Blizzard: WoW Won't Be Going Free-To-Play

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With their subscription based model they're in a position to create more content at increasing quality, sure some of their decisions have missed the mark slightly but there's never beenanything as damning as what some people claim.

No, not really. But this is the internet, where hating something popular is very popular in itself.

Many people have simply played it too much already and more content or cosmetic changes won't appeal again. I know that's my case. But I still think it's a good and very fun game for people relatively new to it.

However, if a truly good new MMO comes out, I can see it attracting a lot of current and former WoW players. I wouldn't call the death of WoW too early though.

I can say with certainty that just because an MMO is free to play doesn't mean it's bad quality.


HAHAHAHA Wow...synonymous with quality....Its good to see those blizzard folks have a sense of humor atleast...

Well to be fair most of it is pretty good quality, it's just that there isn't enough of it.

It's like having the best chef with the best sources and ingredients in the world was to make you a thimbleful of peas, it might be really really good but you're still gonna be hungry afterwards.

I'll give them a year.

You know, while their subscriptions continue to plummet to the might of games like Guild Wars 2.


I'm sticking to my prediction that WoW goes free to play in 2013/14 or whenever Titan is released, whichever will come first.

A company running two AAA P2P mmo titles = dumb

Why would it go free to play? It has millions of slaves and makes money hand over fist! If anything, they should probably triple their subscription fee! Honestly, one of the main reasons every other MMO in the universe had to go F2P was because of WoW. You can't compete with WoW for subscription users.
Personally, I find that F2P games are really hit or miss. I had a pretty good experience with F2P games like Vindictus and DDO. However, I played City of Heroes for 5 years as subscription and its new F2P model is a nightmare. It actually costs much more to get access to the same content you did as a subscriber. Whenever I see a game go F2P, I just take it to mean I am stepping into a pay to win, free for all gougefest. At least with subscriptions, its all even.

Why would they go F2P while this money fountain still squirts out somuch delicious cashy goodness.

Yeah, they're the one ones that consistently make the current model work....

I guess the officially sanctioned gold selling is working better than they thought.



With WoW on the decline(due to its own dev incompetence) they still make fuck tons past the breaking even mark but they won't keep that number up for long with all the other MMOs coming over the horizon.

Yes, they're so incompetent to still have complete dominance over the market and many millions of subscribers with a game so old. :)

Seriously, WoW is old. It's a good game, but its continued success after all these years exceeds everyone's expectations, even their own. I don't play anymore because the game got old to me, so I prefer to play something entirely new than a revamped one I already played to death. It's no fault of the game, though.

As for changing the game, if Blizzard had changed nothing people would be crying that they didn't change, and if they try new things people complain they're changing a good game. It's no use trying to appease everyone.

But their incompetence is what drove subs down. Their own mistakes are what hurt WoW. They made the game easier than ever in Wrath and decided to remedy that in Cataclysm; far too late to salvage that demographic in numbers they wanted. When they release cataclysm they realized that the players wanting difficult content were so few and far between that catering to them was a bad idea. So having lost a number of "casuals" and most of the challenge seekers; they proceed to nerf bosses down. Realizing they need to compete with new releases they churn out the rest of cata and go in full steam on MoP in order to stay up to date.

Looks like the three stooges got into game design.


Declining Subscriptionbase, What do?

1: Change to an F2P model.
2: Lower prices.
3: Increase size of shoulderpads.

4: Introduce Pandas.

They went with number 4.

Thats in 2 years it will come out. To stall players -while- waiting for panda's they will repeat 3 until 4.

In all honesty, no, there won't really be a wow killer any time soon. People are rooting for Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic, but it was the same thing with every big MMO since wow launched. Warhammer, Star Trek, Champions Online, Age of Conan. From what I heard, the next MMO to do good after WoW is Rift with somewhere around 3 million subscribers, but don't quote me on that. Also, there's EVE, but management and accounting simulators don't count.

I think the only thing that will kill Blizzard's MMO is Blizzard's next MMO.

For an MMO I like only having to pay a flat fee and not worrying about all the other monatization and gimmicks put in place to part you with your money. For myself I would only consider a FTP MMO if I had no choice. I enjoyed what little of Firefall that I got to play at PAX but I will not be playing it.


When did this 'decline' start happening? Because I feel I've missed something, I realise that they've lost 700,000 subscribers out of the 11 million they had, but to me that doesn't scream 'deline'.

Not saying this to sound like an arse but go back and recheck your numbers.

At the start of Cataclysm they released sub numbers as 12.5 million.

Now the numbers are at 10 - 11 million.

Thats a loss of 1.5 - 2.5 million.

They lost a hell of a lot of subs this past year and they say the numbers are still going down albeit more slowly now.

Didn't realise the drop was that many, last time I'd heard about it it was closer to the numbers I had (with the exception of the 11 million, I guess).

Blizzard is already sitting on a mountain of money, they really can't make a 'wrong' move at this point.


just one? how about three

City of Heroes

Dude, City of Heroes is F2P now? Man I really liked that game. I should pick it up again sometime :)


Space saving snip

Didn't realise the drop was that many, last time I'd heard about it it was closer to the numbers I had (with the exception of the 11 million, I guess).

You are right in a way.

The number released that was picked up by every forum and gaming website was the first 600.000 loss.

The rest of the losses need to be looked for.

Easiest way is looking at sub numbers from last year up to now which is down from 12.4 million to between 10 and 11 million.

There is speculation that it's lower than that but nothing to back that up yet (most speculation has exact active subscribing players in US and EU at around 3 - 4 million but that doesn't include the Asian continent that has several million of it's own).

I do know Blizzard admit they have a constant bleeding of subscribers but it's slowed down recently.

The point a lot of people seem to miss is it's not that people are disliking WoW anymore it's just that it is coming up to 7 years old and people are wanting something new.

My question to all the people saying WoW will go F2P is this, how on earth is Wow supposed to work as F2P? They start putting up advertisements in game? They start selling items? I for one don't really want that in WoW and I think paying a fee is a good enough trade off to keep that away.

I'd say the free-to-play should wait til at least a year after the final expansion, and even then only if subscriptions go down. Personally, I'd just prefer to see a slight price drop or at least in-game availability of things currently requiring purchase like the sparkle pony.


Mike Kayatta:

WoW has seen a slow but steady decline in its subscription numbers for the past year, but Morhaime refuses to give into external game analyst predictions that WoW may be forced to adopt the free model at some point soon. According to him, quality is king, and WoW is synonymous with quality.

HAHAHAHA Wow...synonymous with quality....Its good to see those blizzard folks have a sense of humor atleast...

...I think they were being serious...scary

I hope this changes in the coming years if only for my own selfishness.

I really enjoy my WOW trial account but I don't feel the content is worth $15 a month to grind through.

so many butthurt wow fans here, bravo! i hope you people are proud of yourselves! lol

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