Mickey Mouse May Return to the Castle of Illusion

Mickey Mouse May Return to the Castle of Illusion


A new Disney trademark could mean the return of a charming platformer.

Remember that game on the Genesis? The one Sega developed about a side-scrolling woodland mammal who had to match wits with a scheming villain? Before Sonic the Hedgehog ever broke the speed limit, Sega made another celebrated platformer: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. The series has been mostly silent for over a decade, but Disney thinks it's high time for the iconic mouse to run, jump, and swing over bottomless pits once more. The California-based entertainment company recently filed a trademark for the Castle of Illusion name, but only as it applies to videogames.

Castle of Illusion first showed up on the Sega Genesis in 1992, although its sequels and re-releases lasted up until 1998 on the Sega Saturn. Sega developed the game as an action-platformer, where Mickey could leap across obstacles, hurl marbles at foes, and collect gemstones in order to defeat the evil witch Mizrabel and save his sweetheart, Minnie Mouse. The game's concept and gameplay were nothing groundbreaking, even at the time, but the level of polish present in the refined mechanics and cartoony visuals helped Castle of Illusion secure its place as one of the most popular Disney games out there.

Since Disney has only trademarked a name, it's not clear where Castle of Illusion will go from here. A re-release on XBLA, PSN, or the Virtual Console seems like the easiest option, but Disney could just as easily produce a full remake, or even a new sequel. It's even possible that Disney has secured the trademark for simple posterity so that no one else can profit from the Castle of Illusion name in the meantime.

Whatever its plans, Disney now holds the keys to a very successful and fondly-remembered old franchise. If only Donald Duck could get the same kind of respect.

Source: Siliconera


I just hope the big cheese hasn't gone stale on us after all these years.

I loved Castle of Illusion when I was a kid, hears hoping they don't screw it up.

Well as long as they preserve the soundtrack it shouldn't go too far wrong.

I've still got a double cartridge with this and Quackshot in the drawer. Wonder if they're planning to bring more than one to the current platforms?

why can't I hold all these WANTs?

Oh my God, I love this game. This and World of Illusion were two of the best games on the Genesis.

I used to own this and fantasia.

I would get this, but.... I still own the cartridge and a chugging working Mega Drive. Which I am now going to.dig out and play seeing as im too pissed off to carry on playing battlefield 3

How about Mickey in a Metroid-style adventure in the Castle of Illusion? That sounds like a fun game.

Ah, one of my first games and I think it was the first game which I was able to play until the end.


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