BioWare Wants Fan Input on Sexy Anime-Style Mass Effect Statue

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I think people are looking at this the wrong way. Sure it doesn't really look like Liara, but have you seen those boobs?

You mean the hugely mishapen and disproportionate mammary glands?

Kind of hard to miss...

If they want a comment on that about an asari statue, hey go ahead! Looks pretty darn good and sexified, like a good 50%+ of statues made in Japanese style. If it was just some random Asari chick with a gun, I'd say release it.

But Liara? I doth not see in it. Maybe it could of fit the version of Liara we met in ME 1, the spunky young scientist/archeologist/whatever. But it definitely doesn't fit the more colder Liara the Information-and-more Broker. I just don't see this one threatening someone that she'll flay them with just her mind...

bioware why are you doing this? you were a beacon of being responsible with your female characters for the most part. aside from the whole meranda thing.

Ha Ha love This people complaining that an item that is basically made for fan service is getting comments saying it has to much fan service Chill guys that's the point its not a serious collectors piece

too chibi, fix the face and its fine


The strength of Mass Effect is that it has actual characters, as opposed to the oh so commonplace cardboard cutouts with tits.

I'd certainly appreciate if they'd kept it that way - and leave the overt sexualisation to the fanfic department.

This is not the Liara I know. She has more respect for herself than this, at least in the other games. But lest we not forget that this could become a story element in ME3, for example she comes under serious stress and dispar during her time working as *spiler alert* : the shadow broker, cauing her to turn to promiscuity? Or maybe not...

Bioware fans hating a character being sexed up and generally being altered without their knowledge or fan-girlish approval.

Surely you Jest!

I was pretty surprised Bioware fans objected to the boobs. That community is full of perverts.

O.T. They might as well have cut to the chase and made a statue of a massive pair of alien boobs.

Just something else fox news is gonna bitch about


Cute, but not really Liara. Still cute though. <3

Bioware's been going full retard since DA2, idfk what they're thinking lately.

DA2 wasn't well received, TOR looks like a goddamn Mass Effect game with a different setting and shittier combat, and this makes me wonder what they're doing with Mass Effect.

Bioderp. <_>

I'm sorry to say this but, grow the hell up bioware. Isn't Mass Effect meant to be a deep, mature epic space adventure. Immature 'sexy' statues with boobs pushed up just do not fit.

Catchy Slogan:
Why does Bioware keep pissing all over their own work?

Well, they were already paralleling Star Wars. Maybe they assumed the next logical step was to parallel Lucas.

Joining in on the collective "ugh". They're trying way too hard on this one.

Why don't they make a statue of Miranda, or something? That way the proportions would make sense. At the very least we've all already gotten used to the stupidity of Miranda's wardrobe, so it wouldn't be too big of a deal.

What the bloody bollocks is that, whilst being a big fan of anime and all that Japanese nonsense this thing looks terrifying. Mainly due to the face, the hell is going on there.
Not only does it look nothing like her it's just plain creepy.

Not sure what's going on with the giant rack either but that's easier to overlook...well you know what I mean.

Is it juvenile and cheesecakey?
Well yeah of course it is but no more or less so than the various and sundry Bishoujo statuettes already in existence (Particularly the Ame-Comi line)

Maybe it's just me being an old fart but I can't bring myself to really get riled up about this.

Whos the asari hooker that put on a Liara costume?

BTW Bioware-EA are going all out to fuck with fans via marketing.

OH GOD, WHAT THE HELL. I turn to Mass Effect when I want a space adventure that doesn't involve Japanese fads marketed to a western consumer base. How western of an RPG can you get, but nooo, now we have an actual sta--

Wait, why am I even typing here, I should be watching Zero Punctuation and doing course work or something.

What has EA done to you, Bioware? At least they ask the fanbase before going through with these horrendously retarded actions...

Yeah, I don't like it. It's completely out of character and pretty childish. I would have preferred if someone like Garrus would have gotten this treatment, at least then some gender roles would have been reversed and it would have at least been in character for the fan version of him...

liara to shepard "oh shepard have you seen what that model maker is trying to say about me? ABOUT ME? i think its time someone met an asari commando squad"

*paragon interuption*

shepard to liara "liara be reasonable. its just a toy.. oh who am i kidding. pull his arms off one at a time"

my first reaction when i saw it was "oh look its the adventures of liara space hooker".. bioware testing the ground for a branch out into parody porn maybe? mass errection: the comming of shepard

'Bishōjo is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below university age.' - from Wikipedia.

There is a reason that Liara looks young in this statue. A little too young, maybe, but if they fix the face I see nothing wrong with a Bishōjo statue with gigantic bazongas, it's just the style of the art. Look up any of Kotobukiya's DC statuettes, they all take liberties with the characters' design - it is, in a way, their own interpretation.

Much like a cover song, it is the covering artist's interpretation of the original - people who don't like don't have to listen. You don't have to buy this statue. I'm not going to buy it, but that doesn't mean I'm condemning the product itself.

(I do, however, agree, that it's the wrong character for making a statue out of. Miranda would have been a better candidate for the art style, just like Cat and Wonder Woman, whose personalities matched the image better.)

I really don't get all the revoltion to anything anime related. I think it looks nice.

Cannot the make like... A normal statue?

That... you know... resembles characters from the game without the need to give them face that just screams "Apply baseball bat to forehead".

Or is it just too much to ask?

I must say her boobs are disproportionate and too large as well. Other than that, love the rest of the statue.

And thus, BioWare slips a little lower on the integrity pole.


Bioware fans hating a character being sexed up and generally being altered without their knowledge or fan-girlish approval.

Surely you Jest!

I was pretty surprised Bioware fans objected to the boobs. That community is full of perverts.

O.T. They might as well have cut to the chase and made a statue of a massive pair of alien boobs.

Hey! Just because the Nude Patches for their games is always on the top10 downloaded mods you dont have to judge them as the majority. Im sure a lot of Bioware folks dont even download mods in the first place. Second, Bethesda's games are aswell. and Shooters with female characters... I think Gamers in general tend to have a pretty large ammount of perverted folks. Just saying.


I mean how retarded are they? If you change a popular character you can guess how people will react.

Mr Thin:
Deflate the tits, get rid of the panty shot and for the love of potato, fix that blow-up doll expression. Then you'll have yourself a cool statue.

I'm almost impressed at how totally useless she looks. It takes talent to make someone seem that nonthreatening when they're holding a gun.

Absolutely agree. Well said, sir!

This style does not work for Liara at all.

Meh. This has no effect on the games themselves, and that's all I care about. So they can make figurines for xenophiliac pedophiles all they want, and I'll have forgotten about this before the day is done.

Here was my comment:

I don't know about anyone else, but I expect a seinen anime or at least a mature shoen anime. Also, I am well aware that manga drawings don't translate well in 3D, so I'll forgive the face.
With that said, only use the bishoujo trope if you do it in a mature mannor and stick to her character. I trust you on this. Also, just to nitpick, make her boobs into a B cup to get people to stop complaining.

This is wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to start...... *sigh*

[ShaleVoice]Is that what inbred Asari look like?

It seems to have a deformed spine.
It's 'breasts' seem to host a variety of tumours.
It's facial expression points to mental retardation.
It's pose suggests utter incompetence.[/ShaleVoice]

It's just that weird pose.

That and I don't remember Liara being a hooker...

I wonder which member of the design process managed to swing in "Moar Tits!" as a sensible alteration. It also doesn't look anything like the character that it's supposed to, barring the gun and coat.


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