Slavery Game's Mystery Finally Solved

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You know, I can think of many ways to advertise your product. This is not one of those ways.

If the Extra Credits were here, I'd like them to see this and give their opinion, though I'm pretty sure we could see it coming from a mile away.

Marshall Honorof:
The trailer was part of a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming documentary about slavery in the Netherlands.

Don't have much to say about the topic short of, every time I think of the Dutch nowadays I think about this scene in Deuce Bigalow:

Not that I hold anything against any specific Dutch... person.

Am i so wrong for being disappointed by the fact it won't be an actual game? I mean, all controversy aside, i think if done well, it could be interesting theme for a game. Sure the trailer was overdone, painting slavery as something to cheer for, but a darker, strategy-sim built around that specific issue would be something i'd like to play.

In a way The Sims is a slavery too... <.<

Well for one I can't get the nederland 2 network and if its an exclusively netherlands network why the hell is the video in english?

Also I remember the last article on this the author said he put it in the anogram translator trying to figure out what the company name meant. Lol should have use one that knew dutch.

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