Barnes & Noble Yanks DC Comics From Stores

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I don't give a shit about their spat.
What's annoying me is that we're going to have to start dealing with this exclusivity crap with books now? It's bad enough with video games and all the different formats for that, now we have to worry about that for books?

I'm really not looking forward to the day when you can only watch Sony Pictures dvds on Sony dvd players.

Exclusivity isn't really new to electronic books. Whether this will spill out into anything other than one spat over comics is yet to be seen, though.

Could you imagine BnN really refusing to stock the next Da Vinci Code or similar blockbuster if Amazon got an exclusive? It's dumb enough with comics; I can't imagine it translating here.

Damn it. I don't have (nor am I likely to get) an e-book reader, and Barnes & Noble is the only bookstore with comic books/graphic novels in my college town.

Okay, I can understand being upset by an exclusive digital deal.

What I don't understand is why you would pull the physical copies, seeing as the customers who would buy those wouldn't care about the digital distribution.

So, they weren't going to get digital sales revenue, and now they won't get physical sales revenue, aside from online.

I'm not entirely sure how that improved their situation, or made any sort of point with DC since customers will just go to other stores or order it online anyway. If the customers do go online, would they be more or less inclined to buy from Amazon?

If you're still going to sell them on your site, what's the point of taking them off the shelves? And really, aren't you limiting what you can sell even more by this little stunt?

Lemme get this straight--they have a policy of refusing to make money on things unless they're ALSO allowed to make money on them in a completely different way?

Isn't this like a barber refusing to cut your hair if you won't let him also cut your dog's hair? It's only a 4 month exclusivity deal. B&N should say "this policy could bite us in the ass! How about if we declare that being able to sell the comics for the Nook in 4 months is dandy and we'll rake in every penny we can in the meanwhile!"

I mean, it's one thing for corporations to attempt to strongarm each other, but B&N is strongarming ITSELF. How daft do you have to be?


While the decision is questionable, the reasoning behind it makes a lot of sense. At least to me.

I'm not affected either way.

It doesn't bother me either, but that's because DC decided that my comics weren't good enough for a reboot. They managed to cancel my pull. If they had remade the comics I was reading, I would still be a DC customer.

You really should read the new Animal Man though. One of the best comics I've read in... ever.

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