Ninja Gaiden 3 Won't Necessarily Involve Constant Death

Ninja Gaiden 3 Won't Necessarily Involve Constant Death


The new "Hero Mode" will allow players to tone down Ninja Gaiden's notorious difficulty level.

"Accessible" isn't a word normally associated with the Ninja Gaiden series, but that could be about to change. Developer Team Ninja has decided to add an optional, slightly easier "Hero Mode" to upcoming release Ninja Gaiden 3 in the hope that it will allow players to fully experience the story without dying quite as often as they did in previous instalments.

Speaking to Joystiq, project director Yumihiko Yasuda revealed that "Hero Mode," which will feature automated blocking and dodging moves, has been created with a view allowing more players to complete the full game. "We really wanted to flesh out the story this time around," said Yasuda, "so we wanted people to enjoy that story and get used to the game as it is. In the past the games were really hardcore and we couldn't get players to stay with us and complete the game."

Yasuda also added that the game will explore protagonist Ryu Hyabusa's character more than previous titles. "He's a human like all of us," said Yasuda. "To leave that aspect out doesn't make sense. We wanted to show that human under the mask. Who is this guy, why he does things."

Hardcore fans need not worry, though; Ninja Gaiden 3 will still have the capacity to do very bad things to your controller if that's your thing. "We've got the super hard difficulty mode," said Yasuda. "We're keeping the hardcore aspect of the game anyway, we're just trying to get the players who have never had a go at Ninja Gaiden to come check it out."

As these screens show, Ninja Gaiden 3 hasn't toned down its gore; "Hero Mode" just means that you'll be able to see more of it without the frustration of the franchise's habitual insta-death routines. Plus you'll be able to tell people that you actually beat a Ninja Gaiden game (even if you have to cough the words "Hero Mode" after). It's worth bearing mind though that Team Ninja seemed to think Ninja Gaiden 2 was "easy," so whether or not "Hero Mode" will obey the usual definition of that word remains to be seen.

Source: Joystiq


I loved Ninja Gaiden 2 so I wouldn't mind making an attempt to complete the super hard mode on this game. Good thing they make it easier for those who need it though.

Well, here's to hoping that their story really is worth a damn.

On a different note, I think I'll have to call bullshit on Ninja Gaiden II being "easy." Unless the camera was just outright unreasonable for me alone and no one else was under a constant barrage of missiles, I think it's fairly reasonable to say that the original and Black were far easier. At least I could play those on their highest difficulties. I couldn't even beat Ninja Gaiden II's "normal" mode more than once.

I, too, like Ninja Gaiden 2. And I found it a little bit easier than the first one ( at least on the easy and medium difficulties) though far from easy.
If and when I get this game I'd probably give Hero mode a shot on my second play through, or up untill the second time I feel like putting my controller through a window.

With Ninja Gaiden I didn't want the game to play itself I just wanted it to stop being a dick about killing me with offscreen attacks and bosses that do 100% damage with moves that affect virtually the entire screen with the exception of one area that doesn't look like it should be any safer.

It's like adding the "easy/ultimate ***** pussy" mode at Devil May Cries :P (yeah, I know, I've stolen the Penny-Arcade joke: )

Ahhhh shit, the baddest ninja is back. Can't wait.

If a "bloody mess" is constituted by attacks that trigger generic blood-spray, then wow... I can think of plenty of things that must be gory to hell and back! Ninja Gaiden 3 is tame, even compared to the first NG back on the original Xbox.

Hmmm... So, they want to flesh out Ryo's character a lot more. As long as he doesn't follow the orders from a commander while having daddy issues and focus more on beheading monsters, everything will be fine.

I loved Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2. I fell in love with the first one from the get go due to fantastic graphics and the speed of the fighting.

I don't know what they mean by "notorious difficulty though". The only thing I had trouble with in Ninja Gaiden 2 was the last boss.

So long as the option to up the difficulty to Master Ninja exists, more power to them. Make a mode where everyone has a wiffle bat while you're at it.

But I wish they'd re-release Ninja Gaiden Black with the Intercept move from the first game's hurricane pack. Made the game even more intense since a properly executed Intercept would not reset the combo counter.

I sure as hell hope the story is worth it, because I'm not fond of where this is going otherwise.


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