Resident Evil Director: Games Deserve Better Film Adaptations

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Resident Evil Director: Games Deserve Better Film Adaptations

Paul WS Anderson has a bone to pick with other Hollywood-types who "don't do justice" to the games on which their movies are based.


In an interview with MCV, Paul WS Anderson blasted fellow directors for leaning too heavily on the popularity of their films' videogame licenses and trying to "fool" fans into buying a ticket.

"A lot of videogame movies are made by directors who don't know the videogames they are based on from a hole in the head," he said. "They don't do justice to the games, they don't immerse themselves in the games, they don't understand what people liked from the games."

Anderson specifically called out the Tomb Raider series, saying that after he saw that the first installment "wasn't very good," he wasn't exactly eager for a sequel. By comparison, he said, the Resident Evil films have seen a growth in popularity because they stay true to the core audience. Tell that to Nemesis, Paul.

"Despite what a lot of haters on the internet might say, I love the Resident Evil games," he said. "And these movies are made with a huge knowledge and real passion for the games."

Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth installment in the franchise, is scheduled to hit theaters in September of next year. Despite all receiving lackluster marks on review sites such as Metacritic, the first four films have grossed more than $670 million worldwide during the past decade.

Source: MCV


Oh, like you're the one to talk about staying true the material, Anderson.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say "You are not the person who should be saying this."

What the fuck? Between Tomb Raider 1 and Resident Evil films, I'd pick Lara every time. The Resident Evil movies give a big middle finger to the franchise and he is talking out of his ass. And no they haven't become more popular. At this point they are high budget direct to dvd films. Though I do agree that most directors including Anderson are just doing this for the money.

Hurm... Perhaps the problem is the classifying of 'videogame movies' as 'videogame movies'. Directors should be worried about just making a good movie, nevermind the videogame part.

I didn't mind the Resident Evil films, i've seen far worse.

Bloodrayne comes to mind.

Super Mario Brothers is another that was .... polite word for absolutely shite ...... nope, can't think of one.

In my humble opinion:
First movie: Really good
Second movie: Crap
Third movie: Watchable
Fourth movie: OK (but the 3D was headache-inducing)

I'll admit that I haven't played any of the games and my knowledge is limited, but it's been fairly obvious that the movies haven't stayed close to the source material.

Oh, like you're the one to talk about staying true the material, Anderson.

This. A thousand times this.

Not even Capcom stays true to the Resident Evil games anymore...

... and they make the games.

Resident Evil 1 was the best entry, period. It was about a creepy mansion where every room was interesting, and the enemy was believable (in a fiction state-of-mind); all the monsters were just genetic/biological experiments gone wrong, including the T-Virus. You thought your death was around every corner, and you honestly felt like you were trying to just GTFO and solve a mystery along the way.

Fast forward to Resi 4 & 5 (while they are good games, gameplay-wise), what-in-the-hell are these games about, really? It went off the rails pretty far since 4, and the newest entry is basically a Left 4 Dead/Counter Strike rip-off. There is magic, and more deus ex machina in every scene then there are periods in the entire script. It got real silly folks.

It's all been pretty lame since Resi 3 really. I've had my fun in all the games, but I won't pretend the "lore" or actual plot is any better than what the movies are, because they're not.. they're almost worse.

I'm sure he didn't call out Uwe Boll specifically for fear of a possible boxing match Mr. Boll would probably try to arrange.

It takes ball to spew such fucking bullshit from his mouth considering all he has taken from the videogames is the names and zombies, that IS NOT resident evil, that's Paul Anderson presents: Zombies! Starring his wife (bet she did REAL GOOD in the casting)

Dear Mr Anderson -

Here are a list of reasons I cannot take you seriously in saying you have a real passion and huge knowledge for the games.

1) Alice. None of the games protagonists have a starring role. They're all side characters with barely any personality, nevermind their personality from the games. The character that gets the most focus and does all of the cool things is Alice, who was never a part of the games and was slotted into the series continuity for no good reason. There are several strong female protagonists to choose from in the games - Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers and Claire Redfield for one. In fact, Jill Valentine was in Apocalypse and could easily have been the lead protagonist. But now, she was just fanservice. In terms of game to movie continuity with Jill, all you did was dress her up in her Resident Evil 3 outfit and have her as window dressing while Alice did all of the actual work. Speaking of...

2) Characterization. I wouldn't say Resident Evil has the most complex characterization in gaming but I have a fondness for the majority of the characters in the series. In the movies, the closest the characters get is that they dress up the same as they do in the game, and that's only sometimes. Could you please explain what the Chris Redfield in Afterlife had physically in common with the Chris Redfield in any Resident Evil game? The answer is nothing. Zero. The characters who do have similar outfits are nothing like their gaming counterparts though. Jill is not a tough badass who would just walk into a police station and gun down infected people - she's very feminine and while she's certainly competent, she's not some kind of mad gunslinger. Wesker is the worst offence however. He's cocky and egotistical but he has a far larger range of personality than 'smirksmirksmirk' which is all he does in the movies. He actually has a presence in the games, as he's far more subdued and far more controlled. Cocky, for sure, but not the smirking shell he is in Afterlife.

3) The world. Every Resident Evil game has had stories that take place in isolated areas. There is never an apocalypse. The world never turns to desert. The story has always been about stopping such a thing, and even then it's never said the world will completely dissipate. The games have always focused on being a thriller, a race against time, not a Mad Max ripoff that makes absolutely zero sense.

4) Random snippets of shit seen in previews. Yeah, this is the worst. There is no continuity in the creatures, locales or anything from the games. The licker shows up in the original Resident Evil film. Why? Everyone loved the licker in Resident Evil 2! The Executioner showed up in Afterlife. Why? Everyone loved - Well, to be fair the Executioner happened to be all over the trailers for Resi 5, so clearly he's a fan favourite. The fact the zombies in Afterlife have some of the physical attributes of those affected with Las Plagas in Resi 4 and 5 makes no sense - in those games they weren't infected with the T-Virus like before, they had Las Plagas and therefore they acted and were biologically completely different. There is zero mention of Las Plagas in Afterlife, Paul Anderson obviously just thought the weird, split-four way mouth looked cool in the previews of Resi 5 so he wrote it in.

Now, to be fair, I will say that he obviously takes the original PS1 game to heart everytime he starts writing a script. The quality of dialogue in both that game and the movies is on the same level.

By comparison, he said, the Resident Evil films have seen a growth in popularity because they stay true to the core audience. Tell that to Nemesis, Paul.

I love being able to pinpoint exactly where I stop listening to people. If those films are true to the games, then what the hell have I been playing all these years?

Yet two of YOUR video game films are on Roger Ebert's "worst films of all time" list.

I realize that it's probably been said before, but Paul, if you think that the games deserve a better, more true-to-the-source-material movie, then stop making them about Alice!

In fact, I'd say it's about time to reboot the RE movie franchise. Start again and be more true to the source material, and more importantly get rid of Paul WS Anderson and Mila Jovovich. When we want to see a Resident Evil movie, we want to see characters like Jill, Chris, Claire and Barry (among others) and Wesker being a smug, badass son-of-a-bitch.

How embarassing is it that I know more about how the Resident Evil movies should play out and the most contact I've had with the series is Phelous's reviews of the movies?

Oh, like you're the one to talk about staying true the material, Anderson.

You know he had another movie that didn't do so hot with a female lead character called Alice. Projection much?

Well what can you say, it's probably Sony's fault anyway. I mean when you turn down George A. Romero for a zombie movie you have failed right there.

The worst two things Romero would have done were make Chris Redfield a Native American and not in the STARS unit, and make Barry Burton a black guy.

Lesser of two evils! Lesser of two evils!

You know, honestly I enjoyed the films. Even Moviebob said the films are actually getting progressively better in his review of the last one. Hell, at this point Resident Evil isn't exactly Resident Evil anymore anyways...

Hurm... Perhaps the problem is the classifying of 'videogame movies' as 'videogame movies'. Directors should be worried about just making a good movie, nevermind the videogame part.

That. That right there is the problem. They give a huge middle finger to the source material, name dropping important characters from the games to get people like us into seats, but they pay no mind to the years of canon that previous games have made.

Fuck us, because they have a VISION.

I get him, but he should take a hard look at himself too. As if any of the RE films followed the games well, or were any good. Tomb Raider I thought was a good adaptation. Sure it reminded just a bit of a female modern version of Indiana Jones, but the games bought that on it's own too.

Pot calling the kettle black, no?


The Resident Evil films are bad movies (they're not great, but they're not awful), however, as game adaptations...ahem...ALICE.
There was no need to have her as a character. Although I must say I found it funny how they gave her the Force and various other super-powers at the end of Apocalypse, then realised how stupid it was, so got rid of them at the beginning of Afterlife.

In his defense, though, Afterlife was the most loyal to the games yet (or RE5 at least), so here's hoping Retribution does so too....
Also, where is Leon?

Yeah, games do need better movie adaptations. Games like Resident Evil perhaps.

But I have a friend who gave a good analogy about comic books to comic book movies and I think its kinda relevent.
He said, "When watching a comic book movie you need to take off your comic book hat and put on your movie hat."

I suppose the same could be said about video games?

Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.

It never hurts to know a few words before shooting your own foot.

Pot calling the kettle black, no?

Almost more like a black hole calling a kettle black. :P

NOW he says something after 4 movies come out...


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehe

Wow. That was ... just ... wow.

I agree with him, but the films are sometimes good. I thought the Silent Hill film was pretty cool. But then again, I haven't properly played any Silent Hill games.

Yeah I remember that Resident Evil game where Alice had super strength, telekinesis, pyromancy, and super regeneration.. OH WAIT. For the love of crap Paul, just admit that you only make these movies as some weird big budget fan fiction you wrote about your wife.


In his defense, though, Afterlife was the most loyal to the games yet (or RE5 at least), so here's hoping Retribution does so too....

wait there's another one? oh god why can't they just stop at afterlife I enjoyed extinction but afterlife felt like they dropped the ball (just like resident evil 5 hey they did get something in common with the games)

I thought Resident Evil: Degeneration was true to the material it's based on.

And I'm hoping THIS film will be as well. I think I may be cheating by mentioning CG films.

Okay. I'll admit, the name is pretty shit.

This was the most painful thing I've read in a long time...

..He's actually being serious??


He could make the next one about being in outer space and it would have as much in common with the games as the games do with the games.

Out of all the video-game to movie adaptations, he's probably done the best (it's not saying much). I almost enjoy his movies more than the games, because the last few games have wasted more of my time than his movies.

The guy should have kept some shame... There is no fan of the games amounf the fans of the movies of Resident Evil movie

I'm an old school Biohazard fan. Yup, played them all through in Japanese. Friends with the director of Biohazard 3 actually (he also did Onimusha btw). And I gotta say that the movies are a damned sight better than the trash since #4. Fucking hell ... are we making Biohazard or Gears of Fucking War?!

EDIT: I mean to INCLUDE #4. Goddamn. A few vague references to Umbrella, and hey presto! It's Biohazard!! FAAAAAR COUGH. I've coughed up shit more related to Biohazard than that Spanish wankfest.

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