Skyrim Fan Gets Team Fortress 2 In His Elder Scrolls

Skyrim Fan Gets Team Fortress 2 In His Elder Scrolls

Move over Sasha, the Heavy has dragon shouts now.

YouTube user Armago24X has taken two things that he loves - Team Fortress 2 and Skyrim - and fused them into one delightful whole, taking the Skyrim hero trailer and recreating it entirely in Valve's team-based shooter.

Arm's effort recreates the original trailer shot for shot, using custom TF2 maps to replicate Skyrim's forests and towns, and the different unlockable weapons to properly capture the myriad guises of the Dohvakiin. The remade trailer actually adds a few things as well, like showing the Daedra hordes that invaded Cyrodiil in Oblivion, something that Bethesda's version leaves out.

The remade trailer is pretty funny on its own - I love the Pyro as the dragon - but it's even better if you watch it alongside the actual trailer, which I've included below for your delectation.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on November 11th.

Source: GamePro


had to laugh at this on youtube, particularly how they did the bit at the end

The special effects with the cow mangler and the medigun were very clever. :)

Although now I want a real cp_Skyrim in the game!

That was quite hilarious and awesome. Cheers to the guy who made it!

Thats hilarious to watch! So much thought must have gone into that.

Wait till this goes viral (If it hasn't already. The Escapist is often slow at catching stories when they break). I can see these guys getting promotional stuff from either Bethesda or Valve, or both!

No! don't hunt the spycrab!
Really nice work


Hmm and people always complained about those silly hats...

I guess they do have a use...

I did indeed laugh

Goddammit, I was just thinking about doing a similar parody myself. Oh well, this one is leagues better than anything I could have come up with.

I laughed much harder than I thought I would at "POOTIS POW!"

that... was... awesome...


Needs moar spah though. :)

I would rather play Skyrim as the heavy, perhaps someone will mod it.

Misleading and confusing title this be



OT: Honestly, wow. That got me fangirling all over the place here. I went ahead and put the two side by side and its such a great recreation of the trailer. It was only a matter of time though since they put Dovahkin's helmet in TF2.

It depresses me to watch things like this. Knowing that I can never do things like this makes me sad. This was funny though. The way they used some of the equipment in the game was really awesome.

That is some awesome editing right there.
Must have taken him months?

Well done.

I enjoy this.

That was very enjoyable early in the morning.

This shall be my new catch phrase. Also, there'd better be a mod for Skyrim that replaces all shouts with that sound.

I like this very much indeed.

That was all kinds of awesome. Thank you Escapist for making me laugh today.


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