EA Offering Refunds For Tiger Woods 12 on PC - UPDATED

EA Offering Refunds For Tiger Woods 12 on PC - UPDATED


EA Sports is apparently offering refunds for the PC version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 after the game turned out to be substantially different than the console versions.

Team PC hasn't seen a version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour since the '08 edition of the game, which actually came out in 2007, so you might think that mouse-and-keyboard golfers would be singing hallelujahs over the return of the series 2012. But that doesn't appear to be the case; in fact, based on complaints posted on both the EA Sports forums and Reddit, overwhelming disappointment appears to be a little closer to the mark.

The problem stems from the fact that the PC version of the game is not a straight-up port of the console release but is instead something much more like Tiger Woods Online, the browser-based free-to-play golf game EA launched last year. That's not a crime in itself but EA's Tiger Woods site does a very poor job of differentiating between the PC and console versions, despite the fact that at least one feature touted on the front page, "The Caddie Experience," is only available to console players. It's confusing, to put it mildly, as even the page on the site dedicated to the PC version makes no mention of any front-page features that have been included. One of the forum moderators even suggested that users post their complaints in the Tiger Woods Online forum, "as that is where the EA devs are looking at feedback, not here."

It's an ugly situation but EA is apparently doing its best to put out the fires by giving refunds to at least some disgruntled gamers. Several forum posters have said that support reps has been very forthcoming with offers for refunds and while the company hasn't stated that this is a blanket policy, as yet there have been no complaints about refused refunds. Refunds can be requested through EA's live chat at customersupport.ea.com and are apparently taking anywhere from three to ten business days to process. It's not perfect but given how badly EA sliced it on this one, it's about as good as anyone can expect.

UPDATE: Electronic Arts responded to our inquiries with the following statement:

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters for PC/Mac is a unique experience that combines some of the best single-player game modes of the console version with the accessibility and multiplayer offerings of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. We address each customer service inquiry on a case-by-case basis and customer satisfaction is our top priority."


They have to offer refunds. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because Battlefield 3 will be released soon and almost every PC gamer will want to buy it. They know if they don't offer refunds, the likelihood that those PC gamers will buy anything from EA ever again will be very small. You just don't buy things from people who robbed you.

What a bunch of assholes.

With Battlefield 3 coming, EA is really trying as hard as it can to ruin its reputation to PC Gamers. I remember when EA was the biggest software developer out there and they were universally despised. Then Activision took that spot and EA has been second-place-asshole ever since.

Do people really buy these games? Like, it is the 12th copy of the game already with improved graphics, but still Come'on, do people really play these? Like, what the hell. (I also do this same statement about FIFA and NHL games*)

If people didn't buy 'em, EA wouldn't make 'em.

I'm surprised they haven't yet ditched the Tiger Woods handle and just called it PGA 12 instead.

Do people really buy these games? Like, it is the 12th copy of the game already with improved graphics, but still Come'on, do people really play these? Like, what the hell. (I also do this same statement about FIFA and NHL games*)

When you mentioned the NHL games I just shook my head and sighed. If you haven't even bothered to research or play the game, don't knock it. You come off as an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.

That's like saying "Why do people keep buying RTS/RPG/FPS games, they all have the same mechanics of directing troops/levelling up/shooting things." There are differences between franchises and iterations within franchises, and making such general statements is just foolish.

It's Sad that EA released a completely inferior product to the console versions on a pc, that wasn't even a damn port of the same game. Then again I don't really expect anything less of EA with all their shit talking, and going back down the drain they were attempting to climb out of not to long ago.

I always enjoyed playing the Tiger Woods games with my friend, I haven't bought one in a long while but this is going to help me to steer clear from the franchise in the future.

There is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior from any company especially in an industry where these gaming mega-corporations are quick to point the finger and call legit consumers the underhanded shifty thieves.

They tried to get away with it and they got caught. They have absolutely no sympathy from me. They aren't issuing refunds because its the right thing to do, they are just issuing them as damage control. It seems to be a growing trend to release a shoddy inferior product and feign ignorance then back peddle and try to keep and win over new customers by being the "nice guy" by issuing refunds, etc.

The ONLY issue that I saw where this was different was with the Sony hacking fiasco. They were victims in the attacks just as everyone else who used PSN and they still gave people a choice of free games, etc. Sure it was a marketing stunt but they didn't have to do it at all.


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