Square Enix Responds to "Racist" Deus Ex Character

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A Gent of Villainous Intent:
I'm more offended from the fact that she sounds like she's voiced by a man.


Word. Her character is a trope, but not a negative one.

What year is this again? 2011? For a second I thought it was 2000, with people bitching about racism.
50 bucks says the critic was black.

So yet another person can't tell the difference between "here is a character who is black" and "here is a representation of all black people ever".

I have someone I work with who comes from South Carolina who sounds just like her! It's a called a accent, not racism! Someone could claim "but why is the homeless person black?" and someone could just as easily point out the 30+ white hobos found throughout the same damn level.

Being a professional troll must pay AMAZINGLY well.

It's more sexually discriminatory than racist. How so? That voice acting job could have gone to a woman.
Voice acting gigs,even for bit parts and supporting roles, are just one way to bring more women into the video game industry.

bah! there are pleanty of homeless all through this game, both black and white.
sure, this is the only one who's character is built upon, but so? should they have not done that because she's black? it's like RE5, yes it's full of black people! because it's set in africa! and africa - you may have heard - is full of africans! do people want their respective races to be excluded from the popular culture just so developers can avoid petty backlashes like these? you can't have it both ways, if you wannna be included, you won't always be portrayed surrounded be flowers and rainbows.

It was racist? I always just through she sounded like that because she's an uneducated homeless bum. You know, one of these days calling things out like that should be racist on itself. You know, like that episode on south Park where Chief noticed the problem but the kids didn't.

It's only racist till you point it out; until then no-one will notice.

The voice acting if anything is more offensive.

I'm deeply offended by the fact that there are a lot more white hobo's in the game... I call reverse racism.... I'm deeply offended by their gravel and slurred voice acting.... yada yada yada...

1. Go to a hardware store.
2. Buy a bag of ready mix concrete.
3. Swallow and harden the hell up.


I personally coming from Canada figured that she did sound a bit stereotypical for sure, but that's mainly because i'm not living in the south where that is more common in terms of a speech pattern.

To claim she represents centuries of racism though is turn your eyes away from the fact that many folks still speak in this fashion normally and like the OP says it's not entirely uncommon.

There is a fine line between having a black character use the term Muthafucka to make them sound "urban" and having them say, "Sho 'nuff missuh android!"

Yes, there are plenty of silly accents all around Deus Ex but lets put this to the "Fakename-test": Can you say this line out of context without sounding like a douche?

E.G Quentin Tarantino's famous line in Pulp Fiction.

I though so.


A Gent of Villainous Intent:
I'm more offended from the fact that she sounds like she's voiced by a man.


Word. Her character is a trope, but not a negative one.

Thank you! Finally. Stereotype is not the right way to describe this character. She is a caricature--a woman who has parts of her personality skewed and emphasized for the sake of making a more entertaining character. Just like a caricature you can get at a carnival, it's the most extreme version of a person. The result, which takes the little quirks about the way you look and puts them in their most extreme form, is entertaining.

I'd be more offended by the people saying "This woman is an african-american stereotype" than by the actual character itself. You must be pretty darn racist to see something that over the top and say "Yup, that's what black people sound like."

Exactly. Like someone else posted in his comments, why does he see every person as a symbol of their race? That is what will actually lead to more racism.

Ghengis John:
I might also add, she's a trash lady, would it sell the character better if she spoke like an ivy-league graduate?

It would if this were Oblivion.


When is the last time a GERMAN was in a name and NOT a nazi? Hmmmm?

Red Dead Redemption. Then again, the guy was a jerk. Oh no! I'm part German so I should be offended by this portrayal. And while I'm at it, since I'm part Irish, I should be offended by Irish for making us all look like drunks!

I'm more bothered with the protagonists voice. What's happened to his throat?

He sounds a lot better before the whole augmentation thing, so I think we can reasonably conclude that some doctor accidentally left his tools (or watch) in his voicepipe.

I don't mind if things happen to come across as racist as an African (not African American) male but this sounds voiced this way on purpose.

How is it racist? I mean...what?

Fuck people are dumb. Portraying a black person as poor is no more racist than portraying a white person as poor. I hate the fucking misuse of the word because it becomes meaningless, if this is racist then what are the KKK? Just racist too right? It's not racist, it's nothing. Yeah if every poor person were black then my eyebrows would certainly raise and I'd hope for some underlying commentary but just one person? GTFO.

Reminds me of the bollocks over RE5, shooting white people is fine but black people? Oh that's racist. Yup.

Would all the people who cry "racism" be happier if there weren't any black people in the game at all? There would be no opportunity for "racial stereotypes" that way.

I haven't played the game, but so long as she's not the only African-American in the game, I don't see the issue.

Having every single black character in the game have some comedy stereotypical accent, that'd be racist.

Having characters who sound different to each other. Just no.

Some black people will sound a bit like that, just as if you really search you can find a tiny number of people in parts of london who sound like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

So long a game set in the UK wasn't entirely populated by cock-er-ney chimmerney sweeps, I'd have no problem with a few in there in the games East end levels.

Ghengis John:
I might also add, she's a trash lady, would it sell the character better if she spoke like an ivy-league graduate?


Evan Narcisse is the guy who is being racist.

Unless she breaks out in song of "Mamma's little baby."

It's nothing like black face.

Sorry it's not racial stereotyping being black, on the streets in a future of massive poverty.

Sounds like another special interest group looking for a dollar. Ignore um.

Course you want racists and stereotype...

When is the last time a GERMAN was in a name and NOT a nazi? Hmmmm?

TF2, hes the medic.
actually i think germans are usually cast as either nazis or doctors, which is an amusing dichotomy if you think about it.

Listening to this again, I can't see this as racist. Even if Letitia has a certifiably Southern American accent, there's no reason she cannot be from Detroit.

What DOES bug me about this interaction is that the two just don't seem like they'd ever speak on cordial terms, at least not without A LOT of history of cooperation. There is a sense of history between them, but they still seem to be speaking out of their own worlds. Adam still speaks like a gruff and defensively, while Letitia speaks with an upbeat, open, almost pleasant attitude. Perhaps it can be seen as both of their defense mechanisms, but I just found it jarring.

EVERY SINGLE RELATIVE I have in the states sounds EXACTLY like her to the point that I didn't even notice the "offensive" accent. I'm black and I don't understand how ANY black person with family in detroit, chicago, or any place outside of New York for that matter, has the gall to be offended.

I think this dude was just LOOKING for an excuse to complain, since you can't create a black character to represent yourself.

Well, shit. Ridiculous racism claims strike again. Surely the only way he could claim this as racist is if every single black character spoke the same way, and even then it's only racist if that's not due to them living in the same geographical area (as regional accents tend to be based around regions, y'know).

Unless he's trying to argue that the character itself is racist, and shouldn't hold such negative stereotypes of the other races in the game?

(Only good point about being at work - I get my apostrophes back :D )

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '


Ghengis John:
I might also add, she's a trash lady, would it sell the character better if she spoke like an ivy-league graduate?


Evan Narcisse is the guy who is being racist.

This this.

He's not a racist - he's just pointing out that all black people are incapable of speaking that way, and instead they all sound like Carlton from Fresh Prince.

Good lord, this is the lamest shit I've heard in weeks. Whiners will whine about anything and EVERYTHING...

The diversity police strikes again. Heaven forbid black people ever be portrayed as poor, uneducated criminals. I guess only dumb white rednecks are allowed. Of course, I guess it doesn't matter that the black couple taken hostage in the first mission are wealthy, powerful and educated?

This is what happens when you clothe yourself in identity politics and take all slights upon all people that share your race/class/culture/etc as a personal affront to you, regardless of the truth of the matter.

Of course, I've also been told by members of the professional victim racket that as a white person, I can't ever comment on such things, precisely because of my white skin.

That's totally not a double standard!

Ghengis John:
Okay, so an easily offended lack man was just offended. It's not like I can't understand where hes's coming from but I live in california and I encounter people who speak like Letitia almost everyday. I was unware that I had traveled to another planet or utilized a time-machine. As a mexican american I'd say the game has a remarkable tact for displaying people as they really are, Cabron.

Of course the real damage here is that his rampant hyperbole is going to misrepresent the game to thousands of people who'll have no idea just how wrong he really is. Oh well.

Spice and Wolf Avatar?!?!?!?!?!?!?

OT: Yeaaaaaah I found that rather not racist cause its just a sterotype and people are bloody sterotyped all the time... besides If I drive to the Tim Hortans branch office, should I get pissy with them for including racial sterotypes in their commercials. No, then why should this person do it cause its in a game'.

I found it a pretty funny racist stereotype though I'm surprised people are going crazy about it.

I mean games pull this shit all the time

So is the deep south non-existent in the Deus Ex world? If it is then it is very probable that she just moved to where ever this is.
Also the fact that this dude bitched and moaned about black zombies in Resident Evil 5 says a lot, the game is set in Africa where the majority of the population is black.

I kept expecting her to just come out and say got some water mellon, or beans and cornbread or something of that nature.

I was kind of thinking maybe the accent was a little offensive when I got to that point but then I thought well I've never been to Detroit or met anyone from there so what do I know.

Considering Time is doing its best to become more a trash mag every day, this doesn't surprise me. After watching that video I found myself trying not to laugh my ass off. I honestly have not encountered anyone like that and it made me feel I was watching something off of Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.
Racist? Hell no. Silly and outrageous. Yes.

Mr. Narcisse needs to get over himself and move on.

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