Zynga Profits Take a Beating

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Does this mean my friends on facebook will stop asking me to send then recipes or pets or animals or shoes or whatever on my facebook page due to those games?

Most likely not.

Tell me when that happens.

OMG...its like a financial bubble...involving an internets company... a dotcom bubble if you will...

A profit is a profit. They aren't losing any money, at any rate.

The Unworthy Gentleman:
it's when they don't even break even that I'll care about people and their jobs.

I guess you haven't been paying attention to Wall Street though. Profits are down, so they're going to cut expenses. The single largest expense is payroll.

Nevermind that they can claim payroll as a tax write off(before worth, unlike individuals), they're still the first to go.

*sniff* I'm just so happy :D

I genuinely hope they end up declaring bankruptcy: drivel should never be rewarded.

Wait, theres micro transactions in Farmville? People actually pay for that shit?

LOL. Just fucking LOL.

It is not because they haven't released new games (not fully anyways) but because in the end all of their games are basically the same thing. With the economy the way it is I do not blame Facebook for doing the credit thing, but I think the real reason in price drop is that the hype is over with and no one wants to waste real cash on a simple get nowhere social game. They had mainly spent money because these games require people to have 100's of 'fake' friends on their profile, so many might of stopped playing or have made threads on the games wall with 'add me' topics so that they don't have to spend real money.

I thought this'd happen sooner.
The games are simplistic mockeries of actual games.
Shovelware, in other words.

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