs money and despite the fortune the team made in 1997 when it discovered a load of 1907 Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Gout Americain champagne aboard the wreck of the Swedish schooner Jonkoping - 3000 bottles in all, some of which have sold for as much as $13,000 - Lindberg said the bottom line is what counts.

"It is not in our sphere of interest to go for this object, since it might be nothing. We cannot afford spending funds just to have a look at it, even if it might be a new Stonehenge," he said. "It is up to the rest of the world to decide what it is."

Source: News.com.au, via Gizmodo


Oh no! Han Solo crashed on earth after being sent back forward in time by the force!!

It looks like the Falcon Millenium.

Note however, because of how deep and hard to see the bottom of the ocean, we have mapped out Mars better than our own planet.

It's a weather balloon.

Why wouldn't you go see what that is. Although, I did just watch The Thing. Maybe it's best to leave it there.

So this is where (Darth) Revan really went after being lost after KOTOR and that stuff with the sith emperor talked about in the "The Old Republic" Timeline...

Here's one of those thingies; http://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/timeline

UFO? Why are they supposed to be saucers?

I'd rather it be a triangle.

Looks like a fairly sizable meteorite that struck at an angle and burrowed in the mud. Still very much worth investigating just for the scientific analysis and metallurgical investigations we can do.

Or, it's the top of the citadel of R'lyeh. Either way, we should poke it and see what happens.

It looks like the Falcon Millenium.

like the Falcon Millenium.

Falcon Millenium.


On topic, I'm gonna be the downer and say it's probably not as cool as we all imagine it is. Geometric shapes sometimes do occur in nature. It could be very pretty and interesting, but it's probably not an alien relic.

Escapist: I'm assembling a team. We're gonna go find this object. And I'm gonna get rich off of it.

If you want to join the crew, you should meet these requirements:
-Be able to cook, clean, and brew fantastic beer.
-Accept that all profits come to me and only me.
-Accept that all recognition for the endeavor goes only to me.
-Be willing to travel to the bottom of the ocean in a low-budget submersible.

I'm accepting applicants. Remember: it's for glory! My glory!

It looks like swamp gas reflecting the light of Venus to me.

Nothing to see here people. Move along.

/puts finger to ear and starts whispering

I find it confounding that the guy says he won't even attempt to look at it.

Hell, for all we know the thing could unlock the mysteries of the universe for us. But it costs money, and therefore it isn't even remotely worth checking out.

Some people have suggested it might be a Russian Novgorod. Which in itself is rather interesting.

Huh... so THAT'S what happened to Reven...

Aliens got tired of America. Went to visit Sweden instead.
Just a standard engine failure.

Really? He's not even remotely curious? They scored $13,000 champagne bottles before and this isn't worth a look? Eh, it will be worth a look to somebody, eventually.

Let's have anotherone of these internet fundraisers to once more demonstrate that the geeks rule this world.

It reallyl looks like the millenium falcon...

And not interested?! What is wrong with this guy?

I say all that we need to get this thing up now!

i know i'm not hte first one to say it or think it, but.....


Oh, good, I'm not the only one who noticed it looks like the Alluminum Falcon.

Woah, something cool actually found somewhere near where i live? Great news! Now I'll just hope it isn't a Soviet bomb or something like that (there's all kinds of stuff down there!)

Safe bet is it's not an alien spaceship or a millennium falcon. Still don't you want to know what it is? Thanks for putting out the image now I'll be left wondering...

C'mon Cthulhu!

Probably a space rock buried in the sand and the dirt so i say go and poke it to find out. If we find rocks and metal in that that outclasses our current metals the space programs will be reopened for capitalism.

That's either the remnants of a Millenium Falcon or a secret entrance to R'lyeh. For some reason, I'm hoping it's the second option...

-double post-

So this is where Pac man went!

It could be a crashed saucer or more likely it could be garbage dumped off a ship or even just a odd coral formation. I would expect it to be some giant sea monster before a crashed saucer.

UFO? Why are they supposed to be saucers?

I'd rather it be a triangle.

So...like in Kung Pow: Enter The Fist?

OT: Hmmm...a strange object found at the bottom of the ocean. What does that remind me of?

*Godzilla roar in the background*

Oh yeah... That Godzilla movie. Hope it's better than that.

it might be a military black project...you never know.

Raiyan 1.0:
Some people have suggested it might be a Russian Novgorod. Which in itself is rather interesting.

More about the Novgorod: http://www.cityofart.net/bship/ru_novgorod.html

They were apparently horribly unstable, unmanageable ships. It's not difficult to imagine one sinking. It is difficult to imagine what one would have been doing up in the Baltic Sea.

Now that the word is out there that this thing is lying there, I'm positive people are going after it.

Either it's the Millenium Falcon or the entrance to R'lyeh. Either way, leave it alone!

Maybe it's just me but something about this screams ARG.

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