High-Tech Ninjas Fight With Portal-Jitsu in Fan Film

High-Tech Ninjas Fight With Portal-Jitsu in Fan Film

Portals and ninjas in one place: Could this be the peanut butter and jelly of the internet?

Thinking with portals is one thing, but fighting with them is something else entirely. Imagine, if you will, highly trained ninjas who use portals to control the battlefield and their opponents. Or just watch this video, because that's exactly what it is.

The video is the work of Yung Lee, a filmmaker and martial artist from Canada, and stars Yung and martial artist and gymnast Tori Lee as the aforementioned Portal Ninjas. It's a pretty short film, but it's remarkably well put together. The Portal Guns might not look much like the one in the games - although they don't look completely out of place either - but it's fun to watch the two Lees get creative with the fight choreography.

You can watch more of Lee's movies on his YouTube channel, as well as watch some outtakes from the Portal Ninjas shoot. The outtakes are especially fun if you like hearing curse words hidden by animal noises, and people messing around with Nerf guns in an empty building late at night.

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I blinked, and I must have missed when they 'supposedly' used portals.

wouldn't the best coma application in this situation be the floor-ceiling infinite fall thing. and after a minute or so just pace to bottom portal somewhere else and call someone to clean up the mess.

To be honest, I'm underwhelmed. That was surprisingly bad.

I already saw it on Machinima.

Let me put it like this:

You're thinking with portals? THINK HARDER.

Still has nothing on the one episode of Red vs. Blue where they were fighting Tex with teleporters. Sure, it's got the live action thing going for it, but not much else.

I like the idea.
But it needed WAY more portals.

They had a ton of opportunities to use portals, and they only used them to minimal effect.

Now, granted, it could have been a budget/time issue that limited some serious portaling, but still.
More portals.

C'mon! I just thought of about a dozen better portal combat techniques while watching this video!

Meh, it could have been worse I suppose

Love the concept, just seems like they didn't have the time to think up many inventive methods. Going from one wall to another is fine, but I'm sure even on minimal budget they could have afforded a ladder or something for more impressive tricks...
Also, no punching through portals?

It was a nice attempt pulling that off (at least they put effort into it). At least they didn't went for Naruto route (I don't hate the show but I don't want every single ninja related stuff to be link to that show).

They really underused the portals. I'd love to see a ninja use an infinite fall to build momentum for a devastating single kick, or knock someone into a wall and portal then off the side, or dodge with a quick portal to the floor, or...


Seriously, I just thought of those off the top of my head, while they were making this whole thing, they never thought of more interesting uses for portals?

The Portal Kombat parody had way better portal fighting then this did. They could have done so much more with this but budget and equipment probably prevented them from doing something that would have been really awesome to watch.

The one with Chell out of Aperture was a whole lot better.

that's my kind of woman.

That was surprisingly.....underwhelming.

I was expecting way more portals than that, but it's a neat concept though.

Outtakes were kinda funny though, so there's that.

neat, but the lack of portal usage is holding it back from being awesome

Wow, really underwhelmed here. I've need Portal fan vids of non-commandants use more creative techniques. You could easily replace the Portal guns with smoke bombs; would've fit the ninja theme a lot better.


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