Tetris And DDR Merge In Delightful Duet

Tetris And DDR Merge In Delightful Duet

You got your Tetris in my Dance Dance Revolution ...

Tetris is the game that often manages to feel fresh, even after nearly 30 years on the market. Not only has it been proven to physically change your brain, reduce traumatic flashbacks, and be labeled modern art, but now it turns out that the game can be played with a Dance Dance Revolution controller.

Unfortunately, the YouTube page for this video doesn't explain too much, like how long it took to put this crazy concoction concoction. The setup was assembled by a trio of MIT students, Leah Alpert, Russell Cohen, and Andrew Carlson. Aside from the DDR mats, the game is actually displayed on "Color Kinetic LEDs in laser cut acrylic tubes set in [ a ] chip-board matrix." Anyone who wants to recreate the installation can find the code on GitHub.

If you're interested in actually constructing a setup like this, you should start on it soon; my birthday's in a couple of weeks. Also, I'd really love it if you could figure out a way to work Karaoke Revolution's microphone into the control scheme.

Source: HardOCP via Geeks Are Sexy


Wah ha ha! I cracked up when the guy on the right held on to the down arrow (or back arrow if you're in his position) way too long and almost fell off trying to re-adjust the thing. Clearly the person on the left knows what they're doing more.

There is not a game that has lasted longer than tetris, and this is why - there's always something fun to do with it, even if you're not changing the basic gameplay.

That looks pretty neat.
I found it funny when the guy almost tripped.

. . . . if you wanted to play Tetris with a DDR mat, can't you just buy w/e version of Tetris is available on w/e console a version of DDR is also available on (I'm thinking PS2) and just, well, play it? I mean, a DDR mat is basically a glorified controller with a different button layout, no analog sticks and minus a few buttons, and can actually be used to play any game available on the console its for.

My brain.

It has exploded.

Baby. Wants. NOW!

ha, bad when you cant use an interface you built :)
that guy almost falls over about 3 times, is funny.

looks fun, but i wouldn't want to use it as an interface, thanks!

This looks ridiculously entertaining. I want it!

Now DATS pretty snazzy. I'd like to know how long it took to make that thing.

You forgot to mention its ability to teach you the history of the USSR in a demeaning and funny way.

To be honest, this really isn't impressive (at least to me). This is simply hooking a version of Tetris to a DDR mat and playing it that way. To me playing Tetris with a DDR mat would make the game unnecessarily difficult and un-enjoyable .


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