Uncharted 3 's Love Affair With Sand Continues

Uncharted 3 's Love Affair With Sand Continues

Sony has released an oddly mesmerizing video of Drake's Deception locations drawn in sand.

Continuing the sand-based theme of the publicity for upcoming release Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, bosses at Sony have recruited a Russian sand-artist to recreate some notable scenes from the game on her sand-canvas. The result is a 9 minute long video in which sand-Drake is drawn and then recast in a variety of desert locations.

The sand-artist behind the piece, Natalia Netselya, says that this is the first time she's worked on a videogame-inspired piece in her five years of sand artistry. "It was fun for me to recreate an iconic character like Nathan Drake in some of the amazing settings from the latest game," she noted on PlayStation's blog, adding that she's "sure you'll recognize some familiar sights."

Sand-art has been steadily growing in popularity ever since Kseniya Simonova won Ukraine's Got Talent two years ago with her moving sand-art recreation of Ukraine's involvement in World War 2. Netselya's piece is definitely not as heavy as that, but it's just as visually pleasing (Drake's ammo belt is particularly nice). Hopefully this video won't be the last of Sony's sand-based advertising.

Source: PlayStation.Blog


That's pretty damn cool. Can't wait for this game, loved the first 2.

Wow, that is one heck of a trailer, hope they can do without zombies this time...

Wow. That looks sweeeeet!

and last time they were obsessed with their snow...

spoiler alert: next time it'll be rain

And to think... A single sneeze would've ruined everything.

Seriously though, this is amazing. Looks like it could be a good art style for an indie game as well.

Can't wait for Uncharted 3 to hit stores. Maybe i'll platinum this like the other two 'cause they were just that awesome :D

Please, please don't have a retarded final act to this game. The supernatural stuff is just soooo un-needed and unwanted (for me, at least).


Though I find it creepy when people can do things like this. Ima pretend it's timelapsed.

Oh wait, it is. Joy! Ima pretend that matters :P

I have never played an Uncharted game, and I probably never will. But as an artist, I must say that this video is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I get the feeling that it's sped up a bit, but even still, the sheer amount of skill displayed here is stunning. The different densities of the sand she uses, the play of light and dark, the contrast between faded lines and bold ones, it all is simply breathtaking.

I'm glad you mentioned the Ukraine's Got Talent girl, she was incredible!


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