GSC Mulls Always-On DRM for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

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Look at which game developer I'm never going to buy anything from again!

I own all the Stalkers thus far, I will never buy a game that requires an always on internet connection.

Always on DRM = NO sale, get the fucking hint, we dont want that shit in our games.

This is wierd , maybe I am missing something ?

STALKER was PC only, the game sold good enough to spawn sequels , now a full blown STALKER 2... how did piracy ruin thier sales so badly they must wreck legitimate gamers fun ?

The answer lies in the last paragraph , the one where they say STALKER 2 will be developed for consoles as well...

... another PC game gone to the money.

Ah well, I have too many games I need to finish anyways so I can skip on this, probably blame that on piracy.

'PC sales sucked, not because we put in crappy DRM to mess up the legitimate buyers but because of pirates... who pirated the game despite us messing up legitimate buyers to prevent ... piracy...eeerrr, yes... you umm know... '

Rule 1 of pc anti-piracy, don't make the pirated version of your game better then the version you have for sale.


The pirated versions are free, which means that even if the game was DRM-less then by that logic they'd win by default.

Don't miss the expanded meaning of the rule, you have to make the official version BETTER than if you had pirated it not by merely "not make it shit".

Look at Valve games, you get hooked into a lot of good shit going legit like cloud-save, instant updates, steam overlay, steam-community plugin, centralised screenshot organiser, and things like Left 4 Dead 2's weekly "mutation" (that everyone gets at same time for most players) and Team Fortress 2's almost constant stream of updates and tweaks.

Trying to rip that off is just too hard. Even pirates would struggle to keep TF2 as up to date as Valve does. Reverse engineering or cracking each update. No way.

This is what Valve is talking about with "games as a service".

Gabe N knows how fleeting it is to sell as game as merely a .exe file that can be copied infinitely if the CD key lock is broken. But to use the key to unlock a really valuable online capability, THAT is important.

Little things like legit owners of Portal getting updates that teased Portal 2.

Meh, I won't buy it if it has this. That is why I don't touch my Ubisoft games. They are just plain annoying to play. If you don't agree with me, I don't care. I also don't give a shit for the excuse that it's protecting their property... because it's not. It may take the pirates longer to get through, but they will.

Also, a big FYI. Pirating console games if fucking easy. So the fact that it's also a console release is not actually an excuse. As it stands now, in order to pirate 360 games, you need a DVD burner and a thumb drive.


This is one of the few cases that having a properly organised boycott would actually help. Why? STALKER is, pretty much, GSC Game World's sole source of income these days. It's also a series that isn't really widely popular, depending mostly on a hardcore group of fans.

So if those fans, me being one of them, clearly say; guys, we don't take shit like this, it could send a powerful message through the industry. I know I won't be getting STALKER 2 if they really are going to use this.

...AAAAANd there goes my interest in buying it!

Take it easy, it hasn't been implemented yet. It's good to be wary and on your toes, but rushing it doesn't do you any good either.

Agreed, this has certainly made me think twice about buying it if they actually go through with this and I'm certainly all for the boycott, especially if it has your aforementioned knock-on effect.

Anyone playing a pirated copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum found themselves playing a Batman unable to do leaping attacks or something to that effect, which basically made the game unplayable for them. That's the way to do it; actually punish the pirates! I can think of loads of ways this could be done in S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2:

1) When you throw a grenade, it flies back in your face
2) You start off with the worst possible - irredeemable - reputation with the NPC's, you scum!
3) You don't get to use any guns, or they spontaneously disintegrate as soon as you pick them up, or they simply can't hit anything; turn a classic series bug/design flaw into a punishment
4) You get no emission warnings and they hit instantly
5) Lock all the graphics settings at the absolute minimum but also cap the frame rate at 10
6) Leave in the crash-to-desktop Bug Trap duet
7) Your PDA only displays a middle finger
8) Remove the crouch/slightly-lower-crouch controls

I could go on but you get the idea and I invite everyone to see how many you can come up with.

Edit: Sorry for the double-post, my browser briefly slowed to a crawl as soon as I clicked Post so I clicked back and tried again, not realising it actually did post the first one.

Hehe yeah i was thinking something in the same vein, make a "different" game when it's pirated, the game is already hard as it is but if you change every single mob for, say, a mix of bloodsuckers and chimeras, the little pistol you start with will only be useful to blow your brains out :p

They can mull always on DRM all they want... however, I'll be mulling always-off S.T.A.L.K.E.R. As in, always off my computer.

Don't do it, guys. This type of DRM never works, and can lead to greater piracy as people seek to just get the game to play without your inevitably crappy servers getting in the way of their fun. Don't be the perpetrators of bad engineering.

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