Meet AlphaDog, Robotic Packmule Extraordinaire

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When it rolled over by itself, I wanted to give it a pat.

Paragon Fury:
Next up: Box Guards from Dues Ex: Human Revolution.

HOUNDS from Chromehounds.

Lazy people getting even lazier.

Lazy people invented the wheel.

But yeah, I'm psyched. I want full-on robots before I die. Especially if you can get self-defence bots that know kung-fu and have hidden weapons in case someone burglarizes your home.



So, all we need to do now is make one a couple hundred tons bigger, add giant guns to it, and a pilot seat, and we'll finally have our own Mechwarrior! I want a Timberwolf, please.

Elemental first, you gotta have a stepping stone to get up to the good mechs ;)
Anyways, this thing is utterly terrifying, seeing fully natural movements on something completely unnatural...

I keep thinking about MGS4 when I see those 2. Pretty ingenious robots, I say.

The Plunk:
This thing scares the shit out of me, I think it's the legs.

I hope they never use these for combat, can you imagine it charging at you like it does at 0:37?!

Also, the way it stumbles reminds me way too much of the hunters from Half Life 2

you should see LittleDog and BigDog, that former is a small version that is incredibly fast, the latter is a standard variant that while not being as fast as LittleDog, is able to carry more weight.

Imagine having one of these chase down criminals though.

Now all we need is a mechanical jaw.... or the very least a bear trap... attached to the front of it.

When it rolled over by itself, I wanted to give it a pat.

Ill be honest, I will be disappointed if they don't give it a sensor on its stomach to know if it is being rubbed, causing it to roll over just like a real dog.

Didn't I see this thing on like a year ago?

Earnest Cavalli:
The really impressive bit is that AlphaDog doesn't need any kind of guidance when strolling alongside a group of soldiers. Instead its onboard sensors allow it to follow a designated "leader," both matching his/her pace and overcoming any obstacles that may present themselves.

Great way to single out one of the troops.

When it stood up from it's horisontal position I honestly shat my pants, now all they need to do is strap a 50 cal to it and we've got gun drones.

the entire big dog thing is pretty "old" already but the refinements look awesome.

projects to make real walking robots and exoskeletons are making great steps the last couple of years. I've been to a seminar about "human engineering" and the advances in making things like force actuated exoskeletons, the kind that allow wheelchair bound people to walk again, at affordable prices is certainly something I kind wait to see getting introduced for public used. Cyborgs ftw.

certainly a great example of what current age robotics and control engineering can accomplish


Can it walk without being hooked up yet?

Not sure if this one can, but the predecessor, BigDog, seemed to be able to manage it, as shown:

I think they showed this video here as well, but there it is again anyway. Maybe the field tests come later, once they've sorted out walking in the lab.

But yeh, they ought to keep the "residual horror" intact, anything to unsettle the opposing forces. I don't know what causes the buzzing sound (or if AlphaDog will make that sound when running out in the open) but it definitely adds to the freakiness. Like an angry nest of wasps marching towards you...

I can think of one reason, what if your side gets creeped out by it?

Well... It sure isn't for Stealth Missions cause that thing is Noisy as hell, I hope it's just the ground maybe in sand or Snow it's better?

Course the WTF moments when someone first sees it would be priceless


Oddly it didn't creep me out at all, which was a little disappointing...

Seriously awesome design

When those guys shoved it, I just thought that they're really mean, forgetting for a second that it doesn't think on it's own.

I had the same initial reaction, I mean it's rather like taking a toddler learning to walk and trying to kick it over... even if it is a creepy headless animal...

"come on Ike, kick the baby"

Dr. McD:
I can think of one reason, what if your side gets creeped out by it?

They wouldn't. The pre-mission bonding sessions would see to that. The robot would handled with the upmost secrecy, so that when the enemy first gazes upon its terrifying form, the enemies resolve would be completely destroyed.

There can be no room for cowards in the combined robot/human army of tomorrow!

So how long until I can become a cyborg centaur?

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