Arkham City's Robin Makes His Way to the UK

Arkham City's Robin Makes His Way to the UK


The Boy Wonder isn't just a Best Buy bonus anymore.

The news that Robin would be joining Batman in his Arkham City adventure is hardy brand new, but the news about how you can get in the UK definitely is. Pre-order the game from GAME or GameStation, and you can have a Boy Wonder of your very own, which is nowhere near as creepy as it sounds.

Robin has received a revamped look for Arkham City, taking inspiration from cage fighters, and adding a hood to his cape. Just like the Best Buy pre-order, the pack contains extra challenge maps, and a Red Robin alternate costume. You can use Robin in any of the challenge maps; his gameplay differs from that of his mentor, focusing more on explosives than the Dark Knight does.

It's quite impressive how Rocksteady has taken a costume that can sometimes look a little silly, and made it look like something that someone might actually wear. Through the costume alone, my interest in seeing Robin in Arkham City went from somewhere around "none at all," to "this could be fun." The literally explosive gameplay is just a bonus.

Batman: Arkham City comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 18th.

Source: MCV


Shame my pre order is with gameplay.

Glad to hear it, I wonder if Robin will make any story appearances?

Would be nice to see how they handle him.

Repeat this about 5 times and this is how I feel.

This is the cherry on top, next time I go into the city center, I'm asking if I get a Robin with pre-order, and then I proceed to say image

Hopefully this will be DLC later in the game's life... I haven't pre-ordered or bought a game on release in years, and this is not going to change that.

I think All Star Batman and Robin already showed why he doesn't wear a hood. The colouring is a tad dark for Robin but that doesn't bother so much as the truly awful haircut they've given him.

Tempted...but I'd only play the challenge maps once or twice, then get bored. I'll wait for the GOTY edition.

Is that a picture of Alex Mercer doing cosplay?

Because that's what it makes me think of.

The best part of this news is that it's free to pre-order things at GAME, you don't need to pay for it in order to reserve a copy, there's no issue if you change your mind and don't buy it, and you still usually get the code from them.

So in the UK you pre-order from GAME and you get a free character.
In France you pre-order from GAME and you get... a challenge map.


OOoooh... this makes me want to cancel my Amazon pre-order. I'll decide next week when I've moved xD


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