Analyst Predicts GTA V Will Be Digital Only

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yeah, Im thinking he's going to be wrong. even today not everyone is connected to the internet and just play whats on the disk.

Thomas Guy:
Probably not going to happen. I don't have internet on my console and I know a few people that don't. I doubt it's going to happen.

Same here, I could never justify paying the money for XBL and my internet connection at it's best can stream only two or three porn clips a day. Not even full movies. Clips. It could never manage to download a full game.

Seems like it would be more feasible to just charge less for a digital copy. I mean, it makes sense, doesn't it? Retail copies cost the publisher a good deal more, why wouldn't they charge more for things that cost more? Then, rather then alienating customers wholesale, they provide an incentive for the consumers to start getting used to DD, as well as bring about the demand for faster internet.

This seems like the most business friendly suggestion. Make a retail copy but offer the same content cheaper for downloads. If Rockstar wanted to go digital this seems like the friendliest way to do it.

I don't think they will though. I don't need to tell you that one of the main reasons some companies are discussing all digital versions of games is because they all seem to be butthurt about used sales at the moment. I'm not sure where Rockstar's official line is on this but I think something like GTA has the brand recognition to make a huge amount of cashmoney as soon as it comes out. It'll probably sell millions of copies on launch day so they don't really have a need to go all digital.

But then I'm no analyst and I've just crossed my toes (all fingers are busy typing) hoping that they won't go all digital for GTA-V, so I'm not exactly unbiased either.


Jack and Calumon:

Calumon: But isn't the shelf nearly fuckk and probably gonna collapse soon?

What kind of words are you teaching Calumon, Jack? D:

...Hold on, Calumon's voice to text software might be having some Freudian slips. It just can't stop thinking about Audacity and it's desires for it sometimes.

That's right, I just shipped computer programs to cover a typo. A new low.

Believe me, Calumon is still innocent. I swear. I cover the little guy's eyes and ears whenever I look at things more intense than "Brave Little Toaster."

Calumon: What, what did it say? Scroll up! Scroll up!

Jack: Never! You shall be innocent in my eyes forever more!

I highly doubt it's going to happen but if it does I won't be buying it.

I like my disks.

I said it when it started and i'll say it now. As soon as it all turns to digital distribution only then thats the day I stop buying games.

Anyone else worried about a possible troubling trend that could show up? I was the unfortunate recipient of a AT&T U-verse sells pitch and I actually thought it was interesting up to the point where I read the fine print that said they capped your internet usage. Then after you went over the 250 gigabyte cap they charged you overage fees and for every 50G after that. That cap is set up as one 250G cap on ALL of your media outlets. So pretty much your phone, TV, and internet all comes through the internet and is subject to the one 250G cap.

I know that is a lot of gigs but when you think about the number one usage of gigs in phone plans is streaming movies and downloads, and thats with one phone, and thats pretty much all you'll be doing on your tv and computer. Well if you have your whole house hooked up to the AT&T U-verse, TVs, computers, and gaming systems then you could shoot through that 250G in no time in a month especially if you are watching movies on line all the time, downloading on your computer, downloading games or even streaming games.

I don't fain to know or be an expert on the usage of this. Like does downloading a 1G game use up 1G of data out of your plan? How much does playing a MMORPG for hours add up on that gig cap? If I had to stream all of my games and/or download them that would be a huge chunk of gigs and then add streaming movies from netflix or other services, watching videos on line that adds up quick. Then add the fact that there are four other people in my family who use the internet and watch movies and play games just as much if not more than i do in certain areas.

I am just worried that we are going to get to a point as a society where you don't own your games or movies out right and have to use them all online and that using them online uses up your caps for the month quicker and you get charged a ridiculous bill for accessing your product you bought. Pretty much cost us more then it does now to get the same products we already have.

Call me a conspiracy nut but it seems people don't own anything anymore. They just own rights to a certain amount of usage of a product and then the maker has the right to change it or take it away at anytime they see fit. Then we get charged if we use our products too much in one month and everyone is just rolling over and accepting this. :/ call me crazy but thats how I see it.

Having for the first time in my life experienced what being without reliable internet is like (first world problem, I know...), I would not want the game to be download only. I certainly don't mind having the option of downloading it, but having a disc is nice for all those times when you are limited to 1gb per day. Oh, speaking of not having reliable interwebs, R*, please don't try this whole social club bullshit again. Some of us just want to play in peace. kthx

It's been a long while since the last time I ever purchased something on retail.

Digital all the way, baby.

No disc= no purchase. sorry Rockstar, I am not buying an imaginary or theoretical product.

No disc= no purchase. sorry Rockstar, I am not buying an imaginary or theoretical product.

Agreed, I think DD will never completely take over, that would make the industry far to foreboding for newcomers and completely alienate casuals

No way in hell. LA Noire took three discs on Xbox 360. Three. That's 19 gigs of hard drives space. Let's say it's not going to be that big, but only equivalent to GTA 4. That's about 6.6 gigs. At a certain point, the amount of bandwidth required for a game of that size, negates the savings of not releasing a disc. Either this guy really doesn't know what he's talking about, or someone fed him false info as a joke.

I'm gonna come out and say it. This guy is a fucking dub ass, and IF it is digital only, I'll eat my left nut.


Jack and Calumon:
200kb/s download speed

Wow...that' I'm sorry, man.

OT: Not everyone has internet, or some people (like Jack, here) have shitty connections. This is a bad move on Rockstar's part. Why not offer it as a download on XBL and PSN, while still making retail versions? The cost for disks and boxes can't be THAT high, can it? Hell, they're planning on having a box with a tiny slip of paper for a download code. That's just unnecessary spending, in my opinion.

You think that's bad, I've got a whopping 0.5 megabit connection giving me an record breaking 50kb/s download speed... Talk about living in the fucking stone age. Between that and having about 700mb of space on the 360 HDD, I'd be pretty annoyed with rockstar or anyone who ever tried to pull this...

I think we all know this isn't going to happen. I mean what would be the point, risking millions of sales to save the cost of producing a DVD disk ( which is what 30 cents per copy?) or blu ray ($1.35 roughly). so no that ain't happening.

That would be interesting to see.

It can easily be done with PC copies but with Xbox / PS3 it may be a bit of a hassle to try and do that.

Would be an interesting experiment. Maybe they're trying to get into Cloud Gaming?

Where will the disc be in my new Collector's Edition GTAV!?!

Also....Im not sure about it yet....We shall see...tomorrow!

Raven's Nest:


Jack and Calumon:
200kb/s download speed

Wow...that' I'm sorry, man.

OT: Not everyone has internet, or some people (like Jack, here) have shitty connections. This is a bad move on Rockstar's part. Why not offer it as a download on XBL and PSN, while still making retail versions? The cost for disks and boxes can't be THAT high, can it? Hell, they're planning on having a box with a tiny slip of paper for a download code. That's just unnecessary spending, in my opinion.

You think that's bad, I've got a whopping 0.5 megabit connection giving me an record breaking 50kb/s download speed... Talk about living in the fucking stone age. Between that and having about 700mb of space on the 360 HDD, I'd be pretty annoyed with rockstar or anyone who ever tried to pull this...

Just a thought that a friend of mine has: How much do you even have to pay with that kind of speed?

no disk, no purchase.

If I'm paying 50 quid for a day of release I want a disk!

Won't this hurt the game rental industry?

And when this future happens, and I can't play games without a constant internet connection. I'll stop gaming. I'm not buying an empty box and a game I don't own.

OT: As if, as mentioned above, consoles needs way more built in storage then when you buy the console. And games get bigger, so won't be enough with a 20GB harddrive.

20GB harddrive...

20GB harddrive...

The cheapest PS3s come with 60GB inbuilt hard drives. Either you're deliberately exaggerating, or really need to get with the times. I still agree with your sentiment though, console hard-drives aren't big enough to cope with full-game downloads, selling digitally only would seriously harm sales.

The zing about Pachter was made entirely because it's always Pachter. It's nice to throw somebody else under the bus for once. :)

Speaking of The Man, he made a very good point on Twitter just now: 40 percent of Xbox 360s sold have a 20GB hard drive or smaller. "ZERO probability" of it happening, he said.

Won't matter, you'll just be playing REALISTIC CRIME SIMULATOR 37! Unless they head back to their roots, this will just be a drama game.

I'd be somewhat surprised if it happened now, but I very much doubt this isn't in store for the fairly near future.

Andy Chalk:
Analyst Predicts GTA V Will Be Digital Only


A research and consultancy firm predicts that the boxed retail version of Grand Theft Auto V will not include a disc.

Surprise! It's not Michael Pachter! No, this one comes from Newzoo, "an international full service market research and consulting firm completely focused on the games industry," and it's so out-of-left-field that even Mr. Pach Attack himself probably wouldn't go near it.

"There are a lot of reasons why publishers are pushing towards digital distribution of triple-A games. Speaking out loud might harm the relationship with retail partners, but the benefits have become too large to remain silent about the desire to go completely digital," Newzoo CEO Peter Warman said in a recent report on DLC. "The ultimate objective being to launch games faster, create continuous revenues on a title and simply to make more money. Will retail disappear from the picture? Of course not. Retail will always remain an important channel to promote and distribute games. Retail has a strong hand to play when it comes to eyeballs and... boxes make a nice gift."

And then he gets to the interesting bit. "Boxed games will not disappear, but what is in the box will," he continued. "That is why the boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code. No disc."

No disc? That's a bold prediction. I'm not an expert [or even an analyst] but I think it's a bit premature; as hard as it is for some people to believe, a significant portion of the population still lives in areas where high-volume digital distribution is impractical at best. It's one thing to activate a game online or connection to a DRM server, but another thing entirely to download a multi-gigabyte game in its entirety over a connection that may be throttled, capped or just plain crappy.

Those most reliant on retail channels for their games, in other words, tend to be the same people who can't just take home a code and download them, while most of those who can will just order them from home. That leaves a very narrow slice of gamers who are dedicated enough to their title of choice to cruise to the mall and lay down their money for some extra room-cluttering junk, just so they can turn around and drive home to actually get their game. Maybe someday, for some titles, but today? I just don't see it happening.

Source: IndustryGamers


Analyst, eh? Isn't that someone who takes it up the ass?
I predict that from next year, all food will be sold as cream because who, in this day and age, would want to do all that chewing?

Electric Gel:

Dr. Pepper Unlimited:
It depends on your location then. Here in the US, Steam has sales literally, every week. The entire damn catalog goes on sale during the holidays, no joke.

I can't say the prices for other countries (obviously), but a brand new game sells (in the US) for the same price as a retail one does. Every time, without question.

We have steam sales over here in England, and game prices are often insanely cheap. The sales are probably the only reason that I own steam. But day of release prices are usually the same, or a little higher.

Steam prices (and most DD service I beleive, including e-books) are set by the publisher. Most major reltailers essential hold the DD industry to ransom by refusing to stock a product or in many gaming cases cases the publishers entire retail range if the DD copy is cheaper at launch.

A range of competive online DD stores and the PC and consoles going DD exsclusive would likely result in a noticiable price drop for all systems, but only with viable competiton.

Wait a minute... are you telling me that such a completely baseless and downright moronic "prediction" didn't come from Michael Pachter? LIES! No one can spout such nonsense as he could!

Hold on... if you re-arrange "Peter Warman" about, adjust a letter here or there, you get Michael Pachter! I knew it! Mr. Pachter created a second identity to create a new group and get even more fame to fill his helium-inflated sense of self-worth!

this prediction is totally bunk, R* and the Houser Brothers have this little habit of Going against the trend, so if things are going to digital distribution Rockstar will be 10 blocks away, beating a hooker, jacking her pimps car and then speeding off in the opposite direction. that analyst failed to take into account the personalities of the men running Rockstar Games.

I can see it happening, that is triple A games being released as download only, but not from Rockstar. The last four (Big) games they released (GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, Mightnight Club LA and LA Noire)were later re-released in disc form including all the DLC, and in the case of RDR and GTA IV, the DLC was released separately in Disc form. This proves that Rockstar are determined to get the DLC available to every one, even people with bad/no-internet connection with their consoles. To say they would release GTA V in digital form only goes against all that. I'm no analyst but even I can see that that is sorta obvious, but by no means 100% certain.
Still, a digital-only release seems really damn unlikely.

That prediction is utterly ridiculous, the reason I buy games in store is because I want the disc! Why does it seem that analysts completely forget that servers do not have an infinite amount of storage? If they start to reach the maximum capacity they begin to throw out all the old data that no one downloads to avoid buying an entirely new server.

With a disc in front of me I know that I will have that copy for life (as long as nothing unfortunate happens) and they can't take it away from me ever. Without discs some gaming classics (both now and in the future) will no longer be able to circulate to new owners through pre-ownership because everything is tied to a account.

I've had Pre-order DLC lost because GFWL decided it didn't need the Dawn of War 2 pre-order DLC anymore after a few months, so when I re-formatted my computer I could no longer download the content which I expected to be there for at least a year.

Yea the problem with that all-digital crap is the pile of third party programs that you need to install and run just to play the damn game

If there was no disc, it would cause an absolute uproar.

Not everyone has super internet. Besides, I highly doubt there won't be a disc. I can't see it happening anytime soon.

The internet in my local area is absolutely terrible I hardly get 1MB download speeds because the fibre optic doesn't go past here yet.

This COULD work on the PC, hell, I use Steam enough.

But on the consoles...?

I'm not the only one who remembers the recent fiascos with "Arkham City", "Battlefield 3", and I think a couple of others too, right? I REALLY don't think that extending the problematic whims of code-only DLC to ENTIRE DAMN GAMES is anything remotely resembling a good idea, even if only for that reason (if you'd like others, also consider how quickly console hard drives will fill up if this sort of thing were to catch on, or the woes of slow download speeds already mentioned by several others).

For consoles, this would be about the single dumbest thing a company could ever do for a game like this.

I can only hope that our analyst buddy is talking out his ass; I'd rather not have another reason to consider skipping GTA5, rather than just spending more time playing the upcoming Saints Row 3.

ive just about had it with 'experts' and 'analyst' completely pulling things out of their ass because they know they will get paid either way.

fuck them, NO BODY describe as an expert or analyst or professional is worth listening too because all they do is make shit up with no numbers backing it up. they'll make a theory without a hypothesis, they get conclusions, with no method.

quite frankly, the next one needs to be exposed as a liar on a national level and flogged just to teach those bastards!

I always find it hilarious just how wrong these so called "analysts" are most of the time. These old bastards that think they understand what the general gaming population wants. Pachter is a fucking joke. I don't think I've ever read a single prediction from him that has been correct.

That's one way to kill off the used market in one stroke. I so don't want this. People will think this is progress, but it isn't it is a round the back way for the industry to have even more control over games and their distribution and pricing. Not progress at all.

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