Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple's CEO

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Saw on BBC news earlier that Apple shares have already taken quite a beating but I think they'll climb up again once the dust settles, just panic sells atm.

Be interesting to see if the new CEO tries to take Apple down a different road though or if its still going to follow the same worn path.


The smartphone war (Android, Blackberry, Apple)

Does Blackberry even count? I live in Sweden. I'm the techy kind of person, and I have never even seen a blackberry irl. Outside of US, it seems to be mostly Android, Apple and the occasional Windows Phone.

Hugely popular in every business Ive ever worked in in the UK.


The smartphone war (Android, Blackberry, Apple)

Does Blackberry even count? I live in Sweden. I'm the techy kind of person, and I have never even seen a blackberry irl. Outside of US, it seems to be mostly Android, Apple and the occasional Windows Phone.

Blackberry is quite huge in Canada (not a shock, I suppose, since that's where they're actually from) though they are really viewed and used as business products due to their security tech. Blackberry does have several non-business models but they've never really taken off at a huge level mainly due to pretty much always being a step behind the curve in a market that's very focused on being the hot new thing. Heck, even their iPad imitation (the PlayBook) doesn't offer full functionality unless connected to a standard Blackberry device. For business use, though, you really can't do better than a traditional Blackberry device.

I have the feeling this may be something to do with his pancreatic cancer.

Well good, maybe Apple will start practicing philanthropy now.

Sadly i think he is much sicker then he lets on , and thats why he calls it quits.The new CEO have some big shoes to fill.


Shamanic Rhythm:

Still, the fact that they are holding more cash than the US means they'll survive this hurdle.

Technically, aren't we all? I mean, none of us are in that much of a negative. is what I was talking about.

Seriously, as tempting as it is to diss Jobs' influence as merely being about encasing everything in white, putting 'i' on the front of it and sticking a high pricetag on to complete the product, he was actually one of the most shrewd businessmen of the century, both in terms of helping Wozniack pioneer the original Macintosh - which, once upon a time, was actually more powerful than the competition, as implausible as that seems today - and also in ushering in the age of the smartphone and the mp3 player. Of course he didn't invent them, but when so many industry leaders are petrified of taking any kind of risk Jobs deserves credit for investing in unproven tech. People sometimes forget that when the iPod first came out, Apple were almost a non-entity in the tech world, having been utterly dominated in the market by Microsoft. It takes a lot of guts for a CEO to invest money in a new direction at the best of times, let alone when you're on the back foot.

That said, the company has now gotten so big and faceless and uncaring towards the quality of their individual products that the above is all the grace I'm prepared to extend towards him.

I can't stand Apple myself, and I think all iDevices are crap, but I'm sorry to hear Steve Jobs is stepping down since it obviously means his illness has gotten worse. I hope he has a bit of time left to enjoy.

Sadly i think he is much sicker then he lets on , and thats why he calls it quits.The new CEO have some big shoes to fill.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for neuroendocrine cancer (the type that Jobs is afflicted with) is very poor, especially in cases of reoccurence. What's worse is that Jobs has already had liver transplant surgery, which means that he'll be on antirejection drugs, which keep the immune system from helping fight the cancer.

It's not that i have something against Apple's products (i do have, but that's different pair of shoes). It's Jobs and his "in your face" pose i can't stand. Steve resigning ? Hooray. One Hydra's head less to to care about.

When I found out about this I posted to Facebook: "A ruthless, totalitarian dictator has stepped down from power."

It's amazing how many people actually chose it to mean Steve Jobs rather than Gadaffi.

Anyway, I hear his letter of resignation was something like, "Dear board, see you in a bit, Steve - Sent from my iPad".

Anyway, Tim Cook who's replacing him is pretty much at the same level of dickheadedness as Steve Jobs, so the arrogant press conferences will definitely continue. However, without Steve at the helm of the vision of Apples products, I suspect a downturn for them.

I heard about this a while ago, I think it was hinted at that it was because of health issues.

Whatever your opinion of Apple, you can't deny the company has completely changed many electronic industries... they brought the mouse to the attention of the masses (I won't say invent, since they didn't, but nonetheless without Apple the mouse may have very well remained an obscurity), completely changed the MP3 player, made everyone else follow their design philosophy with smart phones, and, tablets... well:


Enough said. Basically, Apple has made it so that gadgets are easier to use for the mass market in pretty much all their successful endeavours. And the ones that weren't simple... well, they weren't successful. :P

There really aren't any more CEO's that are so synonymous with their companies these days... Bill Gates was really the only other one in recent memory. Hopefully Apple can survive even though it now doesn't have the visionary at the top, just like Microsoft is surviving.

Totally agree with Sim ^^^

Love 'em or Hate 'em, Apple have been more influential than any company out there in the past decade, and Steve was the leading force behind it. I'm very sad to see him go.


I wish him health. Jobs, Gates, and Woz are giants in personal computing no matter what your alliances maybe.

I never liked Jobs, like Gates or Woz. He suffers from megalomania and takes credit for other people's accomplishments. He has billions of dollars and does not have one philanthropic cause. In fact in 1997 he ordered that Apple to stop all philanthropy programs until the company was making money again, but when it did, never reinstated them.

Not to mention he obviously knew he was charging, triple sometimes more, for out-dated tech.

What Jobs was really saying when he was all happy crazy when he announced something "new":

"Behold world, this new Apple device will revolutionize your life! It is only slightly different than the last model you bought. It is also based off of tech that the PC market came up with seven years ago and perfected 5 years ago. Be happy with the fact that you will be paying triple what things like it cost today, knowing that it still doesn't do half the important things that the PC version does. Oh and it is ten times harder to try and operate it than the PC version. Buy this new iCrap today. We need the money to roll in and not use for proper development and design."

I know a bit trolly, but I saw this elsewhere today and could not resist posting.....

Apart from this Apple have done a lot of good stuff in the music, phone and tablet device areas.

Although this isn't his first time resigning you cant say he hasn't made change, but the apple company is running out of objects to do EA's sports game trick to.. hopefully they don't try consoles again, id hate to see another pippin

So, I guess he's Steve Jobless now.

To all the people who are poking fun at him.

The man has pancreatic cancer and currently looks like this:


Funny yet?

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