Richard Garriott Gets Richer

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It's not even like the times moved on without him. We could use MORE games that feature stories as deep and complex as Ultima. But he seems to choose not to make them anymore.

Deep. . .
Complex. . .

I dont think we played the same series of games.

I'm mostly talking about the stories. Which were great.

Jesus Christ, Lord British, is that really what you consider "the right move" ? O_o


What the hell is he wearing? He looks like a Star Trek Ninja Sailor.

It's his "General British" outfit. Just google it or something, the mans crazy.

(Or is is Lord British? Can't remember :/)

He's best known as Lord British, but he did the General British thing for Tabula Rasa. I don't imagine he talks about that much anymore.

The Gentleman:
$5 million in attorney's fees and interest. I suddenly want to be an American lawyer.

As long as you dont be a mathematician

Well good, maybe now he'll feel comfortable with retiring and will stop embarrassing himself making fucking Facebook P=poker games.

John Romero's Daikatana may have sucked balls but at least Romero was trying to make an excellent game.

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