Winston The Penguin Crashes PAX

Winston The Penguin Crashes PAX

Games, cosplayers, and a penguin in a bow tie. PAX had everything this year!


Oh my gosh look at his little tie I want to hug him *Squee*

WINSTON! Let me hold you?

WINSTON! Let me hold you?

No Winston is mine! *HISS*

Woah woah woah woah woah!!! I've been on this site for my than two years, known as this site's unofficial penguin representative. But never before have I heard of this "Winston!" I demand an explanation!

... And I enjoyed the pictures!

This is the best gallery I've seen from PAX 2011. Nice one Winston (and Mike).

Grannies with cookies are the best booth babes OF ALL TIME!

Paul and Storm! What's your favorite gaming website? The Arrrscapist!

"I honestly had no idea what character this was, but his costume was pretty amazing."
picture 20 is a tier 6 shaman

For a minute there i thought the last photo was of Doctor Who (the Matt Smith one) and Karen Gillian.

I still love the "Not a reaper! NOT a REAPER!!!"

That was Amazing. I also loved the armor made of pins.

These were brilliant


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