Behold Mechatron: 45 Pounds of Robotic Badassery

Behold Mechatron: 45 Pounds of Robotic Badassery

Custom-built RC robot can strafe and fire BBs at an alarming rate.

When I was kid, I totally wanted a remote-controlled car to race my friends' sweet rigs. But if I had the chance now, I would much rather have a robot like Mechatron. The heavy-duty robot built by Beatty Robotics can really move fast, and is capable of some agile tricks like strafing and moving diagonally. The fully-articulated gun turret that shoots brass or plastic pellets at an extremely fast rate completes my elementary school-boy fantasy. The craziest part is that Beatty Robotics is a family outfit with dear old dad making robots with his two girls who go by the callsigns Lunamoth and Julajay.

"When we designed and built Mechatron we wanted him to be tough looking, industrial, and retro-futuristic, with lots of metal, rivets, and gears," writes father Beatty. "He's built entirely out of aluminum, brass, and steel, but inside, he's chock-full of high tech electronics."

Not only does Mechatron inner parts work really well, but it looks really good doing it too. Congratulations to Beatty Robotics for putting Mechatron together. If you're interested in the full specs, check out the Beatty Robotics website.

Thanks to ThyNameIsMud for the tip.


First!..... to say : Do want!!

Seriously, how can you not want this? It's like a miniature tank or something. This would have made Toy Story very interesting.....

It'd be more threatening if it weren't for the multi-coloured floor lights.

FIRST... To say: I for one welcome our new Robot overlords

I say give it red eyes or have the option to change them to red when you're ready to fire. Wonder how much this thing costs to build.


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